Badho Bahu 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahashivratri puja in Ahlawat House

Badho Bahu 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pragya asks Komal what she is doing here. Komal asks her the same question. What if someone sees you? Leave right away. Pragya asks her what she wants to do to them. They see Gita and Sita coming up. Komal warns Pragya to ask questions later. Just do as I say. Gita and Sita ask Komal what she is doing here. Mahashivratri is going to be celebrated in your house today!

Kamla ji sits in a shade in corner while Pinki digs soil. She sits down tired. Kamla ji says you just started and you are already tired. Pinki says who dug this deep hole then. Kamla ji peeks inside. She taunts Pinki that even she can fit inside. I will not spare you if villagers will find anything lacking in our preps. Pinki mumbles to herself and resumes to her work. Kamla ji talks of telling Badho to make a grand Shivlinga. I

will tell everyone I brought soil. Pinki suggests her to dug it herself then. Kamla ji reminds her that she is acting just like she acted on Christmas Day. Pinki twists her words and speaks nicely to her. Kamla ji rues coming with her to help her. Now I will dug soil and Shivlinga will be made with that only. She starts her work. Pinki refuses to let her hard work go in vain. Shivlinga will be made by the soil that I will get. She too starts digging.

Komal tells the ladies that all the preps are done. Pragya and Vardaan were coming to temple. I thought to come along. Gita and Sita fall for her words. They ask Pragya if she has thanked Shiv ji for getting a simple and good guy like Vardaan. You too should be together in the next birth and all the births. May God keep you happy always. Pragya begins to speak against it but Komal covers up. Teji is hiding in a corner. Gita and Sita go to do puja.

Pragya asks Komal if she knows more than her. Bhai has told someone so I should tell everyone. Komal suggests her to wait for the right item but Pragya is irked that as per Komal, no time will be right. You do not want me to marry Teji after all! She walks away in a huff followed by Komal. Vardaan begins to go after them when Teji blocks his way. He tells him to let it be. I will check on Pragya.

Kamla ji and Pinki pull a sack each of soil. Kamla ji notices that her sack is bigger. She sends Pinki to call Komal and Malti. Bring water for me too. Pinki requests her to let her heave a sigh of relief too but Kamla ji acts to be tired. Pinki goes inside. Kamla ji exchanges sacks in the meantime. Pinki realises what she has done as she looks at the sacks. Malti ji is impressed to see the sacks. Kamla ji takes credit for the sack kept in front of her but Pinki says the bigger one was mine. You switched the sacks. It is cheating! Kamla ji warns her to mind her tongue. I am not cheating. Pinki gulps down water. They argue over the soil. Malti ji tells Pinki that we don’t talk to elders like that. How does it matter who brought more soil or less? Badho will decide which soil she will use. Pinki is sure Komal will listen to her childhood friend only. Kamla ji reminds her she is the DIL of the house. Don’t behave like my MIL. Komal, Vardaan, Pragya and Teji return home.

Pragya and Teji head to their room. Komal lies that they went to temple to offer water to Shivlinga. Kamla ji panics wondering if someone saw them thus. Kamla ji assures her that Vardaan was also there. They saw Vardaan with Pragya. Pinki diverts the topic to Shivlinga. I have dug it with my own hands and the sack was completely full! Kamla ji adds that she did not take any helpers with her. I have dug it myself too. They begin to argue once again. Komal opens the sacks and pours the soil from both the sacks on the floor. Malti ji diverts Kamla ji and Pinki’s attention. Komal points out that she has mixed the soil brought by both of them. You can separate it again and I will choose one. Pinki says how we will do so! Komal says God will be made from the soil and that is all that we want. Kamla ji nods. I don’t know why I was acting like her (Pinki). Malti ji suggests them both to forget everything and smile. They chant Har Har Mahadev together.

Pragya is crying in her room. No one loves me in the house. Lucky hears her. I love my sister. She hugs him and cries her heart out. He offers to bring water but he stops her. I know it is only you who love me in this entire house. Forgive me for doing that but I cannot stop myself from crying after what happened today in temple. Lucky looks at her hand. Did Teji leave again? Pragya shakes her head. Badho Bhabhi! She stopped Teji ji from putting the ring in my finger. She tells him everything in mute. Lucky gets angry. Pragya says Bhabhi must have told you that she will support you but she does not want me to marry Teji. She left everything and followed me all the way to temple with Vardaan ji. Lucky is thoughtful.

Komal takes out clothes for herself and Lucky for puja. Lucky refuses to wear the clothes of her choice or go to puja with him. She asks him if she made any mistake. He scolds her for breaking her promise. I got everyone on my side but you broke my faith. You are someone else in front of me and someone else behind my back! Pragya told me everything that happened. You are feeling bad for Vardaan and want me to ruin my sister’s life! She tries to explain but he does not let her. I am warning you not to intervene between Pragya and Teji ever again or you will see the worst of me. Saying so, he walks out of the room.

Everyone gathers for Mahashivratri puja in Ahlawat House. Raghubir ji asks for Lucky. She lies that he went for some urgent work and hasn’t returned yet. Raghubir ji asks her if he wont come in the puja. Malti ji suggests focusing on the puja. He can join us in between. Raghubir ji agrees. Komal will start the puja as she has made this Shivlinga with love. Malti ji agrees. Komal thinks why is Lucky so upset that he isn’t even picking her phone.

Komal picks up the kalash. It is ok. You may not be here but you are in my heart. I will complete this puja thinking about you. Lucky keeps his hand over hers just then. My work is done. Let’s do the puja. They do puja together.

Precap: Lucky and Komal share some romantic moments. Lucky enjoys seeing Komal all shy. I cannot lose a chance to see you like this. If it was up to me, I would give you roses daily and celebrate valentines’ day with you. They close in for a kiss.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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