Badho Bahu 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Nisha is abducted by Pinki’s men!

Badho Bahu 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bharpayi apologies to Vardaan but he tells her against it. We can start from the beginning. They shake hands. Bharpayi says I feel you want to say something more.

Pragya tells Teji she feels Vardaan has some doubt on her. He said he wont support me if anything goes wrong this time.

Vardaan tells Bharpayi about the incident when Kamla ji got really upset seeing Pragya dancing with Jatta for his video. I don’t understand why I should stop Pragya ji from doing what she wants to. I saved her that day somehow but I am afraid thinking that someday I wont be able to stand by her as her shield and protect her.

Pragya says I don’t care about anything. I only fear losing you again. He tells her not to worry. I am Teji. Plus, now I am in the get up of superstar Jatta. No one

will be able to do anything to us now. She wonders what if they fall in some problem. He suggests her to get Vardaan on her side. The world may go against you but he should always stand by you.

Bharpayi says husband and wife need to trust each other completely. You will have to win her trust. You will have to share your concern with her so neither of you get stuck in any problem.

Komal and Lucky are sleeping in the courtyard with Lattu. They are unable to sleep because of the mosquitoes. They get an idea and come back with coils. They put it near the bed. Lucky pushes her hair behind her ears. They get stuck in the holy thread tied around his wrist. They share an eye lock and smile. They lie down again.

Everyone is out for a jog. Komal tells Lucky she finds it to be a dream. We will reach Nationals and International with our training. I will also become a good wrestler. A girl asks her if she resumed her practise. Komal affirms. Sangram Singh confronts her. You cannot practise when you were told against it by Sarpanch ji himself! Komal clarifies that Sarpanch ji only said that I cannot practise in Ahlawat Akhada. There is no ban on me to practise anywhere else. I am neither breaking any rule nor going against anyone’s decision. It would be better if you don’t interfere. Let me do my work. Lucky tells him not to get so angry at this age. Sangram Singh mumbles after him. Don’t fly so high. You are not Iron Man anymore. Jitesh smiles. Sangram Singh is not at all happy to realise the meaning behind Kailash ji’s announcement.

Payal tells Malti ji that she has set up everything. Malti ji says I called Nisha and she promised to come but her phone is not reachable now. Payal says come what may Komal will resume her practise today at any cost. Pinki is proud of having tackled Nisha well this time.

Raghubir ji sends Komal inside to see the preps made by Payal. Komal asks about Nisha. Raghubir ji declines. She will come soon. Komal heads inside. Raghubir ji tells Lucky to be very careful with his shoulder wound. He also tells Rana to mind the same fact. They both remember the Iron Man Championship. Raghubir ji also advises Lucky to continue with his physio along with practise.

Komal asks about Nisha. Malti ji says I am unable to reach her. Kamla ji gives some work to Komal at which Payal counters her. How will she practise when her trainer is not here? Payal and Malti ji are sure she will come soon. Kamla ji tells Komal she wont have to do any household work if she will wrestle. If you wont wrestle then you will have to do everything. Do this work till Nisha comes. Komal sits down for the work. Payal sits down to help her.

Vardaan brings juice for Pragya. They both look at each other and think of how they have to be careful with each other. Vardaan gives her juice while she hands him a cup of tea. They start speaking at the same time. Vardaan goes first. Everyone makes mistakes. I will support you if you will do anything wrong and will try to protect you. She thanks him. I will also try avoiding making any big mistake in future.

Payal and Komal are separating peas. Payal assures Komal Nisha will come soon. Kamla ji asks Pinki why Nisha hasn’t called till now. Pinki counts till 3 and Nisha calls. She speaks to Komal. Forgive me. I am in Ambala right now. I got a job here and had to report early morning itself. There was no network so I couldn’t contact you. I don’t earn much by training girls. You understand my financial condition well. I had no other option. Please forgive me. Komal wishes her good luck and ends the call.

Nisha requests Sultan Bhai to leave her now. I said whatever you told me to.

Komal relates everything to her MIL. Malti ji says we will find another trainer for you. Pinki says it seems like you aren’t destined to wrestle. You went to every Akhada but no one was ready to accept you. Now Nisha has also left for Ambala. Who will you fight with now? Komal sadly looks at his father’s photo. Will no one wrestle with me now? Lucky says I will practise with you. Everyone looks at him in surprise. Lucky adds that her practise wont stop. I heard everything. I will practise with you now. Komal smiles. Raghubir ji gives permission for it. Kamla ji is irked at the idea. Pinki asks for 2 minutes. See how I will stop their practise!

Komal touches Lucky’s shoulder by mistake and panics. I am sorry. He tells her he is better now. You wont be able to win if you will focus on your opponent’s wounds. She nods. They start their practise. Raghubir ji keeps guiding them. Payal tells Malti ji Komal’s training started even after so many hurdles came in Komal’s way. Lucky ji is here if not Nisha. Malti ji is concerned about Lucky’s training. He has to participate in nationals too. He will also have to practise. Payal says I have faith in him. He is Lucky after all. Raghubir ji thinks of what Malti ji said. I will have to find so everyone can practise.

Precap: Pinki instigates Rana against Lucky and Komal. How will you win if you wont practise with the best? Rana goes inside and questions Raghubir ji. Seems like it is only Badho’s practise that matters to you! Komal agrees to not come between his and Lucky’s practise anymore.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Tooo much to bear.. team and writers are spoiling show.. no truth is coming out and all tym devils win and good bears… ????????????
    I thought when i got busy something interesting must have happened but show is heading towards worse..????

    1. Summer

      Hi Shraddha,
      Good to see you on the forum. How are you? 🙂
      Like you, my patience is wearing thin, waiting for justice! How much wrong can Kamla & Co do, yet escape punishment! I am hoping that Rana does not use dirty trick to antagonise Lucky’s injury any further. Can’t bear the constant dirty tactics used by Pinki and Kamla to put obstacles in Komal’s way. The show is going round in circles.

      1. Now this show is heading towards worse … Pragya, tezi, Kamla, pinki, Rana n other Now please save us from the dirty tric of these character ???????


        Hi summer..
        I m f9
        What about you..????
        And now i am getting feeling that soon this show will lose its trp due to everytime win of evils

      3. Hoping the same

      4. Hoping the same’s reply is for you Naren

    2. U r right

      1. I also agree

      2. Summer

        Hi Shraddha and Rajesh,
        I’m not really enjoying the episodes at the moment. The whole thing is becoming tiresome. Praga is getting sucked into Teji manipulation and she is too shortsighted to see through him and the consequences that lay ahead of her. Poor Vaardan, he should have been paired with Bharpayi, he would have found happiness with and she would appreciate him too, unlike Pragya, thinking the grass is always greener.
        Rana is stupid, unintelligent and he doesn’t even know it. Pinki has Rana wrapped around her little finger and he doesn’t even know it; sad thing he doesn’t even know that he is the pawn to Kamla moves to be number one! It’s for nobody gain other than her own ego!
        I’m hoping the show will turn a corner and we will see it all back-fire on them culprits and truth revealed!

  2. I had stopped feeling bad about the dirty tricks of all but still feeling bad for vardaan writers don’t show the level u can stoop to just make the story better at least now have the mercy on viewers or readers or u don’t want anyone to watch or read the serial if u want this then tell us For Viewers and Readers Sake show the universal truth which is
    At least now

  3. Best of Luck writer(to have some brain sorry for saying this but u forced me to say this),viewers and readers(for continue and bearing this all) it’s for the viewers and readers who also show /feel emotions about the track

    1. Summer

      Hi Ooshi, I see you are getting frustrated with the writer’s too and the current track? 😉 How are you doing?
      I am so hoping that Kamla will be exposed along with her clan!

  4. Frosties

    I know the writers are dragging on to show all acts of evil but without positive scenes, they most certainly are losing a lot of viewers.
    We need to see things finally working out for Komal, Lucky and even Vardaan!

  5. Hi shraddha, summer and Ooshi happy to c u guys expressing ur feeling and frustration this well started and excellent running show has created over the few episodes by creating same kind of scene by Kamla , Pinki and others against Komal n others .. this is genuine. I think the writer n the director of this shows is simply stretching this show as a reasult of it many of the viewer started lacking interest.. Amy way I think even we all should abvoid thinking too much .. but yes I feed bad or I can say I m sorry to see a well begun show is going in such a bad direction… the kind of issue or concept regarding conditions of women n all being raised by this show was the real cause of my interest.. I still s hope the show will get the right direction and will gain its momentum

  6. They are dragging exposing Kamala and her evil clan. I hope Pragya is the first since she is cheating on her husband who is such a nice man.

  7. Please update 11/14//17,Thank you.

  8. Payal and Bhadho wrestling! Is this a joke? Kamla’s face is just so annoying! She wins always. How tiring

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