Badho Bahu 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Komal starts her training!

Badho Bahu 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal calls Vardaan. She asks about his job. He shares that either the locations were far or he wasn’t getting good options. Shankar Bhaiya anyways is not able to spend much time at home because of his job. I want to be around the ladies atleast. She agrees. Take care of yourself. You will find a good job soon. He thanks her.

Lucky finds Komal in the corridor and tells her to come early to sleep. She gets shy. You are very naughty! He asks her if she has gone mad. You have to start practise tomorrow so be on time. She nods. He pats at her head sweetly before going. Komal turns and is startled to see Kamla ji right behind her. Kamla ji asks her if she was day dreaming. Komal replies that she is tensed about the reality. Vardaan is unable to find a job. Teji overhears their convo. Kamla ji says

he became CA yet he isn’t able to find a job. Komal nods. She takes leave from Tai ji as she has training from tomorrow onwards. Teji thinks to call Vardaan for some work so Pragya is also able to come along. This is the right time.

Kamla ji asks her husband to have milk but he is irked at the accounts. He has also fired his accountant. I cannot understand where I can find a good accountant. I am irritated! He goes. Teji steps in just then and suggests Vardaan’s name to Kamla ji. He has done CA after all. Call his entire family here. He will be here all the time then. He will be at your beck and call. Kamla ji clearly tells him off. Forget about calling him, I wont let him even enter here. Teji thinks to do something to make his plan work. He asks Kamla ji if Vardaan is hard working or not. Kamla ji nods. Teji advises her to use such guy for her work. Forget about everything else. Kamla ji shares that he has no reputation in her eyes. Plus, he married my daughter against my wish. He again insists upon her to employ Vardaan. She tells him to call media people tomorrow. I will make an announcement. He thinks she can announce whatever she wants to but if Vardaan comes here to work then Pragya will also come here. My work will be done.

Komal gets ready for her practise. Lucky smiles seeing her thus. She tells him to get well soon. We will then go together. He asks her to come. Ajay and Jitesh come to Ahlawat House excited to run with Komal. They also ask about Rana. Lucky replies that it is his resting period. Raghubir ji points out that Iron Man Championship happened long ago. He is still taking rest. They all touch his feet one by one. Raghubir ji tells Komal to only run today. We will continue the remaining training from tomorrow. She agrees and calls him Guru ji like everyone else. Ajay and Jitesh are told to run with Komal. Raghubir ji tells Lucky he wont practise today. I have called someone here for you. Lucky nods. Raghubir ji notices Komal looking inside again and again and asks her about it. Malti ji comes just then with an aarti thaal. She is waiting for me.

Komal smiles broadly. Malti ji says I told her the day she will get back in the Akhada, I will do her aarti myself. Lucky is all smiles. Malti ji does Komal’s aarti. Learn wrestling well. Make your husband and Guru ji proud. Lucky adds his mother’s name in the list. Malti ji adds that she is starting her practise on a very auspicious day. They promote some show. Malti ji removes Komal’s dupatta from her head and ties it safely around her waist. What if you fall? You wont be able to wrestle at all then. Everyone is pleased. Komal, Ajay and Jitesh head out for a run. Raghubir ji tells his wife he is really happy to see her concern towards Komal. She offers to make tea for him. He tells her to keep it ready. I will come. Lucky watches Komal as she practises.

Raghubir ji knocks at the door of Rana’s room. Pinki tries waking Rana but in vain. She opens the door for Raghubir ji. He is surprised to see her. When did you come? She replies that she came late at night. What are you doing here at this hour? Raghubir ji points out that it is morning already. I have to do special puja of your husband today. Wake him up. She notices the liquor bottles on the table. Raghubir ji also gets a faint smell. Pinki tells him that Rana had a small party with the International Players. Raghubir ji says Lucky was also there in the party but he is already up for his practise session. Pinki says it doesn’t matter. Rana ji is on rest period anyways. Raghubir ji tells her to tell her husband that was in the past. It is not good to feel arrogant about something done in the past. It is time to get back into action. Tell him to come for practise tomorrow if he wants to win medal. You can also tell him that it wasn’t his Chacha ji but his Guru who came to tell you all this. She nods.

People look on in wonder when Komal runs past them. Jitesh gets tired but Ajay pulls him. Komal does not stop even for a second. She also saves a girl from an accident. Some girls wave at Komal in excitement. Her mother comes just then and takes them inside for household work.

Raghubir ji is speaking to his friend’s photo. We once saw a dream to see our kids practising together. That day has come. I hope my son is also back in action soon. Raghubir ji looks out of the window. He shouts at Ajay and Jitesh to practise. Komal also scares them to practise well or they will again have to run.

Jamuna ji and her family is in market. Payal tells her MIL to get lights for diwali. Jamuna ji tells her not to waste money. Payal says I dint ask for anything for myself.

Kamla ji calls Jamuna ji. She invites her (with family) over to Ahlawat House. She does not disclose anything further and disconnects the call. Jamuna ji shares it with everyone. Pragya wonders what her mother wants now. She used me last time for her sake. Don’t know what she wants from Vardaan now.

Raghubir ji brings Randeep (an old acquaintance) for Lucky’s physiotherapy. Randeep thanks him for that offer. I remember the time when Lucky Bhai paid my fees. That’s how I was able to study and I am one of the best physiotherapist of Haryana. Raghubir ji looks at Lucky and thinks I am not just your Guru but your father too. I have to also do my duty towards you. Lucky is also elated. I want to get well asap and win medal for you. You are not just my Babu ji but also my Guru ji after all.

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  1. The scene where Lucky tells Kemal to go ? is so sweet❤️?
    Also love how the 4 – Raghu, Matli, Komal and Lucky are happy with each other.
    Pinki’s Acting was so funny???
    What is Kamla jis plan?!

  2. Summer

    Thank you writers, it has been most enjoyable and pleasurable to see Malti Ji expressing concern and warmth towards Komal. There bonding new relationship was endearing to see and it was so nice to see Ragu, Malti, Lucky and Komal all united and there for each other. Please may it long last and not spoil!
    Rana certainly is Kamla ji son, he has inherited her arrogance and need to flash his status.
    Lovely episode, very enjoyable indeed.
    Thanks Pooja for update. Have a good restful weekend. 🙂

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