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Badho Bahu 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Both the kids are asked to make their mothers wear the medals as per the ritual. Kamla ji pointedly looks at Lucky. Reporter asks them how they are feeling now. Kamla ji is about to reply but reporter asks Malti ji to speak first. Malti ji says I don’t believe in things like medal, gold or money. It is your name which stays with you all your life. Our sons made us proudly. Kamla ji nods upset. A party is announced by Lucky’s father to celebrate the victory of both the kids.

Badho’s mother asks Payal to get her tea. You cannot take milk in Badho’s absence. Payal bickers initially but then agrees to do it. She sits down next to the cow when her MIL points out that she knows nothing. First the calf will drink milk and then the cow will give milk. Payal steps aside. Neither of them

are doing anything. Badho’s mother points out that even they know that Badho dint eat anything yesterday. Payal points out that Badho dint stay hungry. She emptied a container of ghee. I could have used it all month. The cow turns angrily towards her and Payal ends up falling face down in Gobar. She leaves for her room upset. Badho comes just then. Her mother asks her to get milk from the cow. Badho sweetly engages with the calf and he drinks milk. She next takes out milk. Her mother looks on proudly from far. Her brother keeps peeking at her too. Badho’s mother makes her drink some milk first. Her brother gets up to go. Badho says Bhabhi is about to explode. He nods. You know how she is. Why do you bother? Badho agrees. I do have to reply though.

Payal calls her mother and complains about Badho. Her mother does not care about respect or stuff like that. You should focus on good things like milk and cream. Fights happen in every house. How does it matter? Ahlawat family’s sons won the wrestling match. There is a big celebration tonight. Try to come.

A girl comes from Raghubir ji’s home. Payal welcomes her inside. The girl informs her about Lucky winning a competition. Father was busy so he sent me. A car will come in evening to pick you up. Badho’s mother disagrees but Payal agrees to go. They argue over the matter. Payal reasons that their own relatives don’t feel like keeping a relation with them. Now this girl came here on her own. We should go or how would we find a groom for Badho. They keep arguing over the matter. Payal’s husband has witnessed the fight from far. He walks in just then. He tells his mother to let Payal go to Sirsa. There will be so much peace at home. Let her go. He leaves for office. Payal’s son requests his Dadi to let Badho come with him. She goes from there.

Badho comes to her mother. Badho’s mother says we have nothing to do with your father. There is nothing left now. Badho tells her to let it be. I will only go if you will allow me. Ladoo will also be happy. Her mother is in thoughts.

At night, Badho is cleaning the house. Her mother gives her bangles to wear. Ladoo happily hugs his Bua. They are wrapped in the newspaper wherein Lucky’s news is published. Badho wears the bangles.

Lucky and his friends are celebrating. They speak about girls who will be all gaga over Lucky now after his victory. Lucky enjoys the convo. A guy says Whiskey (dog) is very risky. Lucky replies that he knows humans better than all of us. They all celebrate by drinking liquor. Rana joins them but does not drink liquor. His friends tease him. You don’t enjoy either drinks or girls. Rana says I am only interested in my wrestling. Such things don’t interest me. A guy (who earlier spoke about Whiskey) speaks ill about him. Lucky angrily holds that guy’s collar. Add fuel in this fire and not between us brothers. I wont spare you if you try to ruin our relation.

A few girls click a selfie with Lucky. His friends talk about the one girl who will get finally clicked with Lucky. Lucky speaks about his marriage. She will stand apart from everyone.

Badho reaches Sirsa. Payal meets her mother and compliments her on her fashion. Her mother tells her how she stole a saree from Payal’s Bua’s wardrobe and made this dress for her. How are you? Payal begins to tell her when she notices a guy in the group. He is fat. Payal’s mother shares the details. Payal finds him good for Badho. Her mother says why not. We will get him divorced and throw his kids out. Payal looks at some other guy and her mother reprimands her for it. Payal says I will go mad if Badho isn’t married soon. Her Bua comes just then. Payal and her mother aren’t too interested to talk to her. A guy walks up to them. He asks about kids. Bua replies that she wont go missing. They must be playing. They will come back. He still looks tensed.

Uncha Lamba Kadd plays. Lucky points out to his friends that their Bhabhi would be just like the one described in the song. One of the guys notices Badho. She is beautiful, tall and a match for your personality. Lucky says anyone would die after coming under her. She is a Bulldozer. Lucky’s friends were talking about someone else it seems and Lucky misses it. Badho walks past Lucky and his friends. One of them shouts Road Roller as she walks away. Badho looks at them. She does not react. Lucky and his friends discuss about Lucky’s would be. Whiskey too will fall in love with her.

Whiskey runs up to Badho. They bond well.

Precap: Lucky’s father speaks to Badho about her father. Whatever I am today is because of him only. Kamla ji blame Badho for eating all the halwa by herself. Badho replies that she dint eat it. Kamla ji says your body tells me this. Everyone hears them. Lucky meets a stranger, beautiful girl on the road.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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