Badho Bahu 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Payal walks up to Jamuna ji and Komal. Jamuna ji says I couldn’t stop talking to her as she came after so many days. Payal remarks how happy she was thinking there is nothing wrong in Komal’s new home. Aren’t you ashamed to act before me? I have been trying so hard to make things work for you. Komal tries to say something when Payal tells her to forget whatever has happened till date. Amend your relations. Komal refuses. I cannot go back. Jamuna ji advises Payal to sit down and talk nicely. Payal denies. This wouldn’t have happened if you would have taught your daughter something. She tells Komal she has time till tonight in this house. Cry in your mother’s lap; curse your fate but you will go to your home without complain when they will come tomorrow to take you. Komal and Payal shout their

opinions at each other. Jamuna ji tells them both to calm down and hugs Komal.

Pragya acts to have stomach ache in the middle of the road. Bharpayi suggests going to doctor. Pragya instead offers to go home. Make notes for me. You shouldn’t miss your class. Bharpayi agrees. Pragya keeps the bag with her. I will donate these on my way home. bharpayi looks on in confusion as Pragya walks away.

Teji gets Pragya’s message. Raghubir ji snatches his phone. No one is allowed to use phone during practise. Teji says I got sprain because of push-ups. We can continue tomorrow. raghubir ji says this is just day one. So much more will happen from tomorrow onwards. Rana will take care of your sprain. Teji reluctantly goes.

Payal takes Jamuna ji in a room on the pretext of speaking something important to you. She locks Jamuna ji inside. She next tells Komal to go back to her home tomorrow at any cost. You were wrong to think I wont question you on your decision. You will get back to reality when you will stay out of home for a few hours. Komal stays put but Payal tells her that running away from problems is not the solution. Komal goes quiet.

Bharpayi reaches class alone. Vardaan asks about Pragya. Bharpayi says she fell ill on the way home. I will give notes to her. Vardaan says it is ok for today. Ask Pragya to inform in institute next time. She can ask any elder to call and do the same. Bharpayi nods.

Komal walks absentmindedly on the road. Judaai plays in the background. She thinks of her marriage with Lucky.

Pragya comes to the secret location told by Teji but he isn’t there. She finds the place weird and scary and thinks to call Teji. His phone is on silent. Wrestlers help Teji get relief from his sprain. He is stuck with them. rana calls him too soft.

Pragya thinks to change clothes by the time Teji comes.

Komal reaches temple and cries before Mahadev. Lucky’s rude words continue to haunt her. She thinks of Payal’s words and cries harder. A man does puja and lights diya.

Pragya changes clothes. This heat is killing. Where is Teji ji! Don’t know where he got stuck. Door opens. She thinks it will be Teji only and turns. Zalim Singh (who Lucky had defeated when Marjorie had told Lucky she doesn’t love him and he came back really late for the fight) comes there and eyes her lustily. Pragya happily turns thinking it to be Teji but is shocked to see Zalim Singh. She covers herself. He eyes her lustily. You look so hot. Who did you come to enjoy here with? He is drinking. She stumbles as she backs off. Pragya requests Zalim Singh to let her go but he denies. She agrees not to say anything to him but he asks her to tell everyone what he did to her. She begs him. Zalim Singh recalls the fight where he was beaten down badly by Lucky. You gave me the best chance to avenge the insult that your brother did to me. He catches hold of her hand as she cries. Why are you punishing me? What did I do to you? He twists her hand. You cannot do anything to me. It is your family who has done me wrong. She manages to free her hand and takes out her phone. Zalim Singh throws it on the floor and breaks it.

Rana makes fun of Teji. You cry like a girl. Teji says you made me toil so hard on day one itself. Everyone smiles. BHarpayi enters. Kamla ji asks about Pragya. Bharpayi says she would have come earlier. Kamla ji jokes if she became Mr. India. Will I have to wear red glasses now? Bharpayi shares everything with them. Didi took some old clothes with her to donate them in orphanage. Teji recalls the morning interaction with Pragya and checks his phone. Bharpayi points out that it is more than 3 hours now. She should have been back by now. Kamla ji worries if Pragya left home for some reason. Malti ji says Pragya is very smart. she might have gotten stuck somewhere which is why she got late and couldn’t inform you. teji hopes Pragya does not get stuck in any problem.

Pragya checks her broken phone. Zalim Singh tells her to do anything but he is her only option. He laughs. She falls down as she tries to run till the door. Zlaim Singh leaves no exit for her. Pragya screams for help. Zalim Singh leans closer.

Komal wipes her tears. She hears Pragya’s screams.

Precap: Komal comes inside where Pragya is. Pragya tries to run up to her but Zalim Singh throws her on the floor. Komal beats Zalim Singh.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hi Pooja, thanks for update. Looking forward to tonight’s episode! Payal is such a hyprocrite and has unbelievable double standards. How disrespectful is she to her MIL?! Really hope the family learn of Pragya being tricked by Teji and his dishonest behavior. Hopefully now, Pragya speak the truth and be kind towards Komal.


    Komal is such cute and emotinal… though show is somewhat copy of film dum laga ke haisha but show is much better thn film.. and now a days show is getting interesting…

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