Badho Bahu 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Teji is fixing the projector. Bharpayi and Pragya smile looking at him.

Kamla ji notices Pinki running. She takes her aside. People will doubt on us if you will run around so excitedly. Is anything that you are teaching Badho working on her? Pinki nods. I told her something because of which she will never stop wrestling. Kamla ji confirms with her if she is saying truth. Pinki nods.

Teji starts the video and takes a seat between Pragya and Bharpayi. He keeps each of his hand around Pragya and Bharpayi. He even feeds them popcorn. They see a reflection in the projector screen because of which they fail to see the video properly. Teji leans in to kiss Pragya on the cheek when Ahlawat ji tells him to stop the video. See what’s happening. We cannot see anything. Teji pauses movie and

switches on light. Komal is standing behind the projector screen wearing flower jewellery. Everyone is shocked to see her thus. Lucky also comes there with his father. he remembers what his mother had told him. It means Badho is not going to give up on wrestling. Raghubir ji smiles.

Malti ji walks up to Komal when Lucky calls out to her. Where is that jewellery she was wearing? Raghubir ji smiles thinking of what he had told Komal before leaving the room. Komal returns jewellery to Komal. Raghubir ji tells Lucky to come to the point. Tell your mother what you wanted to. Leave everything else. Lucky is bound by his promise to his father. He tells his mother Komal wont run wearing a veil from now onwards. Malti ji is shocked whereas Jamnuna ji smiles. Malti ji asks him what he is saying. Have you gone mad? Lucky says I have thought well about it. Badho wont wear a veil and run. There will be problem if she collides with someone. Malti ji says the DIL of my house wont run around without a veil. Lucky counters that he too has said something. If Komal is her DIL then she is also my wife! Komal gets emotional. Pinki smirks. Lucky says there is nothing to worry when I don’t have any problem with it. Badho wont run wearing a veil. Payal is impressed by his deed. Jamuna ji sweetly tells her not to intervene. Lucky tells his mother he needs to talk to her and goes. Raghubir ji tells Malti ji even she cannot change her decision now. He too leaves from there. Payal and Jamuna ji smile. Komal thinks Lucky worries so much for her. He argued with Ma ji for my sake. I too should do something for him as he took such a big step for me.

Komal walks up to her MIL and returns jewellery to her. I am really grateful to you for whatever you have done for me but I don’t need this jewellery now. Someone told me that my simplicity is my biggest jewel. Forgive me if possible. Malti ji is very much upset but still accepts it. Komal folds hands before her and then leaves from there. Kamla ji says we sat to see movie but saw a drama. What can we do anyways? This is the story of every house. Everyone should go home now. Everyone leaves one by one. Malti ji looks upset.

Komal thanks Bholenath. You stopped me from swaying from my path. Keep Lucky ji happy. He is a really nice guy. He dint listen to even his mother today for me. He sorted my problem. You know how important that is for me. Stay with me like this always. Keep blessing Lucky ji always. She smiles with folded hands.

Raghubir ji has gathered everyone in the living room. Haryana Wrestling Federation wants to organize Dangal this time in Haryana. They want Rana and Lucky to be the chief guests there. This will be really good. Rana agrees to go. Ahlawat ji proposes to send the DIL’s too. They haven’t gone anywhere since marriage. Raghubir ji seconds him. But it can happen only when their MIL’s will allow them. Kamla ji gives permission. They must be fed up seeing their Khadus MIL’s. Ahlawat ji laughs hearing it. Bang on! Everyone smiles.

Malti ji is disturbed by whatever happened. Raghubir ji comes in and looks at her but she looks away. She tries going but he stops her. You look really beautiful when you are angry. Why you did that? I saw you upset even during dinner. Are you upset with Komal that she does not listen to you? She isn’t listening to whatever you say. She even refused what you offered to her. Malti ji says I am sure she would have told you everything. She cannot digest anything. Raghubir ji denies. She does not have such habit. You are misunderstanding her. Malti ji says she isn’t poor girl. I am poor as no one listens to me, including my husband. Raghubir ji says Komal never complains about anyone. I gave her my swear. I always know whatever you have to say. I also understand whatever you wish to do. Malti ji says I am the devil of the house. Everyone else is good. She tries leaving but he holds her hand. You are not the villain but heroine. I know you have no wrong intention. There is always a reason behind your actions. But there is one thing, you cannot see what I can see right now. I am sure you will be really proud of Komal’s wrestling one day. You will become Komal’s strength and will encourage her. I am only waiting for that day. Don’t get angry. Malti ji looks away. Raghubir ji leaves. Malti ji is still very much angry.

Next morning, everyone is out for a jog / run. The same guys, who made video yesterday, wait for Bulldozer (Komal). They smile seeing her. Komal recognizes them to be the same guys who made the video. She confronts them but they feign innocence. She asks them if this is how they use their smart phones. Is this what you learn in school / college? She beats them. They apologize to her calling her Didi. She warns them not to come before her again. I will not spare you if you come in front of me again. Will you make videos again? Will you respect women? They agree and run away!

Precap: Kamla ji instigates Malti ji to punish Komal. Malti ji vows to do it. Both the couples are on their way to the competition. Inspector stops Lucky’s car. He talks cheaply to the couples. Lucky tells him to be careful. We are husband and wife. Inspector says we only see two guys roaming with two women right now. He handcuffs both the couples.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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