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Payal comes home. Jamuna ji tells her that she does not like these daily fights between her and Vardaan. He is younger to you. Why argue with him all the time? Payal advises her to tell Vardaan the same thing. I am his Bhabhi. I can scold him. He must not have come home because of his anger. Tell him to not lose his temper just like that. We all should live peacefully in this home.

Pragya notices Bharpayi standing sadly by the window. Will I have to pacify this maid too? I will have to I guess. Pragya acts all sweet and emotional before Bharpayi. No one could do what you did for me today. I will never forget this favour all my life. Bharpayi falls for her crocodile tears. Pragya gives her a suit which Bharpayi likes. Bharpayi politely declines but Pragya insists. Think of it as a gift from

your sister. Bharpayi agrees. I will take it as you are insisting. Thank you. Pragya calls them sisters. You wont tell anyone the truth today? Bharpayi swears on her. Pragya hugs her. I have no danger from this maid now! I had to lose my favourite dress to pacify her. You lose something to gain something.

Vardaan comes home. Payal says we thought your brother came. You could have come late. We would have worried more for you. Did you find a new job for yourself? He gives her lunch box. Don’t make food for me from now on. I found a small job for myself. You don’t have to manage my expenses from now on. She is surprised. He says you only told me to find a job and do something in life. I will get 5k. I will bear my expenses. You don’t have to do anything for me. She says your brother raised you since years. You forgot family now? Vardaan says I meant I will manage my expenses. She tells him to stop acting smart. give me your salary. I will manage things here. You should have thought of that yourself. You should have thought of this to be your duty. Support at home. And don’t spend too much time and efforts in job. I don’t want you to lose any marks. He nods. Payal thinks Vardaan’s ego was taken care of by her loud voice. Now 5k extra will come to me. I am so smart!

Pinki brings perfume in her room. She goes to freshen up because of the smell of cow dung. Ajay and Jitesh find the room empty. Jitesh suggests Ajay not to marry ever. This room looked so homelike earlier. Now this looks so much different. Ajay agrees. Jitesh notices the perfume on table. it is very famous. Ajay too has seen the commercial. They discuss the ad. Jitesh says why Rana bhai would need it now. He is married. Ajay jokes that he might have brought it for Bhabhi. He is becoming colourful slowly. Rana asks them what they are talking about. Jitesh asks him about the perfume. It helps you cast magic on ladies. Rana says it isn’t mine. JItesh tells him about the ad. Rana asks them from where they got it. Jitesh says it was in your room. They advise him to use it once if he does not believe it. Rana sends them out. If Pinki ji’s happiness lies in this then my happiness is also in this. I will do anything to keep her happy!

Komal checks the perfume. Komal sprays that perfume in every corner of the room and herself. Lucky ji will fall for me now. I wont leave any stone unturned now to pacify him.

On the other hand, Rana sprays perfume in the room. Pinki comes in the room and sees him smiling. Did he do something again? Why is he smiling like that? She asks him about it. He shows the perfume which takes her by surprise. She acts to be unaware of what it is. She turns her back to him. He makes her look at him. he removes the towel from her shoulder and cover her with her dupatta. Don’t speak too much. I know you have planned this. Your killer way of speaking through eyes and hints hits me directly at heart always. She acts shy as he closes in for kiss. I don’t understand what you are saying. He holds her from behind and acts all romantic with her. I know what you want. I am ready. She makes a tensed face as he kisses her hair.

Lucky bangs at his room’s door. Komal hurriedly opens the door. he scolds her for locking the door. Lucky stops in his tracks because of the smell. Lucky begins to sneeze badly which worries her.

Rana asks Pinki why this distance between husband and wife. She thinks can he not understand that I am trying to go away. He gets closer. She thinks as to how to free herself and acts to faint in his arms.

Lucky says this isn’t perfume but poison for him. He pulls out his clothes. She tells him that this smell is in every cloth. He asks her if she will kill him now. She says Bhabhi said this perfume brings husband and wife closer. I don’t understand what’s happening to you. He says you will kill me. they both end up falling on bed.

Rana wakes Pinki. Are you alright? What happened? Are you not well? I will take you to doctor’s. She denies. that isn’t necessary. I am fine. The fragrance got in my head. maybe I fainted because of that. he holds his ears. She requests him not to spray perfume in the room. I wont be able to breathe peacefully this way. I will sleep outside tonight.

Lucky and Komal look at each other as his hand is on her shoulder. He gets up finally and continues sneezing.

Precap: Komal wakes Lucky. Vardaan tells his sister about his new job. I have to teach English. Komal says Pragya too wants to learn English. If it was up to me then I would have made her learn English too. Now that you have started your classes, you can teach her English too. Will you teach her? Lucky overhears their convo from outside.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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