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Pinki says I wont be able to breathe peacefully this way. I will sleep outside tonight. Rana is about to say something but she keeps her hand on his lips. Please don’t say no. She takes her pillow and leaves. Outside, Pinki thanks Lord to save her. My husband was not ready to leave me at all! I somehow saved myself. You wont also know how I managed to do that.

Lucky comes down holding his pillow and blanket. He sneezes because of which Pinki and Lucky notice each other. He asks her if everything is fine. Why are you sleeping here? She lies that it is because of the mosquitoes. Rana ji falls asleep fast as he is usually tired. This is why I came here. Lucky tells her to sleep well. She nods. Why are you here at this hour? Are there mosquitoes in your room too? He mumbles that mother of

mosquitoes is there. She asks him if he said something. He denies. it is the same issue. Sleep well. Pinki smiles thinking of how she switched the bottles earlier. Badho surely sprayed that perfume which is why you are here. He sneezes again. Pinki too lies down to sleep. She smiles hearing him sneezing.

Komal is sad in her room. Kyun Na Bole Mosey Mohan plays. Downstairs, Lucky too is unable to sleep. Komal collects every cloth of her room.

Next morning, Rana looks lovingly at Pinki while she is still asleep. Komal comes downstairs quietly seeing Lucky sleeping. Rana and Komal see each other. She tells him through gestures. He smiles and sits down to look at Pinki. Komal thinks to wake Lucky or Ma ji will taunt me. It will be better if he taunts. She pats at his shoulder carefully to wake him up. I have cleaned entire room properly. Please come inside. He goes upstairs followed by Komal who takes his pillow and duvet.

Rana wakes Pinki sweetly. She is startled to see him. He tells her that there is no smell in the room. I left all windows and door open. She goes inside.

Jamuna ji is surprised to see Payal smiling. Vardaan takes his mother’s blessings as it is his first day of work. She blesses him. Payal says it wont be complete till you eat sweetened curd by my hands. I would have stopped you on the way too if you had left without eating it. I would have followed you. Jamuna ji calls her cleverer than chameleon. You were not ready to give food to my son till yesterday. What happened today? Payal says you wont understand me ever. I cannot complain to you. Jamuna ji asks her again about her actions. Payal says he has taken a new step in his life. Vardaan says this is temporary. Payal tells him to give his best in everything. Don’t miss out on anything. Vardaan agrees. He tells his mother he was thinking to take blessings from Didi too. Jamuna ji nods. Ask her to call me too. I am missing her very much. He leaves. Payal thinks to call Badho. I forgot completely about her.

Payal calls Komal. Komal tells her everything. Payal says what I can do about you. How do you make mistakes in everything? Komal says I did what you asked me to do. Tell me what I should do now. Payal says I will tell whenever I will think of something. Wash clothes now. Komal agrees. They end the call. Payal is unable to understand why Lucky sneezed. We dint. Something is wrong in her kundli. Help her lord.

Komal too prays to Lord to make her do something right for once. I make mistake whenever I try to do something. I have made so many mistakes already. Please don’t let me make any mistake now.

Pragya requests her mother to let her learn English. Exams are over and there isn’t much to do. I should utilise this time. Everyone must know English in this age. Kamla ji tells her not to teach her. This time comes and goes. You have time so you better learn household chores. Pragya agrees to do everything. Let me learn English too. Kamla ji refuses. You don’t know any work that is done at home. Learn that first. Pragya requests her again but Kamla ji stays put. What will you do after learning English? Your MIL will not check your English but how good you are at work. Learn what you should. Learn English after marriage. Go in kitchen and learn something. Komal hears this too and feels bad. Pragya asks Rana to explain it to mother. You know how important English is. Rana says who am I to explain to Ma. She is right. Your likes last only for a few days. Piano is unused. Who will you talk to in English? Pragya turns to Lucky for help who says Tai ji thinks well for you. Do as she says. How does it matter what I want? Kamla ji sends Pragya to her room. Pragya leaves sadly. Kamla ji wonders why kids want to learn English now.

Komal is surprised to see Vardaan. They sit down to talk. Vardaan tells his sister about his new job in Sirsa. I have to teach English. Komal gets emotional. He asks her if she dint like the news. She tells him to be quiet. You have grown up. You are going to stand on your feet. He says if it was up to me then I would have always stayed like your younger brother, knowing you will take care of me. But sometimes we don’t have that choice. Bless me so I can make you and mother proud. She blesses him. I forgot to get tea for you. He stops her. it is time for my class. She shares how Pragya too wants to learn English. Tai ji said no to her. Vardaan thinks it is good that Tai ji said no or I would have been stuck with her. Komal says if it was up to me then I would have made her learn English too. Now that you have started your classes, you can teach her English too. It will be a safe thing for her too. Will you teach her? Lucky overhears their entire convo from outside. He thinks of how Vardaan is nice and helpful always. Vardaan takes leave from his sister.

Precap: Pinki thinks to order something from Lucky’s phone. Komal comes there just then. Lucky supports Pragya in her endeavour to learn English. We must not stop her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice episode. Lucky and komal fight were super. I love it. But less scenes between them. Wants more

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