Badho Bahu 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

DDLJ’s song plays in the background as the girl and Lucky look at each other. She shakes him out of his thoughts. My car is broken. Can you help me please? He tells her to ask for his hand or life. I will give that too. She does not understand Hindi. He tells her not to worry. I will manage it. I am Lucky. You are Lucky. He lifts the front of the car with his hands leaving the girl shocked. She begins to remove the nuts and bolts.

Raghubir ji asks Rana about Lucky. Rana says he went out for some work maybe. Raghubir ji tells him to bring him back.

The girl thanks Lucky for his help. Lucky gives her his kerchief as her hands get dirty. Romantic song plays in the background. Lucky touches his finger on his head and leaves a stain there. The girl tries to guide him but ends up wiping

it herself. She returns him kerchief. Thank you. I have to leave though. She drives away with a smile on her face. Lucky keeps looking at the car.

The cook gives halwa to Malti ji to taste but a girl comes just then. Kamla Chachi is eager to know if the halwa is good or not. I am worried as her decision depends on how the halwa is. Malti ji thinks to check halwa herself first otherwise it will be a big problem. She smiles at the girl after tasting the halwa and gives to the girl too. They both love it. Girl calls it perfect. Malti ji seconds her. Cook is pleased to hear their positive comments.

The same girl comes to the venue to meet Raghubir ji. She asks Badho and Lattu about him.

Everyone compliments Kamla ji on the food arrangements. They ask about sweets. Kamla ji goes to tell the cook.

Payal’s mother asks about Badho and Lattu. Payal shares that they are always together. Badho is like his mother from some previous birth. This is the only best thing about her. I don’t have to worry about him. Payal’s mother nods.

Rana calls Lucky. Lucky mutters that he found Pari. Rana tells him to come to party asap as his father is waiting for him. Lucky agrees.

Kamla ji tastes halwa. She says I dint find sugar level right and also felt that dry fruits are missing. The girl looks at her in surprise. Kamla ji says you don’t know anything. It’s been 25 years already but she cannot do anything on her own. Will I still guide you when your DIL will come? Everything is fine with this halwa. Malti ji feels uncomfortable before the guests. Kamla ji tells her not to do anything to the halwa or there will be a problem. Go and make other arrangements now. Malti ji turns and smiles. The girl compliments her on her tactic. Malti ji advises her to inform the cook to serve halwa.

Lattu tells Badho not to help this foreigner. We don’t even know from where she has come and for what purpose. Badho speaks of the nice foreigner lady in Lagaan film. This lady too looks like her, sweet and innocent. She next tells the girl to wait here only and goes to find Raghubir ji. Badho asks people about Raghubir ji.

Lucky honks horn at the girl standing in his way and realises it is his dream girl. She came here too? Lattu walks up to him, requesting for a selfie. Lucky notices the girl looking at him. He puts his medal around Lattu’s neck and holds him in his arms for the selfie. Lattu kisses him on the cheek happily. I will show it to my Bua. Lucky gives his intro to the girl when a dancer pulls him to another side. The girl looks on. Lucky dances happily with the dancer.

Lattu is looking for Badho whereas she is looking for Raghubir ji.

On the other hand, Lucky continues his dance. The girl watches him from far. Rana stands at a distance and looks on happily. Lucky dances around that girl too. She is all smiles. Lucky passes out in the end.

Cook lifts a tray of halwa as Kamla ji called him. Badho collides with a vessel which ends up distracting the cook. He drops the plate of halwa. They both look at it in shock. People too are shocked to see it. Lattu pulls Badho to a corner.

Malti ji scolds the cook for dropping sweets. Everyone is waiting for it and you? Come home at 12 noon tomorrow. I will then see you. He tries to say something but she does not let him. Make halwa again. Badho feels bad for not owing up to her mistake. I will tell everything. Lattu tells her that enough has happened in mehendi yesterday. We should just leave quietly. He pulls her with him towards their car.

Next morning, Badho is still restless thinking about what happened yesterday. Lattu shows her the medal. Badho shouts in shock. Lattu signals her to shush when his mother asks them what happened. He lies that Bua got scared of the lizard. Payal jokes that lizard must have been shocked instead. She goes. Lattu shares with his Bua that he forgot to return the medal in excitement yesterday. She asks for it. I will set it right. She goes quiet seeing her mother.

Payal scolds Lattu for running around.

Badho’s mother asks Payal about 4 quintal wheat. Payal says my mother sent it. Her MIL understands she is lying. Payal ends up telling her it was sent by Raghubir ji. Her MIL tells her she does not want anything from them. Payal tells her to forget what happened in the past but her MIL warns her to make sure she does not even a bite of it. Payal gives up on her.

Payal gets her mother’s call and dances in joy. Everyone looks at her in confusion. Payal shares that they found a match for Badho. My mother and I worry so much about everyone. Once the match is fixed then see. Her MIL asks her from where this match came.

Precap: Lucky spits as a car comes to his house with the same foreigner girl in it. Raghubir ji introduces her to his family. She has come from Germany and will stay with us only. The girl gets dressed in Indian dress. Badho’s mother finds Lucky’s medal. She questions Badho as to how it came here.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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