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Badho Bahu 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The key-maker asks them Lucky and Komal how this happened. They cook up excuses but the guy recognizes it to be the handcuffs used by police. Lucky offers him money but the guy refuses to do it. I will not get into any trouble. He runs away. Komal tries going after him but the handcuff pulls her back. Lucky tells her to stay put. It’s happening because of you. Let’s go back. Rana asks them what happened. Lucky says it dint work. I don’t think this key-maker is coming back. Do anything but get me free. Rana agrees to look ahead. A guy (Prem) walks up to Rana. Lucky hides his hand behind. Prem meets Lucky and Komal too. Pinki asks about him. Rana shares that he is their childhood friend. Prem asks them to introduce him to their wives. Rana introduces Pinki and Komal. Komal is about to fold

hands to greet him Namaste but her other hand is handcuffed. Lucky puts his other hand forward. Prem teases him. He tells them about a party that he has organized for every couple. People in India are very narrow minded. I am trying to change the mindset. There is couple entry. Come with your wives. Lucky tries backing out but Komal says yes to Prem on everyone’s behalf. Prem invites them to his place but Rana says we are going to competition now. We will come in evening. Prem agrees and leaves. Lucky tells his brother Komal says anything. I don’t want to go like this. Komal tries saying something but he shushes her. They all sit in the car.

Pragya asks Bharpayi to come as they are getting late for class. Bharpayi feigns headache. I think I need rest. It is paining badly. I will give you my copy. Please note down everything for me. I will study at home. Pragya agrees. Today turned out to be really special. Ma agreed easily. Bharpayi will also leave me alone. Seems like God also wants me to celebrate Valentine’s Day nicely. Bharpayi gives her notebook to Pragya. Pragya leaves. Bharpayi apologizes to God for lying to Pragya. Teji ji’s mood isn’t nice. I will have to take off to cheer him up.

Bell boy looks at the handcuff. Lucky asks him what he is looking at. Bell boy leaves quietly. Komal and Lucky try going in separate directions but they are pulled to each other. She looks at the room’s decorations and holds a rose. She checks every corner of the rom. They even kept towels here. We dint have to bring ours. We will use theirs. She pulls Lucky everywhere with him. I really like all this. They have specially done it for people who love each other. Lucky looks at her angrily. All this is rubbish. What special difference does it make if you give rose only today? What about other 364 days? This is nothing special. People only celebrate stupidly a day of year. All this looks good in movies. In real life, no one will be happy with just a rose. This day is the beginning of destroying yourself in love. people are ready to do anything for love. All this has made me realise life cannot be spent like this. I don’t have to celebrate all this. do you understand? She nods sadly. She gets pulled as he sits on the bed.

Bharpayi is headed to Teji’s room. She hides the roses seeing Kamla ji. Kamla ji asks Bharpayi why she is here at this hour. You should have been in class. Bharpayi lies to her too. I wasn’t feeling well. Kamla ji advises her to rest then. Bharpayi nods. Kamla ji goes. Bharpayi quietly goes in Teji’s room. She practises giving roses and card to Teji. She keeps it on the bed and leaves quietly. Teji is coming from another direction. They collide. He holds her so as to stop her from falling. She looks at him lovingly but he is really irked. He heads to his room without talking nicely to her.

Komal and Lucky are sitting quietly. She apologises to him. I dint know you hate this day so much. I got carried away. rest for some time. We have to go in party in evening anyways. He tells her not to do anything because of which he will have to wake up. She nods. He tries lying down but the handcuff is a problem. They switch places. Komal looks at him while he lies down to sleep. Komal also lies down next to Lucky. She gets pulled when he turns side. She thanks God as she came so close to Lucky ji because of this handcuff. She smiles sweetly. Romantic song plays in background. Lucky turns again. She closes her eyes. He looks at her and finds him sleeping. She casts a glance at him when he closes his eyes again but he catches her doing so. She keeps a hand over her eyes and pretends to look away. He observes her quietly. She keeps looking at him while he sleeps. He again opens eyes after a minute but she hurriedly closes them. he asks her why she is staring at him like this. will you kill me with your stares? Turn to the other side and sleep. She looks away but isn’t sleepy. He too cannot sleep. She drops the rose seeing his face. He sits up. She isn’t even letting me sleep. Do you pull all problems with you? Nothing happens to me when I am alone. Problems surround me when I am with you. She says I too can say the same to you but it does not matter to me as I love you so much. He tells her to spare him and turns his back to her. She sits away upon his askance but the handcuff is still a problem.

Komal leans on his back naughtily but he shakes her away. He looks uncomfortably at the bathroom door. he hugs a pillow to soothe himself. She notices the same. Is everything fine? He fumbles looking at the bathroom door. he shows her the small finger. She says I understood. Wait for a while. Police must be coming. He asks her if she has gone mad. Don’t know when they will come. She agrees to stand outside the door if it is so urgent. They head towards the door. Komal is outside while he goes inside. She covers her face as she gets pulled closer to the door.

Precap: Prem tells Lucky and Komal that some people took the cooks with them. Lucky tells him not to fear when. Komal completes the sentence – when Lucky and Badho is here. They cook the food together sharing light sweet moments and also decorate the place.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice episode….keep on rocking whole team….
    tanq for the cute scenes between lucky n badho loved watching…. v happy n looking forward

  2. Today episode is very very nice. Very lovely. Romantic track in hotel room.
    This is the best episode of all episodes.
    All the best

    Keep rocking

  3. Badho bahu is rock…

  4. I expecting episodes like this episodes. Morle lucky and komal scenes. Eagerly waiting for next romantic and fight episode. Love you badho bahu

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