Badho Bahu 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal laughs while Lucky is training her as she gets tickled. All family members are laughing too. Raghubir asks Komal to concentrate on the training. They start again. This time, Komal tries to control her laughing. Tai ji wonders where Pinki is. She was saying she will stop the fight and now herself is lost.

Pinki is outside. She comes to Rana and instigates him against Lucky and Komal saying Raghubir and Lucky are training Komal inside. How he will win national and international medals if he doesn’t learn new moves and if he doesn’t practice with Lucky.

Raghubir comes in and asks what’s all this? They made house wrestling field? Payal tries to interrupt. Rana tells her not in his matter. Rana goes to Raghubir and questions how he will be able to win medals if he

doesn’t get practice with Lucky? Lucky is doing time pass with Komal. If this keeps going, then his wrestling career will become joke. If he didn’t want medal, then they wouldn’t have practiced. Tai ji agrees with Rana. Komal tells Rana that Raghubir was coming outside. He was just teaching her few moves. Rana tells her to stop all drama. He saw himself her enjoying training. Komal says if it’s like that, then she won’t get trained with Lucky. Their training is more important. Lucky decides to find trainer for Komal himself. This time he will bring a male trainer. Taiji asks if he has gone crazy. Komal says Raghubir has taught them that there is no difference in male and female in wrestling ring. Taiji asks Raghubir not to teach wrong things to children. She doesn’t want a stranger to touch her bahu. If society comes to know about this, then what respect will be left? Raghubir says he is not teaching anything wrong and he doesn’t care about society. In schools, they don’t differentiate boys and girls. Boys get female trainers and girls can get male trainers. Taiji says fine, but before that happens in their house, he should kill her. Raghubir walks away. Komal tells Lucky and Rana to forget everything and practice outside. That’s more important. Payal thinks right or wrong, she will make sure Komal wrestle. Taiji does drama that she’s not that bad. She is worried for the house. She gives solution that Komal should wrestle with Payal. Payal says she has just seen wrestling, never done it. Taiji says she fought for Komal, she can do anything for her. Payal is in dilemma. She agrees so Komal can continue wrestling. Komal is surprised. Payal says she can do anything for her. Komal says okay.. and asks her to take off her jewelries first. Before they begin, Komal scares Payal.

Jatta is upset as there is no saloon in the village. He wants to get manicure pedicure done. Pragya says she will do it. She tells him to go to her room after few minutes. Pragya is preparing everything. Someone (Vardhaan) comes there. Pragya gets shocked.


Update Credit to: dippu

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  1. thanks for the update Dippu

  2. as usual boring wishing/hoping some thing good afterwards
    payal’s wrestling with komal will interesting

  3. Frosties

    Kamala is making lewd comments about Komal fighting with a male wrestler- can’t wait till everyone finds out about her daughter frolicking with Jatta!
    As for Rana he looks as though he will blurt our crying when trying to speak out loud- such a puppet and a wimp!?
    I hope Vradaan breaks up with Pragya when the truth is out about her affair so he can find happiness with Barpai.

    1. Summer

      Hi Frosties,
      I second your comment. Pragya has chosen to deceit Vaardan and he saved her dignity too. I also fear that Pragya will make such a mistake that it will leave Vaardan no choice but to void the marriage and seek divorce as she will not only bring shame to herself but also humiliation for Vaardan.

  4. Frosties

    Oh I so hope so Summer. I want both mother and daughter to hide in shame!

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