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Bharpayi brings food for Pragya who acts before her. no one cares for whatever I want. I don’t want to eat. She returns the gift Lucky had given to her. Tell Bhaiya I don’t want it if he cannot help me. She sends Bharpayi out and wipes her fake tears.

Lucky sees the git in Bharpayi’s hand. he remembers that he had gifted those earrings to Pragya. Bharpayi confirms it. Pragya Di is very angry. She dint even touch food. She told me to return earrings to you. He goes.

Komal sits down with Pinki to seek her help. How do I pacify him? Pinki agrees to help her. Komal praises her for helping her always. Pinki says you are also always ready to help me. She mutters that Komal has come prepared to seek idea from her. Komal asks her if she said anything. Pinki denies. I was reading

magazine. Komal sees the magazine. This girl is really thin! Does she eat or not? Leave it. Tell me what to do. Pinki says my mind isn’t computer. It takes time. Pinki gets an idea as she glances at the magazine. I will surprise you soon. Komal requests her to tell her but Pinki advises her to wait. It yields good results always. This time I will not tell but show you. Lucky wont leave your side then. Komal happily hugs her. Pinki asks her to leave her. let me think of the idea.

Lucky sits down beside Pragya. She worries if her move dint get the right result. Lucky is all concerned which makes Pragya happy. She acts to be sad and cries before him. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t want any gift. Leave me alone. He takes her with him to the hall where everyone is sitting. Rana keeps his phone on table. Lucky supports Pragya in her endeavour to learn English. We must not stop her. Kamla ji asks him why he wants Pragya to learn English. Why are you supporting her suddenly? She asks Pragya what she taught to Lucky that he cannot differentiate between right or wrong. Pragya says I dint do anything. Pinki does not want to fall in any such drama again. I have to do my work. Raghubir ji likes the idea too. Lucky says there is nothing to worry as Vardaan will teach her. Komal smiles hearing it. Kamla ji tells him to go to his room. I will decide where she will study and what she will study. Lucky leaves. Raghubir ji tells his Bhabhi Lucky was right. I am sorry. I don’t want to go against you or argue with you. I only want to request you. Till when will we raise our girls only thinking about their marriage? Society has moved ahead while we are still stuck with our old mentality. It is time we should think openly too. Girls are reaching new heights in different fields these days. Pragya only wants to learn English. It can come to her help in future maybe. Government also says – Beti Bachao, Beti Badhao. I would suggest you to think on the matter. Vardaan is there to look after Pragya after all. Ahlawat ji seconds him. I don’t say we should change completely seeing the world changing but changing a little, in thoughts, is not wrong. Komal also requests Kamla ji to agree. Ahlawat ji again asks her to agree for their daughter’s sake. Pinki gets hold of both the phones when no one is looking. Kamla ji allows Pragya to learn English. Bharpayi will also go with her. She will also learn cooking for 2 hours daily. Pragya readily agrees. Raghubir ji thanks Kamla ji. Pragya mentally apologizes to Lucky for making use of him to get her work done. You will be proud of me when I will become a big heroine! She seeks everyone’s blessings. Komal thanks Lord for helping Pragya. Please help me this time. Help Pinki in her new idea. Thank you!

Jamuna ji asks Payal if Shankar and Lattu had dinner. She nods. Vardaan comes home. Jamuna ji goes to him. You look so tired on the first day itself. How was your first day? Did anyone trouble you? He smiles. Payal says no one would have asked these many questions in class too. let him relax a little. She gives water to him. You really look dull. Eat food. You will feel better. Vardaan and his mother look at each other puzzled. Vardaan sits down to eat food. Payal asks him about the food. Vardaan asks for rice but Payal denies. It will affect your studies. Eat as much chapattis as you want. I will cook all night for you. He nods. Jamuna ji understands now what she is after. Payal says you always think negative about me.

Pinki orders lingerie from Rana’s and Lucky’s phones. Komal comes just then. I am really happy. Lucky ji and Babu ji made Tai ji agree to allow Pragya learn English from Vardaan. Pinki congratulates her. Seems like your good days have come. Lucky ji is supporting you in something for the first time. He did something good for you for the first time. Komal asks her if she is sure about it. Pinki nods. Pinki shows her the online order that she has ordered for herself (lying that Rana ordered it). Rana ji has ordered these clothes for me. People in city only order online. Komal is uncomfortable seeing it. Wear it only if you are comfortable. Pinki says how to explain it to you. men like such bold clothes. Komal syas I wont be able to do it. Pinki says there is nothing to be shy of between husband and wife. Komal agrees. You are my best friend. What would I have done without you? Pinki gives her Lucky’s phone. You think he will order this for you? Komal laughs it off. He cannot even bear seeing me. He wont do this ever! Pinki says he is melting towards you and Vardaan. I think it can happen soon. Check his phone. Komal unlocks the phone and covers her face feeling shy. She shows the order to Pinki.

Precap: Kamla ji and malti ji are posing for pictures while Komal fills buckets of water. She keeps a stick on her shoulder. Malti ji and Kamla ji fall down in the mud as they get hit when Komal turns.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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