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Badho Bahu 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamla ji thanks Komal for saving them from falling. But we are stinking now because of your dirty hands. Komal says sorry. I had no other option. Pinki offers to take Ma ji inside and help her change. You don’t worry. I will handle everything inside. You manage here. Komal thanks her sweetly. You really are my best friend and my Jethani too (noticing Malti ji’s stare). Kamla ji compliments Pinki. You are so concerned for me. MAlti ji and Komal look at each other. Malti ji goes inside with Pinki and Kamla ji.

Pragya and Bharpayi wonder how they will go home now. Vardaan greets Bharpayi. Both girls turn. He is surprised to see Pragya in western clothes. He asks her about her clothes but she retorts back. He tells her to roam around freely in these clothes if she is so comfortable. She

tells him not to act before her or she will break his other leg too. Vardaan sees Lucky and takes his name.Bharpayi checks and confirms the same. The girls get tensed. Pragya takes Bharpayi’s dupatta and covers herself using it. Vardaan suggests her to let him know in case she needs his help. Pragya refuses to take his help. She leaves with Bharpayi.

Rana’s friends think of giving audition. Vardaan greets Lucky and everyone. He asks about Komal. Lucky gets quiet. Vardaan leaves for home. Everyone goes inside for audition. Lucky notices Vardaan helping an old lady and smiles.

Pinki wonders if she will have to cook tea now. The servants are of no good. I have to do everything!

Komal is applying cow dung on the wall. This smell wont leave me now. I will have to spray entire bottle of perfume over me.

Pragya requests Bharpayi to give her her clothes and wear these western clothes. Bharpayi refuses to wear western clothes. I will be killed for this. Pragya vows to exchange clothes with Bharpayi at any cost. I will make sure you do this! She blackmails Bharpayi emotionally. Everyone loves you so much at home and treats you as my younger sister. Everyone’s respect is in your hands now. Don’t be so thankless. You can save Babu ji’s respect. Please wear these clothes. Bharpayi agrees to do this much for her sake. please don’t cry. My respect is in your respect. Pragya thanks her. Even my own sister wouldn’t have done this for me! She hugs her while shedding crocodile tears. Real audition happened just now!

Pinki gives tea to Kamla ji and Malti ji. A guy brings a small packet. Sarpanch ji has sent all this. Kamla ji, Malti ji and Pinki check out some room freshener / perfume. They love the fragrance. The fragrance is very nice. Malti ji points out that they cannot keep it. Kamla ji says you don’t like what I like. You don’t value good things. Malti ji says it isn’t so. Everyone loves this fragrance. You are forgetting one thing. we had a small plant of tuberose at home because of which Lucky used to sneeze. Sarpanch ji got that plant removed. Kamla ji agrees to keep it for her use. Both Malti ji and Kamla ji suggest Pinki to keep it away from Lucky. Pinki gets an idea and smiles.

Bharpayi and Pragya exchange clothes. Bharpayi isn’t comfortable. They both decide to leave thinking their brothers might be busy but collide with Rana.

Komal has finished her task. This smell is all over me now. I will have to wash it away somehow. I will then have to use the perfume given by Bhabhi so I can make a place for myself in Lucky ji’s heart. I have to do it anyhow.

Pinki gives tea to Komal. Pinki tells Komal that she smells badly because of the cow dung. They hear Rana shouting and go out. Bharpayi and Pragya enter. Malti ji questions Bharpayi on her attire. Aren’t you ashamed? Kamla ji slaps Bharpayi. Komal asks Kamla ji to stop. Ask Bharpayi once what the matter is. She asks Bharpayi to say what happened. Kamla ji tells Malti ji to explain it to her DIL. You don’t talk in between when I am talking. This way my anger can be directed to someone who does not even deserve it. Malti ji scolds Komal for speaking in between elders. Dint your mother tell you this? Stand in a corner and be quiet. Komal obliges. Kamla ji scolds / taunts Bharpayi for wearing clothes like this. You have no shame left? We beat once and then talk. Rana too gets angry. These girls were wearing these clothes in Sirsa’s market. I saw them there. Kamla ji asks them what they were thinking. Rana shares that they went to give audition. They have taken a fascination for films. Kamla ji asks Pragya if she too went to give audition like Bharpayi. Pragya blames it all on Bharpayi. Bharpayi looks at her in shock. Pragya acts to plead. Lucky tells the girls they don’t know how bad that world is. You don’t know the reality of that line. You could have told me if you wanted that. Rana refuses to let any girl from his family go in that line. What will people say if they will see you like this? Pragya says this was last time. She makes Bharpayi apologize to everyone. Kamla ji points out that they already roamed in market wearing ripped clothes. What’s the point of forgiving you now? What will people think and say about us after seeing you dressed like this? You ruined our respect! Bharpayi says it isn’t so. Lucky says you understand some things as you grow up. You aren’t that grown up right now to understand this field. Rana stops him. he warns the girls not to do it ever again or he wont spare them. He leaves. Kamla ji warns Bharpayi to burn these clothes. I don’t want to see them again! She turns to Pragya. You too are spoiled. Let your father come. She takes Pragya with her to teach her a lesson. Bharpayi cries. Everyone leaves except Komal.

Precap: Rana and his friends see the bottle of perfume. Rana says it isn’t mine. His friends says Pinki Bhabhi would have brought it. Don’t you understand what she is hinting at? Rana sprays perfume in the room. Pinki comes in the room and sees him smiling. Did he do something again? Why is he smiling like that? On the other hand, Komal sprays that perfume / room freshener (tuberose) all over the room and herself. Lucky ji will fall for me now. Lucky stops in his tracks because of the smell.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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