Badho Bahu 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Lucky challenges Iyoko for a match!

Badho Bahu 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jamuna ji says I have full faith that Lucky will surely represent India on International level and win making us proud. He will make your dream come true. He nods. She asks him if he is sad with Lucky losing Iron Man Championship. He denies. I am his Guru. I know how talented he is. He is the only wrestler who can make us proud in International championships. National level championships are due in 4 months. I am sure he will fulfil my and Mahender’s dreams. He will then also play on International level. She nods. It will surely happen.

Next morning, Lucky makes preps to welcome the fighters. Komal appreciates Lucky’s efforts. She thinks she is sure he will also bring a medal home one day. Lucky too thinks to make his father proud by taking part in International level wrestling. I have to

win national level game first for that purpose. I will do it. She notices him lost. Their guests come in. A committee member thanks Raghubir ji for welcoming the guests in his home. these players are happy to be here. Malti ji is sure Lucky will also reach that level one day and make us all proud. The committee member introduces each guest to the family. Raghubir ji asks Komal to welcome all of them traditionally. She greets each one of them as she does their aarti while Lucky adorns a garland in their necks. The wife of Japanese Wrestler Iyoko praises Komal on her clothes and jewellery. The Interpreter translates it for them. Komal thanks her. Ex-Sarpanch ji asks Raghubir ji which wrestler will represent his Akhada. Lucky points out that he is still in recovery mode. Rana says I am in my resting period. I became Iron Man a few days back after all. The committee member says Lucky and Rana have only fought for Iron Man Championship. How will they withstand these wrestlers? They must first fight on national level and win. I doubt if they will be able to even do so or not. Malti ji hopes Lucky does not lose his confidence this way. I wont let it happen. Kailash ji diverts them. They all go outside.

Malti ji tells Lucky to go to his room. He asks her about it but she insists without giving him any answer. She also sends Komal with him. Malti ji wards eyes off Lucky using a lemon. Komal and Lucky question her but she keeps quiet till it’s done. I am not doing any magic. I am only warding evil eyes off my son. She points at the incidents that have happened one after another. She hands the lemon to Komal. Keep it on a crossroad. Komal reasons that this way whoever will walk past it will fall under its bad influence. Lucky seconds her but Malti ji stays put. She next ties a horseshoe necklace around Lucky’s neck. Guru ji said you are also under Shani Dev’s Drishti. Lucky points out that people will mock him if he will wear it like this. Komal also asks Malti ji to remove it but Malti ji wants to go ahead with it. Let me do it for my own sake. Lucky nods at Komal. She agrees finally. They head outside.

Japanese Wrestler Iyoko and Russian Wrestler Alexander are having a match. Everyone looks on anxiously. Iyoko easily beats his opponent. People cheer for him. Komal and Lucky come out. She wonders where she should keep this lemon and green chillies. Lucky takes a seat. He gets irked to hear villagers and the committee guy praising International Wrestlers. Komal refuses to throw it on the road. She keeps it near a wall and returns to watch the match. Raghubir ji looks at the flags of the nations kept there. Komal follows his gaze. She asks him what happened but he does not say anything. Lucky also looks at her and looks down. He cannot stop thinking of how everyone is looking down at Ahlawat Akhada. Iyoko’s wife is constantly cheering her husband. A village lady praises her on that. Komal thinks how she was also doing the same once when Lucky was fighting with Rana in Akhada. She does not see Lucky in his seat and goes to check.

Everyone’s words haunt Lucky as he comes to his room. He also removes his horseshoe necklace. Villagers are so mean. They cannot speak like this for Guru ji’s wrestlers. I must show them they are not lagging behind in anything.

Iyoko wins the match. Komal comes to her room. She is shocked to see the necklace on the bed. Malti ji joins her. Komal hides the necklace behind her. She asks Komal if she kept those things in the middle of the road. Komal says I kept it in a corner. I don’t want anyone to be affected by it. Malti ji says I too don’t want it to happen. I want Lucky to be safe. Malti ji asks her what she is doing here. Are you hiding something? Komal shows the necklace. Malti ji asks her if she forced Lucky to remove it. She denies. He removed it himself and told me to give it to you. Malti ji insists that Lucky should wear it any cost. Komal gets thinking.

Lucky comes back in Akhada dressed in a wrestler’s attire surprising everyone. Lucky challenges Iyoko for a fight. Raghubir ji asks him what he is up to. Iyoko accepts the challenge. Lucky says it is time to show everyone we are no less than anyone else. Kailash ji advises his brother not to say anything now. Situation has gone out of hand. People cheer for Lucky. Malti ji and Komal hear it and go out to see what’s happening.

Lucky enters in Akhada. He touches the dirt on his face. Jitesh, Ajay and the villagers cheer for Lucky whereas Rana watches him in awe.

Precap: Lucky and Iyoko are wrestling. Komal is worried for Lucky because he is fighting despite his wound. Iyoko lifts him high and then throws him back on the ground with a thud. Lucky winces in pain.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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