Badho Bahu 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malti ji keeps looking in the direction of where Lucky’s car went and cries. Raghubir ji teases her. You look really beautiful when you cry. Keep crying. She gets shy and ends up smiling.

Pragya is getting late for class. Kamla ji reasons that there is no car at home. Teji offers to drop the girls. Kamla ji allows him. She warns Pragya not to go anywhere else except class. Teji leaves with the girls.

Lattu keeps running around excitedly. It is my birthday. Payal tells him to sit at one place. He is excited as Bua is coming. Payal tells her not to be so happy. She isn’t coming to stay with us for always. She mentally prays that it never happens. Jamuna ji shares that she just had a word with Raghubir ji. Komal just left for Sirsa. I am very happy. I don’t know what to do.

Payal advises her to help her a little then. If you will work then it will just add to your years. Jamuna ji offers to cut veggies. Invite Vimla too. Pinki can leave after lunch. Payal mimics.

Pragya and Bharpayi reach late for the class. Why are you so late today? Teji steps forward. There was no car at home so I brought them. Vardaan asks him if he also took admission. Teji denies. I can join you today as I dint have much to do. Vardaan allows him. He asks everyone to give their introduction once again today. I found many mistakes in your write-ups. He asks Pragya to give her introduction. She fumbles and speaks wrong. He tells her to try again. I told you to practise but you dint. Everyone will hear wrong and learn wrong. She again gives wrong introduction. He scolds her for making same mistake again. You will be punished same way. She refuses. He asks her not to waste class’s time. Teji gives her introduction to Vardaan. He speaks nicely about her which impresses everyone especially Pragya and Bharpayi.

Vimla ji, Komal and Pinki come to Jamuna ji’s home with Ahlawat ji. Both girls meet their mothers. Ahlawat ji takes leave from them. Our house is already empty without them. No one is able to focus on anything. He tells the girls to take care and goes. Payal gets Raghubir ji’s call. He asks her if the girls reached home. Payal tells him they have just reached. Raghubir ji tells her to tell the girls the house is sad since they left. I am missing Komal very much. Payal agrees to share. She tells her family everything (exaggerates a little). Komal hopes she gets the strength to tell everyone she isn’t going back ever. Vardaan enters. Komal rushes to meet her brother. Lattu reminds them that no one worries about him. Komal calls him dramebaaz. Stop now. Let’s cut cake. Payal thinks seems like Bholenath has heard me. I feel everything is fine at Komal’s home.

Teji is playing game on his phone. Pragya comes to thank him for helping her today. He tells her not to worry. We are friends. She is impressed with his English. I couldn’t understand a bit. He says it is fine. I couldn’t understand anything when I went to Mumbai for the first time. I made up my mind and learnt it. He shows her his portfolio pictures. I got many offers to tv shows when I got this done. I did a few. She asks him how he got this clicked. He asks her if she too wants to get a similar photo shoot done. She asks him if she can tell him something. You wont tell anyone? He assures her about it. She replies that she too is fond of acting. I love getting pictures clicked. I was learning English for the same purpose. I want to live a modern lifestyle and shut everyone’s mouths. He acts to be surprised. She is not so confident of herself but he tells her she has every quality to become one.

Komal tells Madhuri (her cow) she misses her very much. I came here to share what’s in my heart. I am not going back in that house ever again. I will stay with you and look after you. Lucky ji left for his camp. He doesn’t need me. He will take care of himself.

Teji suggests Pragya to get her photo shoot done. We will send it to Mumbai. I have lots of friends. There will be a queue to cast you. Everyone will get mad after you. She says I saw many dreams while you just said it but they cannot happen here. He shares that he got it done here in Bakriawal. We can arrange one for you here only. She is touched. You will arrange it here? He touches her hair seductively. You should just say. I will manage everything. Come to the broken house in Bakriawal. I will manage everything. She agrees. He points out that these ethnic clothes wont work in photo shoot. You will have to wear modern clothes. She nods. I will get them. Don’t take tension. He nods and smirks as she leaves.

Komal asks Madhuri if she remembers this ring. I don’t need it now. I am removing it. You should keep it. Madhuri looks away. Komal asks her if it hurt her. Ok, up to you. I will wear it. Madhuri moos. Komal says I know it is wrong to hide it from mother. I will tell her everyting at the right time. Give me some time.

Precap: Komal absentmindedly picks a hot utensil but does not feel pain. Jamuna ji rushes to her. She asks Komal what’s that pain inside her which dint let her feel this pain. Komal shares that she has decided never to go back. Her mother and Payal are stunned. Lucky is happy to realise that that fattie is out of life for forever. It is going to be fun! He performs nicely.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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