Badho Bahu 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rana comes to wake Lucky but finds the room empty. Pinki also comes there. She tells Rana that she came to wish Lucky best of luck. She wonders why God has put speed breaker named Rana in her love story. Just make me Mrs. Lucky Ahlawat. Driver comes to ask about Lucky. He is not at home. Plus his car is also not outside. Did he ran away? Rana tells him to stop acting like a CID. Check outside. Pinki offers to accompany Rana but he tells her to stay at home and leaves to find Lucky.

All family members and locals gather for the debated wrestling match. No one has any clue about Lucky. Marjorie joins them. Malti ji asks her about Lucky but she too does not know. Everyone is tensed. Malti ji cannot understand where her son went. Komal asks Pinki if she saw Lucky. Pinki denies. Komal says we have

to find him. Pinki replies that Lucky is not a kid to get lost. He must be around. Rana went to look for him. Komal thinks such odd situations have arisen. If Lucky does not come then people will call him a coward! Marjorie hopes Lucky does not harm himself because of her. Komal looks at Hanuman ji’s idol.

Rana is searching for Lucky.

Everyone is surprised to hear the sound of ambulance van. Zalim Singh comes in his jeep followed by an ambulance. People get tensed seeing Zalim Singh. Two guys massage his hands as he walks forward. What happened Guru ji? I cannot see your iron man anywhere. Did he hide in some place being scared of me? no problem. It is good that he ran away. People forget insult in a few days but broken bones don’t let you sleep for many nights. Everyone should go and sleep. Your son made me spend on ambulance unnecessarily. I thought to send him to hospital by breaking his hands and legs. Komal wonders where Lucky disappeared to at this moment.

Rana continues to search for his brother.

Driver tells Raghubir ji that he checked everywhere. Lucky is not here. People ask Raghubir ji about Lucky. It is about the respect of our village. If Lucky wont fight today then we will also be looked upon as cowards. People begin to gossip about it. Kamla ji murmurs that if Rana was here then he would have taught a good lesson to this Zalim Singh. Zalim Singh laughs. Your son ran away like a coward! He insulted entire village by challenging me. This medal does not suit your place anymore. He is about to take it off from the wall when Raghubir ji warns him to stop. He steps forward. My son is not here but it does not mean that his father cannot fight! I will fight with you and complete the challenge. Zalim Singh clenches his hand in a fist. Ahlawat ji reminds his brother he dint practise since too long. This Zalim Singh is really Zalim (cruel). I am really concerned for you. Raghubir ji refuses to let any stain come on the respect of his family and village. I cannot see them losing till I am alive. Malti ji asks him to stop. Why are you risking your life? You very well k now you cannot face Zalim Singh now. He asks her if she does not trust him. I am the same champion today too. Wont you do my tilak before going for the fight? Komal gives her the puja thaal. Raghubir ji gives his wife his watch. She takes it sadly from him and then does his aarti. She gets dizzy so everyone holds her. Raghubir ji and Malti ji look at each other. Komal steps forward and does Raghubir’s aarti. He blesses her and seeks his brother’s blessings. Rolling up his sleeves, he enters in the wrestling area cheering Jai Bajrang Bali.

Rana is still driving around village to find his brother.

Zalim Singh gets ready for action too. Raghubir ji rubs dirt on his forehead while Zalim Singh rubs his dirt filled hands. They both advance towards each other. The fight starts.

Lucky is sleeping. Bottles are lying around his jeep. Rana finally finds him. He tries waking up his brother, remind him of his fight today with Zalim Singh but Lucky is in an inebriated state.

On the other hand, fight continues.

Rana sprinkles water on Lucky. Don’t delay anymore. Lucky is kind of emotional. I don’t have to fight any match. Rana asks him why is he in a Devdas state. Lucky replies what’s the point of living when your life has lost its meaning. Everything is over. Rana asks him what is over. The respect which we gained over the years will be lost otherwise! Lucky asks him whose respect should be increase when he has no hope to live life left anymore. Rana walks away. epi ends on Komal’s tensed face.

Precap: People are happy to see Raghubir ji giving tough competition to Zalim Singh in this age. Zalim Singh stealthily throws dirt in his hand and manages to overpower him. He throws Raghubir ji on the ground. People get concerned. Lucky enters just then and overpowers Zalim Singh.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Woah!! Waiting for next epi. Finally lucky is in the battlefield. Cheers for the father son duo 🙂

    1. yes, me too.

  2. I heard that viren will insult badho’s family at their marriage and marriage cancal ho jayegi . let’s see how lucky will marry badho and I am waiting for fight of lucky and zalim singh

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