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Badho Bahu 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal asks the boys if they will make videos again. Will you respect women? They agree and run away! She lies down there only and falls asleep tired.

Malti ji is in kitchen. Kamla ji notices her looking lost / upset and goes to her. Why have you made such a sad face? What happened? Malti ji says I accept defeat. I cannot do anything now. My own son went against me and made Badho run without a veil. I got insulted instead. Kamla ji thinks this will mean she loses too. I cannot let it happen. She acts to sympathise with Malti ji. Badho dint do right. Malti ji says I cannot do this anymore. I am stooping in my eyes and going against my loved ones. It is better to just sit and see whatever’s happening. Kamla ji reminds her that this was going to be a difficult road. Think with a calm head. Komal

has seen your love but hasn’t seen your anger. You have to be strict with the one who doesn’t understand love. Show Badho your MIL side. Beat her if she wont understand with love. Malti ji agrees with her. I will just break her arrogance with my punishment. Kamla ji says our sons are going to Hisar with their wives. Let them return. You can then punish Badho and show her her place. Malti ji nods. Let her come back. I will punish her in such way once she is back that she will never forget. No one will be able to save her then.

Some kids find Komal sleeping. They whistle near her. She wakes up. Babu ji wont spare me. I slept for a long time. She runs towards home. raghubir ji was waiting for Komal. She lies that she was running slowly so she took time. He says it’s ok. Go and pack your bags. You have to go to Hisar. She mentally apologizes to Lord for lying today. I will never repeat it.

Komal and Lucky are all set to go. Pinki and Rana also come there. Ahlawat ji tells them to be careful. Today is Valentine’s Day. Kamla ji asks him about it. Ahlawat ji explains the same to her. She calls it shamelessness. Men give roses to women even on road. I wont even feed you gulabjamun before the world! Everyone smiles. She asks him how will this affect our kids. Ahlawat ji says many people protest against it. Police keeps a tight vigil on everyone today. Lucky thinks this will happen only if people love each other. Ahlawat ji gives money to DIL’s for their expenses.

Police stops a couple. They say they are married. Police checks their ID’s. The girl is minor. The guy says we thought no one will ask us anything if the girl will put mangalsutra and vermilion. A guy (balloon vendor) stops Rana’s car. He asks Lucky to buy some balloons so he can get money to eat. Komal tells Lucky to buy some. Rana and Lucky give flowers and balloons to their wives. Police stop their car too.

Pragya goes inside Teji’s room. She sits down next to him. He tells her he isn’t in a good mood today. She shows him roses. He tells her to leave. She asks him if anyone said anything. Did I make any mistake? He says you dint do anything. I am not in a good mood. I wont be able to talk. She says it is Valentine’s Day. Smile a little for my sake. he says what’s in this village that will make me happy. I would have been celebrating today if I was in Mumbai today. There is nothing to even eat here. I have to practise in morning. You want me to smile? Bharpayi also hears him. She feels bad for him. He got stuck here. I cannot see him like this. I should do something to make him happy.

Inspector asks Lucky what they are up to. Rana says we were going to Hisar for some work. Inspector says I understand everything. I am not mad. Lucky asks him what he means. Inspector asks them who these girls are. Rana says be careful. They are our wives. Lucky says maybe you don’t know who we are. He gives their introduction. CM Sir wont spare you if he finds out this. We are Ahlawat Family’s sons. Inspector says that must be in your home. I only see you and your friend here who are roaming around with 2 girls in a car. Lucky, Komal and Rana try to explain to him but in vain. Inspector does not accept their vermilion and mangalsutra to be real. These are only new tactics. Everyone will go in jail. He tells constable to handcuff them. Constable complies. Komal says I don’t want to go to jail.

Pragya asks her mother if she can go to temple after class today. Satsang happens there daily. I might feel peaceful. Kamla ji happily agrees. Take Bharpayi with you. She excuses herself to go to some place.

Inspector has handcuffed Komal and Lucky; and Rana and Pinki. Come to jail now. You can celebrate Valenting Day there. A passer-by recognizes Lucky. Inspector sees the article in his hand and gets worried. Lucky asks him if he is sure now. We are the sons of Ahlawat family. we know how to take care of our dignity. We wont ever do anything because of which we have to look down. Open handcuffs now. Inspector apologizes to them. He asks constable to open their handcuffs. One of the keys fall in the manhole. Rana and Pinki are freed but Lucky and Komal are still tied together. Lucky tells Inspector to get the duplicate key. Inspector says it is in police station. Even I will have to look for it. You go ahead. I will get it. Lucky says you want us to go everywhere like this. Inspector suggests him to think it as Valentine’s Day gift from them. You will get to spend some time with Bhabhi ji till then. Rana tells him to stop talking. He shares the hotel name. Bring key there. Inspector agrees and leaves.

Lucky spots a key-maker. He asks Rana to stop the car. Lucky and Komal get down. Lucky asks him to open the handcuff. Komal makes a tensed face. Lucky tells her that he will only cut handcuff. The man asks them how this happened. They cook up excuses but the guy recognizes it to be the handcuffs used by police. Lucky offers him money but the guy refuses to do it. I will not get into any trouble. He runs away. Komal tries going after him but the handcuff pulls her back. Lucky tells her to stay put.

Precap: Komal and Lucky try going in separate directions but they are pulled to each other. She looks at the room’s decorations and holds a rose. I really like all this. They have specially done it for people who love each other. Lucky looks at her angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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