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Precap for Friday: Malti ji gives jewellery to Komal. Lucky sees them talking happily to each other. He later asks his mother what she wants to prove by doing this. Malti ji tells him that she is only making her Komal down before her by doing more and more favours on her. Our work will be done if she wears them in evening. Lucky sees Komal wearing heavy jewellery as she steps out of the room.

Jamuna ji comes to Ahlawat House for the puja. Both families exchange pleasantries. Komal meets her family members. Payal looks at her in surprise. Jamuna ji compliments Komal and puts a kaala teeka behind her ears. Kamla ji tells malti ji she played the right move at the right time. Wait for the time when you can use this chance. Payal asks Komal who gave her this jewellery. Komal says Ma

ji gave them. She is really nice. I am really happy and lucky to have a DIL like her. Jamuna ji gives the same envelope of money back to Malti ji. Keep it in puja. I want to offer it to Mata Rani. Malti ji recognizes it to be same envelope. Jamuna ji nods. You will have to accept it as a small donation from our end for puja. Malti ji complies. Payal is unhappy. She asks her MIL why she returned money. Jamuna ji asks her why she has to talk in every matter.

Ladies praise Komal and her jewellery. Pinki feels bad. Kamla ji pinches her. Why are you making such faces before everyone? Can you not understand that this is a sham? This is same like feeding a goat before killing it. Calm down and keep your eyes and ears open. She sends Pragya to call her father as it is the right mahurat for puja. Pragya goes to call her father.

Everyone does puja together. komal prays that happiness stays in her life like this forever. Puja finishes. Jitesh asks everyone to switch on tv. There is news about Sirsa. They see the same clip recording of Komal. Jamuna ji asks Komal if she is hurt. Ladies ask Komal what this new habit is. DIL’s of good families don’t do this. Malti ji feels bad but Kamla ji signals her to speak in Komal’s favour. Malti ji speaks nicely about Komal. She is putting so many efforts. The roads here are bad. Kamla ji and her husband second Malti ji. Payal tells her MIL that maybe Malti Ma ji has accepted Badho. This is why she isn’t listening to anything against Badho. Jamuna ji smiles in relief.

Raghubir ji asks Lucky to run in front of Komal tomorrow. I don’t fear people mocking her or anything. I don’t want her to fall or get hurt again. Lucky tells him not to worry about this. There is no need to run after or before Komal anymore. Maybe you dint hear that she has made a deal. Go inside and see for yourself if you don’t trust me. She is happy talking to women and wearing happy jewellery. I don’t have to run after or before her anymore.

Komal thanks Malti ji for taking her side. I will do whatever you will say. Malti ji says you are like my daughter. Who makes their daughters do something against their wish? I will take very good care of you. Will you agree to what I say? Komal nods. Say it. Malti ji asks her to give up wrestling. Jamuna ji, Payal, Kamla ji and Pinki hear it. Komal says it means whatever you did; you did so I leave wrestling. Malti ji denies. quit it once. I will do whatever you have not even imagined. Komal asks her if she can do it. Malti ji says try it. I will get you the respect you deserve; as a DIL, as a wife. I am your MIL. I want to love you so much that you will end up calling me Ma ji. Komal asks her if she will have to pay such a heavy price. Malti ji tells her to take her time to decide. Wrestling is a game of men. Your life will become so easier when you will leave it. I will love you so much then. You will quit wrestling, right? Komal leaves from there without saying anything. Malti ji happily turns. Kamla ji does thumbs up to her.

Jamuna ji warns Payal not to interfere between Komal’s family matter. This is their personal matter.

Komal comes to her room. Raghubir ji calls out to her. What’s happening? Pinki peeks from outside. Komal tries avoiding him but he tells her not to hide anything from him. I am your Guru. Plus you know I don’t like lies. Don’t hide anything. She lies that she was feeling dizzy. He understands she is lying. You have my swear. Don’t talk in riddles. Komal says I am in a fix. I don’t know what to do. Ma ji asked me to give u wrestling. Raghubir ji is shocked. Komal tells him everything in mute. He understands everything. I will also have to make some plan because of which Komal can learn and that too without her veil. He tells Komal he had already warned her of the obstacles. I told you everyone, even your family members will try to stop you. You have to keep going. She says this is the problem. I cannot understand the difference between right and wrong. Ma ji is being so nice to me. Every DIL wants to be loved by her MIL. Raghubir ji says it is nothing else but a deal. You will get respect and love automatically when you will succeed in wrestling. I have taught you everything earlier also. You are intelligent. Do what you think is right. I have never forced anyone to wrestle. I wont even force you. do what you feel is right. You don’t look my Komal wearing so much jewellery. You look someone else. My Komal is full of simplicity. My Dadi used to come to me wearing flower jewellery when I was a kid. She used to say that simplicity is the jewellery of any woman. All this is nothing but a sham. Do what you feel is right. He excuses himself. Komal gets thinking. She looks at her hands sadly.

Raghubir ji meets Lucky. You have grown up so much that you have beginning to lie to your father. I just met Komal. She is all normal and without jewellery. Lucky and Raghubir ji stick to their words. Lucky says your Badho sold herself for greed of jewellery. I can bet with you on this. Raghubir ji agrees. What will be the bet? Lucky says whatever you say. Raghubir ji agrees to do whatever Lucky will say if Komal is wearing jewellery. If you lose, you will make your mother ask Komal to practise without wearing a veil. Lucky is confident of his victory. I will ask Babu ji to stop Badho from learning wrestling.

Precap: Lucky tells his mother Komal wont run wearing a veil from now onwards. Malti ji says the DIL of my house wont run around without a veil. Lucky counters that if Komal is her DIL then she is also his wife! Komal gets emotional (she is wearing flower jewellery).

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