Badho Bahu 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya decides her engagement day

Badho Bahu 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Titli is irked with family members for dividing the work between men and women weirdly. Don’t women have the right to go out of the house? She notices her brother’s missed calls and calls him back. Varun tells her that their father is not well. He is tired since he returned from Sirsa and does not even sleep well. She asks him why he dint tell her earlier. He says this is what both of you do. If I tell then he gets upset. When I keep quiet then you scold me. She agrees to come asap and begins to pack her stuff.

Ex-sarpanch ji (Ghanshyam) suggests Kailash ji to invite someone. Kailash ji and Raghubir ji are already preoccupied. Raghubir ji asks Lucky to go in their place. Kailash ji asks Komal to make a Shivlinga like she did last time. The villagers want to offer prayers to

agrees to make it.

Pragya is checking out her dresses while Teji watches her quietly. She keeps asking him for his suggestion. You don’t help me ever. He butters her saying that everything suits her. She shortlists one suit. Pinki tells them that the engagement wont happen today. You wont be able to wear any of these today. Don’t worry. It would happen tomorrow. Villagers and other Sarpanch’s will come over today to celebrate Mahashivratri. It just got postponed for a day. Teji does not mind getting engaged on Valentine Day. Pinki advises him to be careful in this house. Avoid coming to Pragya’s room too often. He nods. Pinki leaves as her MIL calls for her.

Teji tells Pragya not to worry. We have time till tomorrow. You can check out more suits. She asks him what if Ma cooks another excuse and postpones it for a month. No one in the family wants us to marry. Everyone agreed for our wedding only because of Lucky Bhai or they can kill you in seconds. It is enough now. Vardaan stops outside the room to hear their conversation. Teji tries comforting Pragya but she refuses to bear it anymore. I feel so suffocated with Vardaan. I cannot spend some quality time with you even when we are together. I have heard enough and have done a lot but now I will do what I want! Teji asks her what she wants to do. She replies that she wants to do what was planned – their engagement! We will do it in temple if not in the house. No one is anyways happy with this so why take fake blessings. It will be better to do it in temple instead. I will only tell Lucky Bhai. I only need his support. no one will be able to do anything once the engagement happens. Will you support me? Vardaan goes. Teji nods. They share a hug.

Malti ji appreciates Komal for making Prasad. The fragrance is so nice. Komal relates that everyone in her family loves halwa especially Vardaan. Vardaan comes there just then and tells his sister he wants to speak to her urgently. Malti ji sends Komal.

Lucky gets Pragya’s call. She cries. Ma played a trick and postponed the engagement because outsiders are coming. He is clueless about it. She points out that everyone hates Teji which is why they do not want it to happen. He assures her he wont let it happen. She nods. I have only your support. I have a request. I want to get engaged to Teji ji in temple today itself. He asks her if she has gone mad. She insists that no one will be able to oppose their decision then. Lucky asks her if both of them are in sync with this idea. She agrees. Lucky agrees to support her and ends the call. Lucky does not mind if they get engaged today. She seemed so upset.

Komal is not happy to know about Pragya’s decision. Family members wont like it. Vardaan relates that she felt bad with the change in decision and decided to take this step. She is going to temple. Komal reasons that there would be too many people in temple today. They should not know about it. Let’s go and stop them.

Malti ji is cooking. Kamla ji asks about everyone. Why is it so quiet? Malti ji tells her not to worry. Everything is done. Kamla ji asks her who will bring soil to make Shivlinga. Titli went to her home. Did Lucky go? Malti ji realises that Lucky has gone to invite someone. Kamla ji suggests sending their superwoman Badho. Malti ji shares that she went to temple with Vardaan. Kamla ji asks her who amongst them should go. Pinki comes to tell them that her work is done. Is something left? Both the ladies stare at her happily. Kamla ji asks her to dig some soil to make Shivlinga. Pinki is stunned. Do I look like the one who can dig? You need a lot of soil for that. I have phobia after what happened with Bhago. Kamla ji suggests her to take her name whenever she gets scared. Pinki is irked. I am trapped again. I must do something! Kamla ji and Malti ji exchange a smile. Pinki agrees to go but invites Kamla ji along. We will do it quickly together. Malti ji offers to go instead but Kamla ji agrees to accompany Pinki. They leave.

Pragya and Teji reach temple. Teji asks her if they are doing the right thing. Engagement would happen tomorrow anyways. Everyone will bless us then. She tells him not to think about anyone. We have Shiv ji and his blessings here. Everything will be fine. It will be enough if he will bless us on Mahashivratri. Did you bring the ring? He shows her the ring. It is an ordinary ring which I took from outside only. I regret not getting you a gold ring. She does not mind it. It is enough that I got you. Let’s exchange rings.

Komal and Vardaan reach temple too.

Pragya stands facing Teji.

Komal notices Sita and Gita there. They will tell everyone if they get to know about it.

Teji tells Pragya to think one more time. She asks him if he loves her. He nods. She advises him to forget everything then. We are doing the right thing. She extends her hand shyly. He looks around to make sure no one is watching them. Komal and Vardaan are climbing the stairs of temple. Teji holds Pragya’s hand. He is about to make her wear the ring when Komal pulls Pragya’s hand away. Pragya looks at Komal worriedly. Komal looks at Sita and Gita and then at Pragya.

Precap: Pragya tells Lucky everything while crying. Komal takes out clothes for herself and Lucky. Lucky scolds her for breaking her promise. You are someone else in front of me and someone else behind my back!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh god. 2morrow is Valentine’s Day. And is this how lucky and Badho iz going to be celebrating Valentine’s Day? Fighting as usual. Was hoping to see some romantic scenes tomorrow for valentines days but I think so it’s going to happen.

  2. I know seeing Lucky behave like this is boiling everyone’s blood but he’s playing the typical arrogant men behaviour which is real! I can’t wait till he finds out that Pragya and Teri made a fool out of him, how his so called loving sister used him and in the mean time Komal should pack her bags and find someone who appreciates her ??‍♀️

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