Badho Bahu 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhago (Thief) reaches Ahlawat House

Badho Bahu 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal is doing puja. She thanks Lord for bringing happiness back in their life. Please fill happiness in Pragya and Vardaan’s life too. Make Lucky ji happy during Lohri festival tonight so I can talk to him about it. He should not get angry. Pragya should realise where she is wrong. Lucky too prays for the same. We must make Vardaan realise that he shouldn’t misbehave with Pragya.

A girl is running from police. She is too fast for them.

Jitesh is making a circle of white powder. Rana tells him to do it nicely. Lucky joins them. Jitesh and Lucky wish each other Happy Lohri. You could have used your brain to first realise where the fire will be lit. Jitesh tries to say something but Rana blames it on him.

Bharpayi puts flowers on the doorway. Pinki watches them working and offers

to help them. Komal says I am not alone. If you are too eager to help, then take this basket and decorate the stairs. Pinki picks up the basket but then slips. The flowers fall down. Bharpayi laughs but hides her smile. Pinki offers to pick them up.

The girl (Bhago) manages to fool police.

Kamla ji tells Pragya to keep the stuff ready for evening. Nothing should be less. Pragya nods. Her mother asks her if she cannot speak. Don’t know where you are lost. Kamla ji gets happy seeing Jatta. I want you to perform in the evening. Teji says we even give life for those who love us (while looking at Pragya). He agrees to do a performance and thrill everyone.

Bhago reaches Ahlawat House. She notices Lucky, Rana and Jitesh arranging wood for Lohri. Komal notices her. Did you come here to meet someone? Malti ji asks Komal about Title. Bhaisahab called. She notices Bhago and mistakes her to be Titli. You were so small when I saw you last. You are so grown up now. Kamla ji joins them. Her father was saying something else about her though. She is not like what he said. Pinki has already cleaned a room for Titli. Malti ji asks her to come inside. Komal says you seem scared. Were you running? Was someone following you? Bhago denies. Who will follow me? Komal jokes it seems as if she has come running from Karnal. Bhago says I enjoy running. I dint get time to run today. Pinki tells Komal to stop asking so many questions. Let her rest. Kamla ji too calls Komal a lawyer. They take her inside. Komal looks back.

Malti ji calls Ram ji. Titli has reached Ahlawat House. He is surprised. She tells him to rest assured. I will cook her favourite meal today. She hurriedly ends the call. He asks his son (Varun) if Titli told him something. He shares that she went to her friend’s place. Ram ji tells him that she went to Malti’s home. She insisted she wont go but has gone there finally. Varun is also happy hearing it.

Bhago calls a guy called Bablu. He tells her that he got lift from a truck driver and got out of Sirsa safely. She shares that police was following her. She managed to divert them and entered in a house. They mistake me to be a girl called Titli. He advises her to stay put. No one will have a doubt on you then. Let this matter rest. She agrees. They seem to be nice and rich people. Maybe God wants me to stay in this house. We are about to strike gold. Komal knocks at the door. She gives shampoo, soap to Bhago who keeps them in her bag. Komal says they are of daily use. Why are you keeping them in bag? Bhago realises that her usual habit of hiding everything in her bag might get her in trouble. She cooks an excuse for Komal. She mistakenly drops her bag. Komal questions her on the amount of jewellery that fell from her bag. Kamla ji and Malti bring breakfast for her. They also notice the jewellery that is lying next to the bag. Malti ji asks her why she scattered jewels like that. Komal says I was also asking the same question but she is standing like a statue. Kamla ji asks Komal if she feels all this is stolen. Think why her father would have sent all this here. She is of a marriageable age. She will stay here with us for few days. When someone will come to meet her, who will she ask jewels from? This is why he sent them with her. Malti ji says we have very old ties with Ram Singh ji and his family. He is also a very honest man. He wouldn’t have let his daughter ask anyone for jewellery. She advises Bhago to keep them safely.

Bhago understands everything and decides to make use of this opportunity.

Komal tells her MIL she feels something is wrong. My sixth sense is telling me something is wrong. Malti ji suggests her to stop thinking sometimes, especially in English. Komal thinks Ma ji thought it to be a joke. She is looking for Lucky when Bharpayi teases her about it. I saw you and understood you are looking for Lucky Bhai. He has gone out with Rana Bhai to invite elders of the village for Lohri. She next seeks help from Komal for Lohri.

Jatta tells Kapoor his fans are waiting for him. I cannot come with you today. Kapoor agrees. Teji has as many haters as much fans Jatta you have. Two haters, Rana and Lucky, are already in this house. Figure out who is important for you! Pragya comes to call Teji. Kapoor looks at her from head to toe. She asks Jatta to come outside with her. Everyone is waiting for you. Kapoor tries to strike a convo with her but she keeps talking to Teji. Teji refuses to go outside and goes with Kapoor. She decides to find out where he is off to.

Precap: Lucky and Komal share some happy momets. Police comes to Ahlawat House. Bhago gets scared seeing them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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