Badho Bahu 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamla ji and Malti ji sing a song while making Churma and Halwa. All ladies are busy competing with Kamla ji. She runs to cook Churma with Pinki’s help. Komal helps her mother. Kamla ji keeps dancing and singing while cooking. Malti ji and Kamla ji’s Bhabhi smile seeing her thus. All ladies sit down to make laddoos next. Komal imagines having a romantic moment with Lucky. He gives her rose and keeps looking at her sweetly while she gets shy. She feeds him Churma and laddoos. He compliments her. I haven’t eaten tastier halwa and ladoos than this. I loved them. He bites at her finger as she feeds him. She calls him naughty and puts flour on his cheek. He chases her holding flour in his hands. She tells him not to do so. Everyone hears her thus and starts smiling. Kamla ji teases her that she cannot

stop having romantic fantasies with her husband. He will be happy when you will make yummy food items. Don’t you know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? She hopes God helps Lucky ji in arranging fair first. I will feed him all this later for sure. Someone asks Payal about her mother. Payal shares that she is telling everyone about the fair.

Ajay and Jitesh pull the cart in which Payal’s mother is sitting. She has a speaker in her hand and announces about the world famous fair of Haryana. She tells about all that will be included in the fair. People get excited.

Kamla ji’s churma is ready. She shouts at Bharpayi to bring Moong for Halwa. Jamuna ji and Kamla ji get down to making halwa. All other ladies are sitting unable to finish the first task.

Pinki’s words echo in Rana’s head. Lucky notices him looking disturbed. What happened? Rana complains of headache. Lucky suggests going to doctor first. Health is before everything else. He turns the car back. Rana mentally apologizes to Raghubir ji. I cannot make Pinki ji unhappy. I have already upset her many times. I cannot do it anymore.

Ladies want to taste the halwa Kamla ji has made but she tells them to let the decision be announced first. Ladies look at Jamuna ji’s plate and are tempted. Komal says it seems to a tough competition to Kamla ji’s churma and halwa. I wish I learn to cook like her for atleast a day so I can make Lucky ji happy. Kamla ji’s Bhabhi taunts Jamuna ji for making a big bet for making her daughter marry in such a big house. You got a good catch in Lucky. I too have daughters. Teach me some ways with which I can lure a boy from big house. Jamuna ji is confused. what are you talking about? Bhabhi ji says you knew the earlier alliance dint have anything so you chose Lucky. Was anything wrong with him? Jamuna ji stops Komal from retorting. Kamla ji is at peace to see her being insulted before everyone now. She tells her Bhabhi to end this topic. Jamuna ji says it is her home. she can say or do anything. Komal calls it wrong. Kamla ji’s Bhabhi calls it a joke. Did you find it wrong? Jamuna ji shakes her head. Komal looks upset. Ahlawat ji joins them. He starts from Kamla ji’s plate and then tastes from every plate. He takes two bites from Jamuna ji’s plate. It is yummy. Kamla ji looks irked.

Malti ji tells her Bhabhi not to worry. You will win like every year. Ahlawat ji continues tasting halwa from every plate. He praises everyone for cooking amazingly tasty food. There is no doubt that my wife makes the best Halwa every year but this time I tasted a new taste. Forgive me this time. Your 20 year old record will break today. Jamuna ji has made the most delicious halwa and churma today. Komal and Payal are thrilled whereas Kamla ji, Pinki and Malti ji look on unhappily. Ahlawat ji takes out Rs.101 as prize money for Jamuna ji. Kamla ji interrupts him. She has broken a 20 year old record. No one could even come closer forget about breaking it! It isn’t a small thing. Rs.101 is a small prize. She takes out money from her bag. Jamuna deserves Rs.501. She gives the prize to Jamuna ji. This is your prize. Don’t insult yourself and me by saying no. Jamuna ji accepts it reluctantly. Coin falls down as Kamla ji lets go of it too fast. I don’t know how it slipped from my hand. Payal picks it. Kamla ji remarks that Payal knows the value of Rupee one very well. Pinki smiles whereas Malti ji is confused. Kamla ji claps for Jamuna ji.

At night, the organizer is still waiting for Rana. Someone requests him to make his booking as they are not coming.

Komal is enraged that she couldn’t do anything downstairs when Kamla Tai ji’s Bhabhi said mean things about her in front of everyone. I wouldn’t have spared her if Ma had not stopped me. She throws the plate of food in anger and cries.

Precap: Raghubir ji tells Lucky and Rana that entire village knows about the fair happening tomorrow. What will we say to everyone? Lucky suggests apologizing to everyone. We will reschedule it after 3 months from now. Raghubir ji gets angry. Komal suggests helping Lucky in making organizing the fair.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I can see Rana and Lucky are going to be having misunderstandings caused by Pinky. When Rana eyes are finally opened, he may learn the truth that Pinky original wanted to marry Lucky. Perhaps a little too late when his relationship with Lucky is already compromised. The constant taunting of Kamala towards Jamuna is just mean..too much.

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