Badho Bahu 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Komal finds out Raghubir’s dream!

Badho Bahu 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Randeep helps Rana do some exercise. Lucky keeps shouting in pain. Raghubir ji cannot stop peeking from behind the newspaper. Lucky wonders why it is still paining so much when the wound has healed a bit. I know it is my Guru ji sitting here but the father inside him cannot see me in pain. He asks Randeep if the wound will be healed. Randeep replies that it will take time. Raghubir ji interrupts them. He tells Lucky to let Randeep do his work.

Kamla ji welcomes Jamuna ji and her family. Teji signals the reporter who clicks their photo. Jamuna ji asks Kamla ji why she called them here suddenly. Teji says that she wants to tell you how great she is. Kamla ji adds that she wants to forget the past and move on. I want to give a task to Vardaan. Komal told me yesterday that Vardaan is out of job.

We have opening for a clerk. You need a talented person for that. I thought to employ Vardaan. Jamuna ji appreciates her for thinking about Vardaan. Vardaan thanks Kamla ji for the offer but politely refuses for it. Jamuna ji and Payal are shocked. Teji asks him about it. Vardaan shares that this way his work place will become Sirsa while his home will be in Bakriawal. I don’t want to leave Pragya alone and stay in Sirsa. Teji thinks to make use of this opportunity so Pragya also shifts her. He suggests shifting here with Pragya. Kamla ji also nods against her wish. She asks Pragya to stay in this house. Vardaan accepts the proposal. Payal thinks of her convo with Chotto Bua and do some drama. I too will get inside Ahlawat House this way. She praises Kamla ji for giving Vardaan such a big opportunity. She directly looks in the camera and invites her entire family in Ahlawat House. Kamla ji looks at her in shock. Jamuna ji points out to Payal that Kamla ji has only invited Pragya. Payal gives her kinds of logics. Jamuna ji is still hesitant as it is Pragya’s home. They shouldn’t be living here. Payal adds that this is also Badho’s house. You wont be happy there without us. Come here and stay with us. Both the families will stay together. we cannot ignore Kamla Ma ji’s efforts. She will be appreciated. Reporter too says the same. kamla ji mentally curses Payal for using this chance to shift in their house. Vardaan thanks Kamla ji calling her Ma. Pragya ji and I will shift here tomorrow itself. Kamla ji nods. Payal thinks to get inside the house right before the reporters or Kamla ji will switch sides. Jamuna ji takes their leave but Payal stops them. Kamla ji has already made so many preps with the reporters and all. I suggest that I start living here right from this moment. You all can come tomorrow. Teji agrees. Kamla ji also nods helplessly. They leave. Payal asks Kamla ji about her room. Kamla ji stares at her. Payal goes to find herself.

Randeep asks Raghubir ji if Lucky isn’t aware of his wound. Raghubir ji nods. I don’t want you to tell him anything too. He would break down if he finds out about it. Randeep agrees to keep quiet. It wont be anyways right to tell him. Komal asks him what wont be right. Raghubir ji signals Randeep against it. He introduces Randeep to Komal. He also covers up saying that Lucky must rest completely for now. Komal nods. He cannot stop himself though. Randeep says I know it but he must rest for now. She goes to bring tea for them.

Raghubir ji is pacing in his room. Komal brings tea for him. Randeep has left by now. Komal asks Raghubir ji about his dream. You also want Lucky ji to win International championship. You want our flag to be hoisted with our national anthem playing in the background, right? Raghubir ji tells her it isn’t just his dream alone. It is mine and Mahender’s dream. When we were in army, we used to wrestle. We saw this dream then. We wanted to make our nation proud. Many players made it to National level but no one has made it to International level. It is still a dream. She has faith in Lucky’s capabilities and also knows he too feels the same way. He asks her to promise him that she wont say anything about his dream to Lucky. She points out that it is a beautiful dream which he should tell Lucky himself. He says dream is invisible like wind. The burden of dream is too heavy. You need heavy shoulders for that. I don’t want to burden Lucky with my dream. I request you not to talk to Lucky about my dream. She promises not to tell Lucky anything. You are worrying for no reason. Doc also said that Lucky will recover soon. With your training, he will resume his training and fulfil your dream. No dream is too heavy for his shoulders. He pats at her head sweetly. She tells him not to keep any burden on his shoulders. It isn’t good for your health. He nods.

Lucky wants to recover asap so he can start practising for the match.

Payal brings sherbet for Kamla ji. Kamla ji asks her why she brought it. Who asked you to do it for me? Payal says I am going to live with you. I wont just sit here then. I want to look after you. Kamla ji calls her cunning. you used my reporters against me right before my eyes and got in this home! I know you well. You must have come with some plan. Payal says I came with the same reason for which you offered Vardaan that position. Kamla ji replies that she has no intention behind that. He deserves it so I employed him. Payal says I only want to learn from you so I thought to stay here for some time. Am I wrong? Kamla ji tells her not to try to trap her with her words. I don’t understand why you have come here. Don’t come in my way or I wont spare you! Payal calls it a warning. Kamla ji doesn’t mind if she takes it as a warning or suggestion. Don’t forget what I said though! Payal thinks not to mess with Kamla ji till the time she does not create hurdles in Komal’s life. She tells Kamla ji she has understood her well and goes.

Komal comes to her room and is surprised to see all toys on the bed. She asks Lucky from where he got all this. He shares that they are his toys. I dint have anything else to do so I thought to play with them. He shows one racing car to her. Babu ji gave to me. I thought to become a racer and drive fast. She asks him what happened next. He shows the airplane. Then Babu ji brought this and that car looked really small in front of it. I thought to drive the plane to anywhere I wished to. She asks him why he dint become pilot. You would look really good in that uniform. He nods. Babu ji gave me a rocket next time and my dreams became bigger. But later, Babu ji got me a wrestlers’ kit and I decided to become a wrestler. She points out that his dream kept changing every year. He nods. I saw a dream later on and I want you to help me in fulfilling my dream and become my partner. She is confused. What is your dream where you want my support? He replies that that dream cannot be fulfilled without her. Everyone will be really pleased when that dream comes true. She asks him if he really means everyone will be happy with her helping him in achieving his dream. He nods again. He thinks of his dream of winning the International match. Komal gets scared thinking that Lucky is speaking of a baby. Lucky begins to share his dream but she cuts him off. Don’t say anything. She simply walks out of the room feeling shy. Lucky is puzzled. I dint say anything like that.

Precap: Lucky tells his dream to Komal. I want to win the National Championship and then take part in International Match and win that too. I want to come first and give my medal to Babu ji. I want our national anthem to play when our flag is hoisted! She realises that Lucky and Babu ji have the same dream. It will surely come true.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Badho and her romantic thoughts?
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    I like Payal she’s very comical- exactly on Kamla’s level??


    1. I doubt that it will be komal who will fulfill this dream not lucky?????

    2. Komal is so romantic inside???????

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