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Badho Bahu 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal says after a long wait my hands will get henna too. Payal and Marjorie see them from outside. Her mother says I hope no hindrance comes in your wedding. They share an emotional hug. Payal says we will keep fast till her wedding. We wont eat or drink anything, right? Vardaan advises her to stand on one foot and keep mum for some time to get the fruits of her prayers. Payal pulls his ears. What are you doing here? Vardaan says I came to tell that Mehendi girls are here. He goes out. Komal tells her Bhabhi not to worry or keep any sort of fast. I trust Viren ji completely. No problem will come. Payal leaves with Jamuna ji.

Marjorie compliments Komal. Komal asks Pinki if she wont get ready. Pinki replies that tonight is her day. You got to look the best. I will get ready in 5 minutes. Komal

smiles in agreement. They all go outside. Pinki mumurs that she wont enter with goats. I will enter in a heroine style with Dhols. That is how Lucky ji will look at me. I will look so gorgeous that he wont be able to look away.

Jamuna ji, Malti ji and Kamla ji welcome the guests. Lucky’s friend looks around for Lucky. Malti ji is pleasantly surprised to see her son coming there wearing a suit. He looks just like some foreigner. Kamla ji tells her to stop staring at her son. See the guests. She hopes Rana comes wearing the clothes she chose for them. Everyone will compliment only Lucky otherwise! Everyone praises Lucky for his look (girls, kids or anyone). Lucky’s friend tells Lucky no one can take their eyes off him. Lucky says I cannot find the one I am so eager to see. His friend signals towards the stairs. She is here now. Lucky smiles. She is looking so gorgeous! Lucky’s friend says the same. Lucky reminds him she is his Bhabhi. His friend nods.

Marjorie brings Komal downstairs. Payal joins them. Lattu hugs his Bua. Komal sits in her place with Marjorie and Payal sitting next to her. Payal tells girls to make best design on Komal’s hands. A lady puts henna in Marjorie’s hand too. Pinki stands upstairs and looks around. Her eyes stop at Lucky. Lucky’s friend asks for Rana who comes out wearing Sherwani. His friend and everyone looks up in surprise. Lucky signals thumbs up to Rana. Pinki is standing right next to Rana but has her back to him. She thinks her magic worked already on Lucky. I only have to tell him what’s in my heart now and he will be mine! Rana comes downstairs. Kamla ji is super happy. My son is looking hero no.1 right? Malti ji nods.

Pinki joins the girls. She also sits down to get henna in her hands. She tells the girl applying mehendi to leave the centre of her palm empty. I know what I have to write here. Rana and Lucky are looking at the girls they like. Payal is happy that finally Komal’s hands got henna in their hands. Lucky excitedly murmurs that he too feels like getting some on his hands. Raghubir ji enters just then. He asks Rana about Zalim Singh incident. Rana thinks Babu ji found out about the fight probably. Raghubir ji repeats his question angrily which gains everyone’s attention. Lucky is worried that Babu ji might scold him tonight for sure. What will Marjorie think about me? Malti ji asks him what happened. Raghubir ji shares how Lucky accepted Zalim Singh’s challenge for a wrestling match. He did not even ask me for it. Malti ji is clueless. Kamla ji whispers that Lucky cannot sit peacefully. Rana tells Raghubir ji not to scold Lucky. He isn’t at fault. Ahlawat ji says he is national champion. Have you gone mad? He is indeed a Zalim (ruthless person) He will hit you in such a way that you wont be able to get up ever! Rana shares all that happened yesterday. Zalim challenged us before everyone while we were trying to help Komal and her brother. I accepted it. Lucky is not at fault. Scold me if you want to. Vardaan says neither of them is at fault here. They got stuck in this situation because of me. Komal seconds him. Lucky only helped us.

Raghubir ji says no one will say anything on this matter now. Payal taunts Komal for bringing another drama. She whispers to her MIL. Malti Ma ji and Kamla Ma ji will throw us out of the house. Why so many problems come in her life? When will she finally marry?

Raghubir ji walks up to Lucky but Rana stands in his way. Lucky dint do any mistake. Kamla ji kind of taunts Malti ji for doing social service (Komal’s wedding). They got your son in such a big problem! Raghubir ji asks Rana to step aside. He complies. Raghubir ji asks Lucky if he thinks what he did was right. I think you did the right thing! A fighter / wrestler is checked in life too. What’s the point of fighting in closed ring? Real heroes fight for weak people. Lucky and everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Raghubir ji is sure his son will win. Lucky touches his feet to seek his blessings. Payal prays to Lord Shiva to keep their respect intact. Jamuna ji tells Raghubir ji this fight wont happen. Payal asks her not to start already closed topic.

Jamuna ji walks up to Raghubir ji. You are already doing so much for us, bearing so much for us. Vardaan and Komal will apologize to Zalim Singh thereby putting an end to this matter. No one has to fight. Payal is impressed. Ma ji’s brains started working by staying with me! Raghubir ji reminds her of the importance of Dussehra. Tomorrow is the day which marks the victory of good over evil. I wont take it if my sons are asked to bend down before someone like cowards! The fight will happen. Lucky has made me proud. Don’t worry. Just sit back and watch what happens tomorrow on Dussehra. Let’s start the celebrations. Ahlawat ji nods.

Boys and girls dance on Mehendi Laga ke Rakhna. Lucky leads them. He points at Marjorie during the song but Pinki mistakes it to be for her. She also joins him for the dance. Rana cannot take his eyes off her. Komal smiles shyly to herself. Everyone claps as the song comes to an end. Epi ends on Komal’s happy face.

Precap: Lucky dances on Tennu Leke Mai Jawanga. Lucky proposes Marjorie. Later, Jamuna ji shares an emotional moment with Komal on Sajan Ji Ghar Aaye (mother-daughter duo part).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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