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Badho Bahu 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone welcomes Raghubir ji and Ahlawat ji. Raghubir ji nominates his elder brother for the post as well surprising everyone. Sarpanch ji asks him what he is doing. Raghubir ji tells him to trust him. I have thought of something. Sarpanch nods. Komal gets thinking too. Why did Babu ji gave his (Viren’s) name earlier? Raghubir ji asks Viren to stay. I have to talk to you about something. The process is closed.

Savitri ji asks Raghubir ji why he had to cheat them. Raghubir ji replies that not him, but they have cheated him. He points ahead. A man brings two men with him (one of them is decorator). Komal recalls him to be the same guy. He collided with me as he was in a rush. Raghubir ji tells Viren how his honesty fooled him. You are a traitor actually. I respected you so much yet you deceived

me! Were you not ashamed to do this? You were planning to sell the land of school right under my nose? It was your plan. You were using me as a pawn! Komal asks him to let Viren say his point of view now. Raghubir ji tells Viren to speak up. Viren asks his brother why he did that. Vikram keeps apologizing while Viren keeps slapping him. I am not responsible for whatever happened. I dint ask him to do it. Vikram takes blame for everything. Bhai knows nothing about it. I was blinded by money. I agree I have cheated you all. Please forgive me. Viren tells him to go away! Raghubir ji says forgive me but now I cannot do anything. Election process is over. I hope there wont be any rift between our personal relations. Hope you wont let any hindrance come in the way of what will happen in future. Savitri ji refuses to go in Sangeet. You insult us before everyone and expect us to be there? Viren tells her to stop. It is enough for me that I am innocent in Bau ji’s eyes. we will surely come in Sangeet. Savitri Bua looks upset. Viren adds that what happened today is completely different than what is about to happen tomorrow. Vardaan likes Viren and shares the same with Komal. You cannot find a better guy than him. She smiles.

Savitri ji goes away mumbling to herself against joining relation with this fat girl (Komal). Vardaan excuses himself as he has to go to market. Komal thinks problems don’t stop coming in my life. Don’t know what will happen tomorrow in the wrestling match. Marjorie, Pinki, Lucky and Rana come there. They ask about elections. Komal shares everything with them. Rana is worried thinking Bau ji will be upset if he finds out about Zalim Singh. Lucky agrees to manage everything.

Savitri ji asks Viren if this is how a brother treats his brother. Don’t marry that girl! I wont let it happen. They see Vardaan and his mother standing at their door. Jamuna ji says my daughter is innocent. Raghubir ji had some misunderstanding and regrets it. Please don’t break this alliance. Savitri ji complains about the sour relation between two brothers now. no one from this house will come in the ceremony. Viren tells her to stop it. He assures Jamuna ji he will marry Komal. Savitri ji heads inside with Vikram. Viren adds that Kaki has raised him since childhood. She is hurt by whatever happened today. I apologize to you on her behalf. Jamuna ji feels her daughter is really lucky to have found him. Viren tells her not to worry. Go home and make preps. We will surely come. She nods and leaves with Vardaan.

At night, Ahlawat House is beautifully decorated. Lucky gets ready. His friend is surprised to see him wearing a suit. Lucky smiles broadly at him. His friend happily hugs him. why did you take Videsi Avatar in Desi event? Is there a fancy dress competition? Lucky replies that he did it for Marjorie. Tonight is really special for her. See what I do tonight!

Pinki does Komal’s makeup. You look like an angel. Komal thanks her. what would have I done without you! Pinki smiles.

Kamla ji asks Malti ji if she got money. Malti ji gets confused. which money? Kamla ji reminds her of Jamuna ji’s words. She said she will give 1.5 lacs. Did she give anything yet? I don’t expect it from her at all. Malti ji tells her to let it be. She will give it if she has said so. Why ask in this environment? Kamla ji says I don’t trust her at all. If it was in my hands then I would have made her write it on stamp paper. Jamuna ji hears them and wipes a tear out of the corner of her eyes. She walks up to them and gives 50k to Kamla ji. Raghubir ji stops her from doing so. Kamla ji changes her colour. I was saying the same. we too have a daughter. It is a good deed to marry a daughter. We cannot accept it. Raghubir ji says the same. We already spoke about it. Keep this money with you. Jamuna ji requests him to accept it as a small Shagun from her side in her daughter’s wedding. Raghubir ji accepts it reluctantly.

Rana paces in his room. He thinks of Zalim’s challenge. It is important to tell Babu ji everything. He wont like it if someone else tells him. Lucky wont be spared. Pragya brings clothes for him to wear tonight. Rana thinks of Pinki. Ma takes care of everyone. I was worrying for no reason. I will wear this only in evening. Pragya is surprised. You accepted such clothes in one go for the first time. What’s so special? He does not tell her anything.

Jamuna ji compliments Marjorie. Marjorie thanks her. it is Indian wedding so I thought to wear Indian clothes. Jamuna ji calls it a good idea. Let’s see if Komal is ready or not. Komal smiles at them in the mirror (she is looking beautiful). Jamuna ji gets emotional. She puts kajal behind her daughter’s ears. Komal says after a long wait my hands will get henna too. Her mother says Vardaan told me what happened today. Viren is really simple and sorted. He handled everything so nicely even after so much happened. I hope no hindrance comes in your wedding. They share an emotional hug.

Precap: Lucky dances on Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna in the Sangeet ceremony. Raghubir ji calls out Lucky’s name angrily. Everyone asks him what happened. Raghubir ji shares how Lucky accepted Zalim Singh’s challenge for a wrestling match. Ahlawat ji says he is national champion. Have you gone mad? He will hit you in such a way that you wont be able to get up ever!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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