Badho Bahu 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Pinki sets trap for Lucky and Komal

Badho Bahu 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal begins to mumble out of nowhere. He wonders what happened to her. She was fine a moment ago. He picks the bowl of halwa. She stands with her back to him. He keeps the bowl down. I think I will have to sleep with an empty stomach tonight. I thought you will forgive me even after we fought. I came down wearing the clothes chosen by you only. What will go wrong if you will feed halwa to me with your hands? I think it is not in my fate. She laughs. You are a big dramebaaz. He says the same to her. She tells him to trust her. I dint break my promise. How can I break it? We will get Pragya and Teji engaged together. Lucky agrees. We are like that only. We do everything nicely together. She nods. Nothing except pain and happiness can come between us. Misunderstandings will clear just the way they did

today. He nods. They share a hug.

Next morning, Ahlawat family discusses about the preps for engagement. Sita and Gita come with Ghanshyam ji. Kamla ji worries that they might have found out their secret. She asks them what happened. Sita and Gita assure her that they have got good news for them instead. Ghanshyam ji adds that villagers have collected money to buy stuff for their national game. Raghubir ji likes the idea. We can have a friendly match for the village. It will be a way to thank them and they can also have fun. Kailash ji and everyone agrees on the idea. Kailash ji and Raghubir ji leave with Ghanshyam ji while Gita and Sita drink the almond milk. A courier guy knocks at the door.

Komal comes to her room. He called me here but he isn’t here? She notices a card and rose on the bed. It is a Valentine’s Day Card. I hope to see your happy / shy face daily and I will keep looking at you like this daily. She gets shy. He dint see me though. Lucky is standing by the door. Who said so? He makes her look at him. I cannot lose a chance to see you like this. If it was up to me, I would give you roses daily and celebrate valentines’ day with you. Your face has turned red. She tries to go citing an excuse but he holds her hand. I wont let you go anywhere today! Romantic song plays in the background. They close in for a kiss. His phone rings just then. She smiles looking at the rose.

Malti ji is unable to read the letter without her specs. Pinki gets happy thinking that Rana must have ordered it for her on Valentine’s Day. She reads the title on the card – to the best couple of Haryana. Rana ji is right though. Rana ji is best husband and I am best wife. She opens the card which is addressed to Lucky and Komal. Lucky takes the card. My friend just called to tell that he has sent it for us. He is the same guy who organized Valentine’s Day part last year. Pinki nods. I will take the cake. Sita and Gita advises her to send the best wife (Komal) here as it is for her. Lucky hides his smile. Malti ji interrupts the ladies. She tells Lucky that there is a friendly match between him and Rana today. Kamla ji tells him everything else. Lucky offers to tell his brother but Pinki assures him she will tell him herself. Gita and Sita are sure Lucky will win. You have Badho by your side and you both rock together. Pinki thinks it isn’t so. Today on Valentine’s Day, Rana ji and I will prove it that we are no less than Lucky and Komla.

Pinki comes to her room and is irked to hear everyone praising Lucky and Komal all the time. People have already decided that Lucky will win this fight. Rana ji will have to win this match at any cost today! He will surely win if he will put his heart into it. It isn’t easy to defeat Lucky ji. His wound has healed too and Badho is such a strong support. Badho is his real strength. What if his strength is taken away from him? Let’s cause a rift between them but how! I don’t have much time. She looks at radio. I will first hear some romantic songs and then think of something. She switches on the radio. A program about best couple is coming. Ask your partner 3 good and 3 bad things about you and vice Vera. The results will tell you everything. Pinki likes the idea.

Pinki has gathered everyone in the living room. We will all play a game together. Which day is it today? Kamla ji says Valentine’s Day in broken English. Pinki next presents the idea before everyone. Komal points out that Rahgubir ji and Rana ji are not here. Lucky adds that even Vardaan is not here. Pinki does not mind. Gita and Sita ji will be the referee. Kailsh ji agrees to give it a try.

Kailash ji and Kamla ji take their seats. Kamla ji appreciates her husband’s moustache. He is a great Sarpanch and a nice human being. He has got such a good housewife. Pinki thinks she dint mind praising herself here also. Kailash ji praises his wife’s smile. She makes nice upla’s from cow dung. She keeps everyone entertained. Lucky teases Kamla ji who is all shy. I dint think you love me so much. I turned red like watermelon. Everyone smiles. Pinki thinks she should not be ready to get angry too. The couple has to say 3 bad things about the other now. Kailash ji calls his wife lazy. You make others do your work these days. she refuses to hear anything further and creates a drama. I said so many nice things about you but you are demeaning me here. Days would pass if I start saying bad things about you. He tells her to go ahead. She complains of his snores. You are a good Sarpanch but you forgot to take care of me. Everyone hides their smile. Kamla ji tells her husband he has hurt her very much. I wont talk to you after today and neither will I play this game. She goes inside. Kailash ji follows her.

Pinki says such things happen in game. Let’s continue the game. It is Lucky and Komal’s turn next. Real fun will start now. I will see how they will not fight this time.

Precap: Lucky says good things about Badho. She does her duties really well. Komal appreciates him as well. Lucky rues that Komal left his side when he needed her the most. She dint support Pragya in her decision and that hurt me badly. Lucky and Rana get down in the Akhada for their match. Pinki thinks Komal is not going to come today. Lucky eyes are pinned at the door.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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