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Payal drops something by mistake. She bends down to pick it and finds that bag of old currency which Vimla ji had placed yesterday night. No one earned this much amount of money in my house till date! Whose money is this? She gets call from someone called Sunita. She informs Payal about police coming visiting every home to look for black money. Payal ends the call tensed. Don’t know how this money came here. Who do they belong to? Oh, it means the thief came here last night to hide his black money! Who can have this much black money in village? It can be only one person. What do I do about this money? Police is here. I will have to do something!

Pragya and Bharpayi come to an audition place. They go inside to get more info. Vardaan notices a board which says “required tutor”. He remembers

his Bhabhi’s taunts and smiles seeing the poster. He heads inside the room.

Police comes to Payal’s home. Inspector shares that they are checking every house of village as they are looking for black money. She nods. Go ahead. I will cook tea till then. Police begins searching. She tells them to check inside too. There is no problem. They check everywhere but don’t find anything. Payal says there cannot be. If it was up to me then I would set everyone’s black money on fire. Inspector smiles and begins to go when he spots the bag. Payal wipes sweat off her face. Inspector finds containers in the sack and leave. Vimla ji greets them. They get talking. Vimla ji asks her why she seems so happy. Police checked your house too yet you are so happy. Payal smiles. I am happy. I will make best tea for you. it will be the most costliest tea of your life. Vimla ji realises something and scolds Payal. Did you lose your head? What did you put in this? Payal asks her if the heat of stove hurt her. Vimla ji glares at her and goes. Payal smiles and thinks you have ruined my life enough. Your daughter must be troubling Badho there. I should check up on her too.

Payal calls Badho. She asks about Pinki and if she is troubling her. Komal says she is my best friend. Why will she trouble me? Payal calls her naive. What’s happening between Lucky and you? Komal says you touched me at the wrong point. Whenever I try to do something, something or other goes wrong. Payal asks her to tell clearly. Komal shares the butter stealing incident. Payal wonders why every dumb thing happens with her. Komal says I too cannot understand it. Payal thinks of her husband telling her about perfume. I have an idea. Komal hesitantly agrees to try whatever she says. Just make sure it wont put me in worse situation.

Bharpayi asks Pragya about her audition. Pragya shares with Bharpayi as to how she was made to do catwalk and pose. They asked me to speak in English. I said everything that I knew but they said it wasn’t enough. They told me they cannot take me. Bharpayi tells her to let it be. They don’t seem right anyways. Pragya wants to learn English. Bharpayi agrees. Let us go home now. It is getting late. Pragya sends her to get her bag. Bharpayi cannot find Pragya’s bag in the shelf. Pragya goes to check herself. One of the guys notices Pragya scolding Bharpayi. Bharpayi asks a girl sitting there. She tells them that they saw a guy taking it. Pragya is taken aback. It was mine. How could she take it? The girl advises her not to keep her bag here. It isn’t safe. Pragya scolds Bharpayi. The audition guy tells Pragya and Bharpayi to leave. I will have to call security otherwise. Pragya looks at Bharpayi.

Payal comes to Ahlawat House through a window. Komal asks her to come in fast as I have to go for puja. Payal says I also cooked up an excuse before Ma ji. Your MIL wont spare me if she sees me here. She gives perfume to Badho. I got it especially for you from city. It is very famous there. It decreases the distance between husband and wife. It is tried and tested. I have used it on myself first and then I am giving it to you. She smiles shyly. Komal is confused. It means you sweat a lot? Payal shakes her head. The more you will use it, the more fragrance it will produce. Lucky ji will fall for you when you will go around him smelling nicely. Don’t tell anyone about it, no one!

Komal excitedly comes to her room. I will check the gift Bhabhi brought for me. She takes out the packet and thinks if it is rolling pin (belan). I will do puja first. I will check it later. She keeps it in her room as she heads for puja. Pinki comes in Komal’s room and checks the perfume. She keeps it back in place confused at what it will do.

Jamuna ji notices that veggies are still not cut. Payal isn’t aware of her responsibilities. Don’t know how she left for temple in the morning. She cannot stay at home at all. It seems like I will have to do everything.

Komal comes to her room and checks the perfume. Pinki comes just then. Komal hides it behind her. Komal stand up seeing Kamla ji and Malti ji coming there. Pinki acts all sweet. What can I do for you? Kamla ji instructs both DIL’s to put dung on the wall. Pinki is taken aback. Malti ji says it is fresh cow’s dung. Pinki nods tensed. She leaves with the ladies while Komal agrees to join them in a minute. Komal hides perfume in the drawer.

Pinki and Komal are already doing the work. Pinki is having difficulty breathing. Kamla ji says you both must have fallen ill already seeing this. Malti ji smiles seeing Pinki’s condition. Kamla ji tells them to put the dung on the wall ahead. Don’t make faces. Get down to work. She walks across a rope. Pinki looks at them. Malti ji seconds Kamla ji. You will have to do a lot of other chores too. Pinki bends down to set her payal. Komal starts her work. Kamla ji taunts her. Pinki decides to teach lesson to Malti ji and Kamla ji. She pulls the rope. Both ladies are about to fall when Komal steps bends before them. Komal’s hand falls in the basket of dung. Kamla ji and Malti ji are pretty much taken aback and so is Pinki.

Precap: Vardaan sees Pragya wearing western clothes. He asks her about her clothes and says Lucky is right behind you. Bharpayi checks and confirms the same. The girls get tensed. Kamla ji, Malti ji and Pinki check out some room freshener. They love the fragrance. Malti ji points out that Lucky is allergic to tuberose (Rajnigandha). Pinki gets an idea. Later, Pinki tells Komal that she is smelling badly because of the cow dung. Komal thinks now only Bhabhi’s perfume can save me.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Pinky replaces the perfume with the room freshener, as she is aware that Lakha is allergic to the freshener. Meanwhile, everyone is angry with Bharpayi and Pragya.
    Episode – 69
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 14 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Badho ends up spraying the room freshener all around the room, thinking that it is perfume, in order to impress Lakha. However, Lakha begins to sneeze as he is allergic to it.
    Episode – 70
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 15 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Pragya tells everyone that she wants to join an English-speaking class, and plots a plan so that Lucky comes to her rescue and she gets to go for the English class.

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