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Badho Bahu 13th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal shares how ten years ago fairs were organized whenever crops turned out well. I remember Babu ji taking me there. Kamla ji speaks of last year when crops dint come out well. Komal agrees. But we should celebrate this time. Sarpanch ji and Rana second her. Rana speaks of memories of fairs. Pinki adds that she too used to go with her sister and used to buy lots of bangles. Payal reminds her how her mother used to come running after them. Ajay says Babu ji dint use to let us see the dance in the end. Jitesh tells him to see it this time. No one will stop you now that you have grown up. Lucky taps at his head. Raghubir ji likes the idea. Malti ji reasons that he wont be able to do it in this age. It was different years ago. Kamla ji points out that he used to work with my husband. Malti ji nods. Raghubir

ji is sure he can still do everything in seconds. Sarpanch ji appreciates his attitude and experience. I leave it on you now. Komal suggests letting youngsters organize it. How will it be if Lucky ji organizes fair this year? He did everything in my home yesterday. He is good at such things. I am sure he will do it well. Lucky refuses to organize. Komal says you cannot wrestle because of your wound. It will be a good change. Raghubir ji leaves it all on Lucky to organize the fair. It is your age to take responsibility. I am sure you will be able to do it. We are with you. Lucky does not wish to do it but Raghubir ji repeats they are with him in this. Lucky reluctantly gives in. I wont do it alone. Raghubir ji suggests both brothers doing it together then. Rana readily agrees. Payal too gets excited. I will fix entire house before that so I can enjoy. Ajay says it will happen when you will leave from here. Let’s go. Payal leaves. Ajay and Jitesh chip in to tell entire village about the fair. Kamla ji points at Payal’s mother who can spread the news in entire world. Payal’s mother gets excited. I will charge money for it though. Kamla ji gives her a sack of grain.

Lucky is hesitant. I have never done it before. Raghubir ji explains about a small township 15 kms away from Hisar. They have everything there. Go and make bookings asap. Rana says why we should book. Raghubir ji reasons that many other people would have got good crops. I want you to make bookings before someone else does it. Rana nods.

Lucky is pacing in his room when Badho comes there. He covers his face in anger. She asks him if he is happy. he nods sarcastically. What have you gotten me into! I feel like killing you instead. She reasons that if he does what he is told to then he will gain respect in the eyes of his father. You will then feel like hugging me instead of strangling me! He folds hands before her asking her to leave. She agrees. Call me if you need anything. I am going to mother’s home for time being. He nods.

Rana sits down near Pinki but she shifts. He asks her why she looks so upset today. she asks him if he booked everyone that Badho had asked him to. He nods. She explains how these are also womanly tasks. That day I asked you to bring my clothes as my hands were messy. He calls it different but she does not think it is. Today you have been asked to do something for the women of entire village. He says you hold onto every little thing. she says I am bent upon making you number 1. Should I drop this too? Someone knocks at the door asking for Rana to come. Rana goes. Pinki thinks he has no brains yet acts smart.

Malti ji brings tea for Kamla ji. Kamla ji asks her why she is humming happily. why did you bring tea now? Malti ji says I am at peace as Badho’s family has left home. Kamla ji is still unhappy because of what Payal did. She and her MIL created a right between my son and his wife! Malti ji advises her to let bygones be bygones. Kamla ji insists upon taking revenge. Malti ji wants to avoid any new drama. Kamla ji diverts the topic to something else for her sake but looks determined.

Payal and Komal are setting the house. Jamuna ji makes Payal swear she wont go to Komal’s home every now and then. You have to think it to be Bakriawal. Payal suggests her to think on how to improve the relations between both families instead. Jamuna ji says meeting too often can create sourness in relations. Promise me! Bharpayi comes to invite them as Kamla ji has requested them to come there. Payal and Jamunaji politedly refuse but Komal suggests going for some time. Jamuna ji agrees. Bharpayi leaves. Komal hopes no one casts an evil eye on their happiness now. Jamuna ji too hopes the same.

Lucky and Rana are on their way. Rana calls Prithvi ji who already had a word with Raghubir ji. rana informs that they got stuck due to traffic. Prithvi ji says we only lack a cook. He isn’t well. His wife and her group is available. You can talk to them if you wish to. Rana agrees.

Kamla ji sends Bharpayi to rush to kitchen. Many ladies have also gathered there including Payal. Komal brings her mother there. One of Kamla ji’s Bhabhi’s comes out holding her waist. She complains of bad mattresses. Kamla ji denies. I got you the best mattresses. Wait. I wont spare Bharpayi. Komal seeks her permission to start making the halwa. Kamla ji points out that this is a competition. Malti ji adds that they hold a competition of making Churma and halwa every year. Kamla Bhabhi wins every time. Payal asks who takes this decision. Malti ji replies that it is Kailash Bhaiya. Payal jokes that how will be choose someone else. Malti ji says it isn’t because of him being her husband. No one can beat her in this. Komal says what we will do with this much quantity of food. Kamla ji shares that it will be spread in entire village. We have to see who wins. Komal speaks well about her mother. She is no less. All ladies get ready for action. KAmla ji thinks Jamuna should make it. It will cost her very much!

Precap: Komal imagines feeding Churma and Halwa to Lucky. Lucky says I have never eaten such tasty halwa and ladoos. Kamla ji’s Bhabhi taunts Jamuna ji for making a big bet for making her daughter marry in such a big house. You got a good catch in Lucky. Jamuna ji stops Komal from retorting. Komal is enraged that she couldn’t do anything downstairs when Kamla Tai ji’s Bhabhi spoke mean things about her in front of everyone. I wouldn’t have spared her Ma had not stopped me.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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