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Epi begins with Pragya saying let me welcome my beloved Bhabhi’s. She keeps one kalash each before Pinki and Komal. Kamla ji asks Malti ji why she kept a plate over kalash. Pragya says I covered it so ants don’t get in. Kamla ji nods.

A girl sees two guys in Ahlawat House. They lie that they are guests. We were looking for water. She takes them to kitchen and gives them water. They signal something to each other and try to excuse themselves. She asks them to come with her.

Pragya keeps the alta plate in the centre. Kamla ji tells Pinki she is the elder DIL of the house so she has the right to enter first now. Raghubir ji seconds her. She asks Pragya to remove the cover from the kalash. Pragya obliges. Kamla ji guides Pinki as to what is to be done. Pinki’s grahpravesh happens.

Kamla ji keeps praising her DIL on her beauty.

It is Komal’s turn now. Kamla ji asks Pragya to remove the cover from other kalash too. Malti ji turns. Pragya happily does so. Kamla ji and everyone is shocked to see the kalash empty. Pragya smiles. Raghubir ji looks at Malti ji pointedly. Pinki thinks it is great. Fattie’s grahpravesh has gone bad. Seems like God is on my side too.

Vardaan wonders how many exams his sister will have to give. Please set things right for her Lord.

Pragya mentally apologies to Malti ji. everyone thinks you kept empty kalash but I had to take revenge from this fattie. People begin to gossip about the empty kalash. Something inauspicious will happen. Lucky happily thinks hope this grahpravesh never happens.

Pragya says I filled the kalash. How did it get empty? Ladies gossip as to why Malti did so. People will bigger houses have small hearts. Kamla ji turns to Malti ji. You should have thought about family’s respect instead of your anger. You could have let new DIL do her grahpravesh. Am I wrong Raghubir ji? He and other ladies support Kamla ji. what must Vardaan be thinking? He came from far to bid her sister adieu. What will he think and tell to his mother?

Payal thanks Lord for making Badho’s marriage happen without any problem. I will offer you one container milk. Jamuna ji asks her how her heart became so soft. Payal says you never understood me. I am not as hard as I look from inside. Even I am not happy without Badho. Jamuna ji thinks Komal would have reached her home by now. Rituals must be over. Call Vardaan to find out what’s going on there. Payal says you will finish my balance. She calls Vardaan.

Vardaan’s phone rings. Everyone questions him on the song. Vardaan says it must be Lattu. He picks the call. Kamla ji says the ritual got screwed up badly. Vardaan disconnects but Payal has heard it. Kamla ji continues to act. I am feeling bad for Komal. Vardaan gets Payal’s call again. What should I do now? They wont stop questioning me if I pick up now. She will get worried. He goes outside to attend the call.

Lucky blames Komal for everything. This wouldn’t have happened if this marriage wouldn’t have happened. my mother is being insulted before entire village. Don’t know what mistake I made!

Payal shoots too many questions at once. Vardaan does not tell her anything. I will call you after ritual is over. Everything is fine here. She asks him again. he lies to her. She tells him to be with his sister. Don’t leave her side till it is done. He agrees.

Ahlawat ji tells everyone to forget what happened. Let’s start again. Ragubir ji says this is the first day of DIL’s in the house. Is this right? Kamla ji apologizes to Komal on behalf of Malti ji. Forgive us. Komal and Malti ji look at each other. Kamla ji asks Raghubir ji to talk to Komal. She isn’t saying anything. How will it work?

Pragya thinks of her insult once again. She is holding a pin in her hand. it will be fun now. I will take revenge for my insult. I will make sure you are not even able to apologize to anyone afterwards. She goes and stands with Komal. Come inside Bhabhi. She pinches Komal from behind with the pin. In reaction, she lifts her leg which accidentally hits the kalash. It hits one of the guys (who had been found in the house earlier). Everyone looks shocked. Ladies taunt Malti and Komal. They are at par with each other. Kamla ji asks that lady if she is done. Komal is about to go to the guy who is hurt but Kamla ji stops her. Don’t take even one step further.

Jamuna ji is missing Komal. She prays that Komal lives a happy life in her new home. Please take care of her. Payal asks her why she is sitting like this. Jamuna ji prays to Lord to give her DIL some sense. Payal says you have such a great DIL. You don’t care at all. Your daughter is going to enter in Ahlawat House thanks to me only.

Kamla ji questions Komal on her entrance. People mock it too. Raghubir ji asks someone to look after the guy too. Malti ji thinks this will be discussed in entire Sirsa now.

Payal gives tea to Jamuna ji. Jamuna ji is in disbelief. I dint even ask for it. I cant believe it. She smiles. Payal asks her about it. Jamuna ji says I was shocked how God could give you brains so soon. Now I understood it is only 2 sip. I understood you dint change at all. You are a miser after all. Payal complains that she cannot stop taunting her after making such nice tea with ginger. Jamuna ji tells her to let it be. She tastes tea. Did you touch this tea? It is bitter like you. Why dint you add sugar? Payal says I care for you. It isn’t your age to have sugar. I am only thinking for your good. Jamuna ji says Komal got free from your clutches.

A lady says this guy got saved luckily. Your new DIL hit a guest. Some outsider was hit today. Hope you (Malti ji) do not become the target next. Kamla ji adds fuel to the fire. Someone will have to apologize now. Komal says I will surely apologize. The guy denies. you are like my sister. You dint hit intentionally. Komal denies. I made a mistake so I should apologize. She apologizes to him.

Precap: Raghubir ji asks those guys who they are. I dint recognize you. You aren’t from Sirsa. Where are you from? A lady sees blood dripping from the wound again. Other guy says I will clean it. He takes out his kerchief with which some jewellery falls down. Everyone looks on in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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