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Badho Bahu 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarpanch ji and Sangram Singh come to Ahlawat House. Sarpanch ji requests Raghubir ji to stand for Sarpanch’s elections. On the other hand, Sangram Singh requests Kailash ji to stand in elections too.

Komal tells Raghubir ji to go ahead. You can take this village in a new direction. You can give everyone a new direction. He advises her to stay out of his personal matter. It would be right if you wont give me any suggestion. It would be better if you go mum. Komal goes quiet. Malti ji sends her away. Sarpanch ji is puzzled. Komal leaves from there sadly. Raghubir ji mentally apologizes to Komal. It is better to behave like this with you so we all live in peace. Sarpanch ji tells Raghubir ji to take his time. We have 2 days before submitting the name. Sangram Singh also takes leave from Kailash

ji. Kamla ji gets upset thinking about Pragya.

Lucky talks to Chotto Bua about Komal. We are always on the opposite sides. How will I make arrangements for your wedding with her when we are always at different tangents? This wedding was fixed by Dada ji and Dadi ji. I wont be able to forgive myself ever if anything goes wrong in your wedding because of her. She speaks of a relation shared by a husband and wife. It must be lived intelligently and smartly. You will have to support her if you really want to live your life with her. She will have to do the same. Whatever is happening between both of you isn’t unusual but if you walk together then you will be happy together for a long time. He asks her why he should do so when they are so different from one another. She speaks of destiny. You married her not just because the wedding was fixed. You too could have backed out but you dint and got married to her. She has done her duties well in every role. Tell me if she has lacked anywhere (as a DIL, wife, Bhabhi, etc). Such incidents flash before Lucky’s eyes. Bua tells him that Badho has fulfilled all her duties. Now it is your turn to do your duty as a husband. She has fought with everyone, every battle alone but she would need your support in this one. Have you thought how it feels when you suddenly realise you are all alone? Think and understand the situation your family is into. Badho is fighting all by herself. Why fight separately when you both have the same motive? Join hands with her and reach your destination. Do your duty as a son and husband. She leaves from the room. Lucky looks at Komal’s sorry note. Bua hopes Lucky finds some sense in her words and become willing to do his duty. Eventually he will begin to understand Badho too.

Komal looks at herself in the mirror. She thinks of Bua’s words. Why did she say that your height and shape doesn’t matter? I am unlike any other girl. there is nothing special about me which is why Lucky ji does not even look at me. This is why he doesn’t want my help in arranging Bua’s wedding. She gets teary eyed. Bharpayi brings tea for Komal. Komal notices it is coffee. Only Pragya used to drink coffee in the house. Komal tells Bharpayi to pack Pragya’s favourite things and send them to her in Bakriawal. She would take some time in adjusting there. I want all this to be with her. Bharpayi asks her why she is still thinking so much about Pragya. Komal says she got married because of me only. I just want her to be happy in this new phase of her life and I will do whatever I can to make it happen. Pack her things please. Bharpayi leaves. Lucky hears it.

Pragya looks sadly at her and Teji’s photo in her phone. Where did you disappear, Teji ji? We thought to spend our life together yet you left me like this. You left me with Vardaan knowing well that I don’t like spending any second with him. I feel so suffocated in this house. Vardaan suggests her to rest. She speaks rudely to him. You don’t have to worry about me. I am fine. He notices her upset and goes inside. Pragya looks at her phone.

Elders of Ahlawat House are checking out the dresses and jewellery that has been bought for Chotto bua. Kailash ji tells her that Kamla chose everything especially for you. Raghubir ji thanks Lord for this happiness. Hope this wedding happens smoothly. Pinki signals Kamla ji who goes aside on the pretext of drinking water. Pinki shows the photo to her MIL. Kamla ji gets shocked. Pinki adds that she is having an affair with the accountant. I dint see the face as Badho came when I went to click the photo. Kamla ji speaks ill of Komal. Pinki assures her she will click a much better picture next time. Kamla ji instructs her to make ginger tea for them. Pinki makes a sad face as she heads to the kitchen. Kamla ji joins everyone again.

Chotto Bua and everyone praises the shopping done by Kamla ji. Kamla ji says who else I will shop for. You are the daughter of the house. She thinks to teach a lesson to Chotto Bua by using the photo against her. Lucky comes there. He tells everyone that he has agreed to manage Bua’s wedding preps with Badho. Ahlawat Family is surprised. Komal is pleasantly surprised. Will you allow me to help you? He nods. If Bua wants it to happen this way then we will fulfil it. Komal slaps herself to check if she had been day dreaming. I cannot believe you have agreed. Kamla ji wonders how Lucky had a change of heart suddenly. I know Chotto has done something to make it happen. Chotto Bua thanks Lord for making Lucky realise his duties and uniting him with Komal. I will do the rest. Raghubir ji tells Chotto I somehow feel you are behind Lucky’s yes. She smiles in reply.

Precap: Malti ji tells her husband their society and village will prosper if he becomes Sarpanch. Kamla ji tells something similar to her husband. Chotto Bua hopes Lucky wont sway from his path. Lucky advises Komal to do her duties and he will focus on his. She nods thoughtfully.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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