Badho Bahu 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Pinki accepts defeat from Komal and Lucky

Badho Bahu 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinki says such things happen in game. Let’s continue the game. It is the turn of Haryana’s best couple now. She first asks Lucky to say 3 good things about Komal. Lucky says good things about Badho. She does her duties really well. Komal appreciates him as well for the way he takes care of his family. Lucky says her second best thing is that she never gives up hope even in adverse circumstances. Pinki tells them to keep talking. Komal smiles. You are an inspiration for me as you face every situation bravely. Lucky tells her third best thing. Her smile is the best. I want to see her smiling always. She says the same for her.

Now it is turn for 3 bad things. Lucky rues that the only bad thing about Komal is that she left his side when he needed her the most. Things have become fine now but

when my sister needed me the most and when I needed Badho the most, she left my side. Komal asks him why he is still stuck on this matter when it is over already. He says it has to be discussed as it is an important matter. She asks him if it cannot be that she looks at things differently. He says I told you everything clearly. She says you don’t even know that I gifted her necklace to encourage her. Lucky is about to speak about Pragya’s relation wtih Teji when Malti ji interrupts them. Gita and Sita wonder what he was about to say. Lucky leaves. Malti ji says Lucky gets angry in split second. It is the day of love. You (Komal) should go to him. Husband and wife keep fighting right? She nods and heads inside. Pinki says even best couples fight as they are humans after all. She appreciates herself for setting way for Rana’s clear cut victory today.

Malti ji does tilak of the new equipments that have come for Rana and Lucky. Villagers clap along. Raghubir ji asks about Komal. Lucky lies that she has some work. Pinki adds that she is doing something. She will join us once it is complete. Lucky nods. Raghubir ji thanks everyone for thinking so much for their sons and Akhada. I thought to thank you all by arranging this friendly match for all of you. Both my sons will participate in this. Everyone claps excitedly. Raghubir ji takes the aarti thaal from his wife. Lucky keeps looking at the main door.

People cheer for Lucky and Rana as they step in the Akhada. There are more cheers for Lucky. Pinki shouts at Rana that he has to win today. He smiles. Lucky’s eyes are again pinned at the door while pretending to clear the dirt off Rana’s shoulder. Raghubir ji observes it. Pinki asks Lucky if he is waiting for someone special. Lucky denies. I am just doing warm up. She asks him why she is looking at the main door when the fight is between you and Rana ji. Raghubir ji tells them to start the match. A smile appears on Lucky’s face as Komal steps out of the house. Raghubir ji and everyone follow his gaze. Komal says let’s start the fight. Lucky ji, you have to win. She has written Lucky’s name on a small board and has made hearts around it. Pinki looks at her in shock. Gita and Sita say we knew Badho will surely come. This isn’t the best couple of Haryana for no reason. Pinki gets tensed.

The fight starts. Pinki is panicked. Komal asks her why she is looking like this. Husbands and wives keep fighting but it does not mean that they do not support each other. I know I will always support Lucky ji under any circumstances and he will also support me. She cheers for Lucky. Lucky pins Rana on the ground upsetting Kamla ji and Pinki. Everyone else claps happily. Lucky holds his brother’s hand high. Rana notices the expressions on Pinki’s face and gets worried. Lucky looks at Komal who smiles shyly.

Both the couples are making arrangements for the engagement. Lucky remarks that Pragya and Teji are really lucky to be engaged on Valentine’s Day. Look at the atmosphere. Lucky asks Badho to take care of the drapes. They got tangled. Pinki asks Rana to hand her a drape. He does so but she ends up losing her balance while trying to fix it. Rana holds her. The drape falls over Lucky and Komal. They share a sweet / romantic moment. Rana and Pinki look at them thus. She tells Rana ji to do some work. They seem to be too busy with each other. Lucky and Komal resume working. Lucky tells Komal he knows she doesn’t like it and does not wish to do it yet she is doing it. thank you. She shakes her head. A guy gives rings to Komal. She ordered readymade rings as they dint have much time. Lucky loves the designs. Pragya will be thrilled. He ends up giving her a side hug in front of Pinki. You did great job. Keep them safely. She goes to keep them.

Komal is in her room. She hears the same radio show from which Pinki got that idea. Important is who extends their hands towards the other even after exchanging such ideas. She realises that Pinki stole that idea from radio. I and Lucky ji passed that test. It is your turn now.

Pinki complains that Bharpayi ruined her beauty sleep. What is it? Komal says we are going to play an important game. It is the same game that you made us play. Rana says you (Pinki) sleep when I am home and you make everyone play games when I am not home. She tries to divert his attention but he is eager to play. Lucky explains the game to him. Pinki looks worried.

Rana starts first. Pinki ji is so beautiful that no one can match her beauty. Her eyes are like deer. You don’t feel like looking away. She has a killer smile. I cannot seem to take my eyes off her. Her hairs are so beautiful. Her walk is so mesmerising. She dresses up so well that even the Bollywood Heroines have no chance before her. Lucky stops him. You are telling us Pinki Puran. Komal smiles. He got in the flow. Pinki is now sure they will win this game. It is her turn now. She starts looking for words. Komal tells her to say it. You are number 1 in this game. Rana tells her to say it. I love you so much. Pinki lies that there are so many good things about him that she cannot decide from where to begin. You talk so nicely. You get shy when you look at me. You look too cute then. Your dressing style is like a Hero. I like it very much. Lucky asks them to say 3 bad things about the other. Lucky and Komal wink at each other.

Rana takes the cue. She takes so much time to get ready that I can take 2 rounds of the village in that time. She lies so brilliantly to me and keeps apologizing when she is caught later. She is so lazy that I have to say something to her 4-5 times to make her do it. She is very careless. She does not care about me at all. Pinki gets upset. Your real emotions are out in the open now. I do not wish to play this stupid game anymore! Thank you for giving me such a special gift on this Valentine’s Day! She turns to go but he holds her hand. She pushes him away. Don’t touch me. Don’t try to talk to me. Rana asks her if she does not know how much he loves her. Komal reminds her it is just a game. You know how much Rana Bhai loves you. Such things happen in game. Pinki tells her she isn’t like her. I accept that you and Lucky ji are best couple. I don’t want to be number 1! She heads inside followed by Rana. Lucky shouts that Bhabhi only started this game. Komal and Lucky high five.

Precap: Teji’s ring is too tight. Kamla ji wonders if this is a hint from God. I don’t like whatever is happening here. Pragya says it isn’t anyone’s mistake. Bhabhi did it intentionally. She does not want my engagement to happen which is why she ruined it this way!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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