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Badho Bahu 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamla ji and Malti ji tell the cook to make delicious food. She gives him 5 kg almonds and cashews as their sons love halwa. A few ladies speak of the bond of both the ladies. Cook asks for his payment from the ladies. They tell him to come tomorrow to take it.

Lucky’s father (Raghubir Singh Ahlawat) greets everyone from Ahlawat family’s behalf. Ladoo cannot see anything so Badho makes him stand on a chair. Lucky’s father speaks of Mahender Singh Dahiya. He always inspired me. A few kids also fail to see what’s happening on the stage. they turn to Badho. She makes one of them stand on the chair and makes the other one sit around her shoulders. You should bear your pain alone and always share your happiness with everyone. On the other hand, Badho too says the same. Payal’s mother

remarks that he never forgets to talk about your FIL. Payal nods. Lucky’s father shares what both Lucky and Rana have won in the wrestling championship. The money is handed over to the town. Malti ji and Kamla ji join him on stage. Lucky’s father calls them the roots / base of Ahlawat family. They gave us the kids who have made Ahlawat family proud in Haryana. He next invites Rana and Lucky on stage. Everyone cheers for them. Malti ji and Kamla ji don the medal around their sons’ necks. Kamla ji whispers angrily to her son (Rana). When will you come first? Malti ji can smell alcohol from Lucky. Will you go before your father like this? Go home. Change clothes and wash your mouth.

Ladoo wants to meet Lucky alone. I also want to click a photo with him. Badho asks him if he has a phone. Ladoo shows Vardan Chachu’s phone. He runs off to meet Lucky. The same kids come to Badho to tell her that they are hungry. She takes them with her. Badho meets Raghubir ji on her way and thanks him. He says I earned all the respect because of your father. I should be the one who should say thank you. Where is Bhabhi ji? Is she still upset? Payal denies. She is getting old. Raghubir ji wants to send some stuff like rice to their home. Badho politely declines but Payal accepts it. They both go their way. The kids again tell Badho they are hungry. Badho goes to where the halwa is being cooked. She requests him but he refuses to give without seeking permission from Malti ji and Kamla ji.

Payal collides with the same pundit ji. She apologizes to him for what happened earlier. He pardons her. She requests him to get her SIL married somehow. He refuses to hear anything about Badho but she keeps requesting him. He finally gives in. I will take 20k though. 12k for finding a groom and 8k for forgiving what happened. Payal gets worried. Her mother takes her to a corner. Agree to it. Will you bear Badho all your life? Payal reasons that they don’t have this much money. Her mother makes her understand that it is a good deal to get rid of Badho. Payal says yes to Pundit ji.

Reporter is about to click a photo of Malti ji but Komal ji steps in between. She sends him away and then reprimands her SIL for it. I gave you a task to check on the halwa. Stop being the heroine here. I don’t want people to get a chance to gossip. What’s the fault of halwa if my son lost? Malti ji tries to say something but she does not let her talk.

Badho notices the locket of Bajrang Bali in the cook. She tells him not to be unjust with innocent kids. Bajrang Bali will not like it. They aren’t kids but Bal Hanuman. He falls for her words. She again asks him if he wont give halwa to Bal Hanuman. He tells her not to say filmy dialogues. He gives halwa to the kids. The kids notice their father looking for them. They talk well about Badho. Their father thanks Badho for taking care of their sons. She takes empty bowls from them. She turns just when Malti ji and Kamla ji come.

Kamla ji speaks rudely to Badho for eating all the halwa by herself. You could have let me taste it first. You are becoming a tank after eating so much. Badho replies that she dint eat it. Kamla ji says your body tells me this. Everyone hears them. A girl comes to tell Kamla ji her husband is calling her. She leaves with her. Malti ji recognizes Badho. What have you done to yourself? Control a little. So much weight does not suit unmarried woman. Which guy would like you when you are walking around like a golgappa?

Few ladies gather around Lucky to click a selfie with him. Ladoo tries to reach Lucky but finds it difficult.

Malti ji tells Badho not to attack on food. You have already eaten 2 bowls of halwa. Badho stays quiet. Malti ji asks Badho her name but she stays quiet. Ladoo begins to chase Lucky’s car. Badho rushes to him. Ladoo falls down. Badho helps him. He is in tears. I am fine. I tried to catch Lucky Bhaiya but he drove away. Badho says when you cannot find something even after chasing it then understand that that isn’t the right time to get it. Don’t stop believing in it. You will get it one day. Come inside now. He wants to go after Lucky. She tells him that Lucky will come back here anyhow. No one will stop you from meeting Lucky before we leave for Sirsa. He gets pepped up again. You are best Bua.

Lucky is on his way home when he notices a girl trying to fix her car. He stops the car and they both look at each other. DDLJ’s song plays in the background. They walk up to each other. He is all lost as he looks at her. His words echo in the background.

Precap: Lucky is dancing in the party. The girl is also there. He dances around that girl. Badho collides with a vessel which ends up distracting the cook. He drops the plate of halwa. They both look at it in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. awesome epi….. ?????? . my prince was as always awesome . exited to see ur dance in next epi…..

  2. I love this serial so much. The serial concept is good. Beatutyfull girl or Handsome guy are began from their heart. Hope one day, Indonesia trlevision can show this film.

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