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Pinki tells her mother what all Komal did in the home upon her askance. Komal dint spare anyone. Everyone is fed up of her. Vimla ji says Payal hid such a big thing so easily. She keeps saying Badho has taken care of everyone in that house. Pinki denies. She has done such things that I cannot even share with you. Vimla ji sneezes. Pinki backs off a little fear (of catching cold herself). Seems like you caught cold. I will get ginger tea for you. Vimla ji is happy to see her working. Pinki goes. Rana comes in the room through window. Vimla ji has her back to him. He happily hugs her mistaking her for Pinki. I know that you are missing me a lot which is why you are sitting here. I was also missing you a lot so I came. He shushes Vimla ji when she tries to say something. Pinki looks at him in shock as

she comes. Rana is equally shocked to see her and all the more shocked to see his MIL. He jumps out of the window. Pinki is still embarrassed because of the entire incident. Vimla ji looks at her.

Next morning, Jamuna ji smiles seeing milk in the bucket. Komal comes from temple just then. Jamuna ji asks her what happened. Komal shakes her head. Nothing. Jamuna ji tells her to take her time. I wont ask if you don’t want to tell right now. I want you to make tea for me. Will you make tea for me? Komal nods and sits down to make tea for her mother. Jamuna ji watches her from far. Lucky’s words haunt Komal. She gets teary eyed again. Jamuna ji finds her crying. Komal absentmindedly picks a hot utensil with bare hands but Jamuna ji stops her right then. Are you mad? You would have gotten hurt. She blows at Komal’s hand and dips it in cold water. She tends to Komal’s wound.

Rana is teaching few men how to practise. Teji watches from far. Bharpayi asks Pragya why the bag seems so heavy. Pragya replies that she had lots of old clothes. I thought to donate them in orphanage. Bharpayi nods. Why do we have to go that far for this? We can donate these clothes to the people living near us? Teji notices them in mirror and smirks. Pragya tells Bharpayi not to lecture her. I will donate them wherever I want to. Both Bharpayi and Pragya smile shyly seeing Teji. Pragya asks Bharpayi to bring her phone from inside. She takes the bag from Bharpayi. Bharpayi reluctantly goes inside. Teji signals Pragya (in the mirror) to go ahead and even compliments her on her looks. She too shows thumbs up to him. He nods (that he will manage practise). Bharpayi returns empty handed. Pragya says I forgot. I checked in my bag and my phone is right here. Let’s go. Bharpayi nods. She eyes Teji shyly before leaving.

Raghubir ji pats at Teji’s shoulder. Teji touches his feet. Raghubir ji asks him if he is free to learn wrestling now. Teji nods. Raghubir ji asks him to come then. Let’s begin. He makes Teji do 50 push-ups.

Jamuna asks Komal what she is hiding from her. I am your mother. Don’t hide anything from me. Tell me everything honestly. I have been noticing you since you have come. I am really sad to see you this way. Speak your heart out. I will understand everything. What’s that pain inside you which dint let you feel this pain? Did something happen at your in-laws home? Did you have an argument with anyone? Tell me. Komal cries silently. Jamuna ji asks her who will she tell if she wont tell her mother. You will tell your mother what’s in your heart, right? If you wont talk to me then how will I help you? Komal agrees to tell her everything. You will listen, right? Jamuna ji tells her to speak. I will definitely listen to you. She hugs her daughter. Tell me what happened. Komal shares that she has made a decision after thinking through. I wont go to my in-laws house ever. Her mother is stunned. Jamuna ji tells her against it. What happened that you were forced to take this decision? Komal says I gave my best. I tried to win everyone’s heart but I couldn’t become a good DIL or a good wife. I couldn’t win anyone’s heart. I failed. Everyone’s embarrassment only increased after whatever I did. Jamuna ji reasons that humans make mistakes. They should rectify those mistakes and move on in life. It’s a new home with new people. Mistakes are bound to happen in beginning. Lucky wont let you stay here for too long! Komal breaks down completely. Jamuna ji tells her not to cry so much. Tell me what’s bothering you. Komal tells her that Lucky never wanted to marry her. Jamuna ji is taken aback. If it was so then he would said it. Komal says he said it. He said he does not love me and dint want to marry me. He hates my face yet he bore me for a very long time. Now I know that it’s over. Jamuna ji keeps her hand over Komal’s mouth but Komal keeps it down. Jamuna ji asks her not to say so. I cannot see it all breaking apart before my eyes. I will speak to Lucky right away. I should speak to Raghubir ji instead. I will ask him why he is letting all this happen in his house. Komal stops her. You have my swear. This will only stay between us. You don’t have to tell anyone. Jamuna ji asks her will they sit quietly when Lucky will come to take her. Komal tells her Lucky wont come to take her. If anyone from his home comes to take me then I will tell him or her clearly I don’t want to go in that house.

Jamuna ji asks Komal if she will spend her life here in this house. Komal replies that this is what’s in her fate. I request you not to tell this to anyone especially Bhabhi. Jamuna ji says one day everyone will find out. Komal agrees. Till then it should only stay between us. Payal has heard everything. Komal notices her standing in a corner and gets shocked.

Coach welcomes everyone in the camp. Lucky thinks of Komal’s words. Coach notices him lost. Are you missing home? Go back to your village. You wont be able to do this if you stay lost. You will lose every match this way! Everyone laughs hearing it. Coach tells them to focus on their race. Everyone takes positions. Lucky keeps thinking of what Komal said last to him. He thinks fattie got him stuck in a nice situation. I keep thinking about it again and again. Lucky is happy to realise that that fattie is out of his life for forever. It is going to be fun! He performs nicely in the practise surprising the coach and everyone. He dances happily as he holds the victory flag.

Precap: Pragya asks Teji to tell how she is looking. A wrestler who Lucky had defeated (when Marjorie had told Lucky she doesn’t love him and he came back really late for the fight) comes there and eyes her lustily. Payal locks Jamuna ji in a room. She confronts Komal on her wish to stay here in her home. Komal stays put but Payal tells her that running away from problems is not the solution.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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