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Badho Bahu 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky steps on the ladder to hang the flowers and lights and Komal helps him. The particular step on which Lucky is standing is shaky so Badho holds it with one hand while handing out things to him using her other hand. It is paining but she does not complain. Bua smiles seeing them making preps together. She notices Badho’s condition. This girl is amazingly strong. She is holding Lucky singlehandedly and he doesn’t even know. This is the real strength of a woman who always handles her husband without even letting him know. Lucky has fixed everything. Komal appreciates him and asks him to step down. He notices the broken part of the ladder once he steps down. I would have been hurt if I had fallen down. Bua tells him that Badho was holding it. How would you have fallen then? He nods (not appreciating

Badho). Bua remarks that nothing can be done to him. She tells him to continue and takes Komal with her. Lucky says I cannot fix Komal. I should fix the stair only. He does so.

Lucky asks Rana if he will also meet Pragya. Rana agrees. It’s been days since I met her. Pinki reminds him of the coniditon of house. It’s all because of her only. You know what Ma ji has been through. I don’t think you should go there. Rest is up to you. Rana seconds her. He tells Lucky to also not go there but Lucky stays put. She is my sister. I will go and the rest is up to you now.

Chotto Bua’s BIL’s stand guard outside a beauty parlour. A few ladies trying going inside but they don’t let them in. Parlour is closed for everyone today. My Bua and Bhabhi are inside. You better come tomorrow. The ladies calls them goons but the brothers don’t mind. The girls leave upset.

Komal is reluctant but Bua tells her to sit quietly if she wants Lucky to notice her. Komal gives in. Komal gets a facial done followed by a haircut (Bua’s idea to catch Lucky’s attention). Lucky will be forced to praise her after seeing her new look. Bua instructs the hair dresser. Komal shouts as her hair is cut.

Lucky reaches Bakriawal home and finds Jamuna ji cleaning the floor. Pragya is engrossed in her phone all along. He is taken aback and questions her. This is not the tradition of our house that elders work while the youngsters sit. Jamuna ji covers up saying that Pragya was insisting to do it but I only told her to let me work so I stay fit and active. Pragya cooked food for us for the first time. Everyone loved it. Pragya nods at her brother who smiles back proudly at her. Jamuna ji goes to bring sherbet for her. Pragya asks Lucky about everyone at home. Rana Bhai dint come? Lucky thinks of his convo with Rana. He lies to her that Rana Bhai was also coming but went for Babu ji’s urgent work at the last minute. He gives that box to her. She opens it excitedly and gets happy seeing her stuff. I knew only you could bring all this. No one else would bother about me anyways now. Lucky recalls Komal thinking about Pragya and getting her things packed for her. How do I tell Pragya that it was Badho who sent all this for her? So much has happened with her yet she is doing all her duties with all her heart? He smiles seeing Jamuna ji coming there with a glass of sherbet. He drinks it and takes their leave. Pragya gets emotional.

Bharpayi brings buckets of milk in kitchen and finds Som Singh already there. He says I was waiting. He picks up a glass lying that he was waiting for milk. She scolds him for not sparing her or the buffalos. He calls them excuses. You don’t feel like doing anything. Learn something from Badho Bhabhi. She never gets tired or complains. She is just like my Chotto Bhabhi. Bharpayi goes queit.

Komal paces worriedly in her room. What did she do? Lucky ji wont like it. He notices her thus and asks her to look at him. She tries to divert him but he understands that she is hiding something. He makes her look at him and removes the dupatta from her head. His mouth widens in shock seeing her short hair. What have you done? You cut your hair? She covers them again. He asks her if she is mad. Kill me instead of doing some new drama every day. You could have asked once! Don’t go before Ma like this or she will not spare the ones that are left. Don’t go before Tai ji at all! Why did you get this done? She nods. Bharpayi comes there to call Badho. Ma ji and Tai ji have called you in kitchen. Lucky tells her she is coming. He advises Komal to not go before them without her veil. I don’t want another problem. Lie that you are not well. She leaves. Lucky is sure she will do something again and follows her.

Komal comes in the kitchen covering her head. Lucky covers up saying that she isn’t well. Kamla ji is sure Lucky is covering up for some reason. she tries excuses so as to make Komal remove her veil. Lucky tells Komal to come in the room. Tai ji is right. I will check. They run off in the room. Komal says what will happen during engagement ceremony when I will have to go before everyone. He tells her to keep her head covered throughout. No one should find out about this before engagement or there will be problem.

Precap: Malti ji asks Lucky why Komal is quietly following him. Lucky says there is nothing. Kamla ji is sure there is something. She removes Komal’s dupatta and both the ladies are stunned. She cut her hair!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. What’s all this rubbish? Isn’t Lucky supposed to be mesmerised by Komal’s make over? Why make her feel stupid if the aim is to prolong Lucky ridicule? She already behaves silly why increase the level. Is there any need to chop off her hair? All she needs is confidence and carriage, a little beauty therapy and fashion tips. What’s Choto Bua trying to prove. How silly. And Malti ji and kamla- no words. As for Lucky- hopeless self serving guy!

  2. When will Lucky learn to support Komal instead of ridiculing her all the time? Choto should have known the music that komal would have to face in that traditional household. Edel you are right. At beauty parlour she could have dressed up her hair in a more becoming way. if chot thought that was the best thing to do, she could have atleast stayed with komal and tell al that it was her idea. Maybe next episode something positive will happen,
    Prgaya deserves no sympathy. What a waste of time for Jamuna, vardaan to go to great lengths to protect her. LUCKY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN the truth about pragaya’s unwillingness to adjust in her new home. how disgusting of her to be busy on phone. She is afterall kamalaji’s shadow!

  3. Summer

    Hi Edel and Satya, 🙂

    I have to admit, i was hoping to see a make-over that would blow Lucky ji away, but instead she just had her hair cut….not a great length cut short, nevertheless.
    I think the circumstances will have to forced Lucky ji to protect Komal and save her from getting into trouble before Kamla and Malti ji. Whether this will bring the couple closer, you never know, it may trigger feelings that Lucky ji already has for Komal but not aware of. He is so used to scolding her, belittle her that I think it has become a habit of creature. This does not mean he does not care, I just think he does not know how to express it other than scolding her. Sometimes i think he scolds but behind there is affection, for example when Komal was telling him he was quick to lose his temper before listening to others..especially when telling him to talk to Pragya with care regarding Teji ji.
    I think Lucky ji does care for Komal, for example when he noted Komal feeling blue, Lucky ji felt her sadness and wanted to perk her up.
    As Lucky ji placed great importance to his Mother’s happiness and of course not to forget, his own prejudice towards Komal, putting that aside, if he listened to his heart, I think Lucky is slowly developing feelings for Komal but has not realised yet.
    Once Lucky realise this, he will be able to support Komal and their strength will be able to unite the family and keep the rotten apples from infecting the rest of the family.
    Pinki has her finger wrapped round Rana, he is so blinded by Pinki’s beauty, but it does not mean ‘love’. Perhaps lust?! Once Pinki’s looks fade with age and feeling content, I think Rana will wake up to the ugly truth of her rotten core? Or will he? Perhaps by then, he will be so under the thumb that for a quiet life he agrees to anything.
    As for Pragya, she should be ashamed of herself! How can you feel comfortable having an elder clean whilst you surf on your phone? Well, Kamla and Kailash ji certainly did well to bring her up: as the saying goes, she was’ not brought up’ but’ dragged up’.

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