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Badho Bahu 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky stops Som Singh. Did Badho give you this box? Som nods. Lucky asks for the box. I don’t want you to give it to Pragya. Som asks him about it but Lucky doesn’t tell him. Lucky tells him not to tell anyone about this. Som agrees. Lucky leaves. Som thinks I don’t understand the people of this house. They do everything for everyone but stop everyone from telling others.

Komal thanks Lord for giving her the chance to arrange Bua’s wedding with Lucky ji. I hope I make no mistakes. Just guide me so we succeed in doing it right. Jai Bholenath!

Pragya is sleeping on the cot in the courtyard. Vardaan wakes her up. Please sleep in your room. Everyone will be up real soon and wont like seeing you sleep here. Please listen to this much. Pragya thinks to not fall in any other

problem till she is in this house. I have to think with a clear mind as to how to get back with Teji ji.

Pinki notices Bharpayi bringing empty plates and asks her about it. Bharpayi shares that Bua ji’s driver is here. She dint let me do anything. Owner should be like her. She takes such good care of everyone. Pinki asks her if she saw his face. Bharpayi denies. Why do I care? He was sitting on the floor. I don’t have that much time to look at everyone’s faces. Pinki dismisses her. She peeks inside Bua’s room and notices her smiling at her driver. Bua is having an affair with the driver and her accountant. I must tell this to Ma ji. She clicks another photo. Only Bua’s driver’s back is visible to her.

Komal talks excitedly to Lucky about Bua’s wedding preps. We will go everywhere together. He tells her to stop her bullet train. You and I should focus on our respective duties till the wedding is complete. Don’t make any mistake in the process. She nods sadly.

Rana tells his father that his mother is right. You should contest for this election. Kamla ji nods. Our village needs someone like this. Pinki hears them and thinks to get her beauty bath first. Let them stay busy in politics. I will tell Ma ji about Bua later.

Malti ji tells her husband their society and village will prosper if he becomes Sarpanch. Kamla ji tells her husband how Raghubir ji always does everything as per his wish. It is time that you take the lead. You will get all the rights once you become Sarpanch. Rana adds that he will get a new identity that way. Malti ji speaks positively to her husband also. Kamla ji says we lost our daughter this way only. What has happened has happened but you have to save our village from falling in this darkness.

Bua’s lover tells her how he feels he is the luckiest person. You came in my life and I got so much love. She hopes Lucky too understands the importance of Badho in his life. She has a great heart but she scolded me yesterday to stay away from you. He asks her where she got lost. She replies that I don’t know if Lucky will realise the goodness of Badho in the process or not. I hope he wont ignore her while focusing on his practise and everything. Anyways, what has to happen will happen! You should leave now. He points out that she has never lost in anything in which she has put her heart. I am sure God will support you this time also and bring Lucky and Komal close. He takes her leave. She hopes it happens like that only.

Chotto Bua feeds her BIL’s. Bharpayi brings something for them. She notices Pinki coming there. Chotto Bua also looks at her. Bharpayi praises her. You look really beautiful. She puts a kala teeka behind Pinki’s ear. Pinki says it is Bua’s engagement today. Please put nail paint on my hands and legs. Bharpayi gets into action. Chotto Bua thinks of how different Komal and Pinki are. Lucky will never look at her this way.

Lucky and Rana come where everyone is sitting. Rana stops in his tracks as he notices Pinki. He cannot take his eyes off her and trips over Bua. Bua teases him. You are becoming blind in love. It is good that you dint fall in any pit. Rana says my Pinki ji is so beautiful that anyone will fall down. Komal is wiping the floor. He asks Som Bhaiya to move aside. He offers to lift the cot. Bua suggests getting off but Komal lifts the cot herself. Everyone stares at her in surprise. Bua appreciates her strength. She is one in million. Lucky nods. She is one in billion actually. Bua and Komal feel it to be sarcastic. Bua thinks he cannot even praise correctly. Badho has also not spared him though. I will make sure that Lucky talks nicely to her next time. Lucky tells Badho to get ready. We have to make preps. She nods. He gets a call and goes outside. Pinki realises she dint tell her MIL about Bua’s affair with her driver. She makes an excuse to go away. Rana too leaves with her on the pretext of helping her. Bua smiles. Komal sadly tells Bua how Rana Bhaiya never leaves Pinki’s side. Lucky ji never talks straight to me. He only scolds me or is sarcastic with me. Maybe I don’t deserve it. Bua thinks she is right but I have to do something. Komal says leave it. I must get ready. Bua gets an idea. I will have to get her ready.

Kamla ji is shocked to see the new photo. Pinki says I feel she is characterless as she is having an affair with so many people at once. Kamla ji says this will shock her brothers when the news is out but I will be at peace. Everyone will understand her truth. Pinki leaves. Kamla ji murmurs that Chotto called me an attacker Bahu. See how I attack you now and ruin your position now! I will see how you will get engaged!

Lucky gives a basket full of flowers to Komal. We have to make preps. She shakes her head. We should use lights. He denies. We have been using flowers since forever. She points out that the program is in evening so the lights will look good. They both stick to their ideas. Bua notices them thus. They are fighting once again! She intervenes in their fight. How will you manage it if you will go in separate directions? You have to think on the same path. They come down to the conclusion of using both the things instead. Bua appreciates them. Please bless them Lord so their distances are cut down.

Precap: Chotto Bua brings Komal to a beauty parlour. Later, Lucky is shocked to see her. What have you done? You cut your hair?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Summer

    Thanks Pooja for update. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing Komal new hair-do. May be Chotto Bua will give her a total new make-over.
    I find it comical how Pinki and Kamla ji thinks that Chotto is having an affair with numerous men simultaneously. I wonder if this person in question, could be her husband in disguise to visit her? Maybe that’s what keeps their relationship alive? 😉

    1. Hi Summer, that guy pinki and kamla think to be the having affair with Choto Bua is actually bua’s husband… theyll get trapped soon. ??????

      1. Summer

        Hi Aisha,
        Too right!! It would be so good to see Pinki and Kamla ji have their own medicine for a change. I think they have dished enough to hurt others.
        I do wonder though, if it is part of Chotto Bua plan along with her husband to set a trap for Kamla and Pinki? Give them enough rope to hang themselves! I believe Chotto Bua is aware of Pinki’s character from the day she arrived at the house, she sent Pinki to make 80 samosas. So, with this in mind, maybe she is aware Kamla and PInki’s weakness to cause misery to others and enjoy others misfortune, she will have her own treatment back-fired on them on the day of her wedding. She is probably aware that Kamla and Pinki are likely to try and ruin her day but Chotto Bua will outsmart them!

  2. They do show driver’s face. He is the same man. Hopefully bua’s hubs. They make quite a rocking pair.???

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