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Komal tells Lucky she understands her position in his life very well now. This time when I will leave for my mother’s home, I won’t come back ever again in your house. I can never keep you happy. I will go away from your life for forever now! You and your family had to go through a lot because of me. I know you never wanted to marry me but I couldn’t go against Babu ji’s wish. Forgive me if possible. I hope your camp goes good. I know nothing is more important for you than wrestling. I will pray that you get success and fame. I will pray that you will find a partner who will keep you very happy. you wont have to see my bad face after tomorrow. This Pag Phera will last for forever. She holds the photo frame for a minute but then keeps it back. May Bhole Nath keep you happy always. She

turns to hide her tears and finally leaves from the room. Lucky stands quietly.

Pinki is happily packing her clothes. She asks Rana why he taking out her clothes again and again. He holds her hand. Please don’t go. How will I stay without you? I will miss you a lot. She replies that she isn’t going abroad. It will be only for 2-3 days. He says you know how much they will be for me. She wonders if he is mad. I cannot wait to go. She tells him she will be back soon. he requests her again not to go but allows her to go seeing her sad face. Take care of yourself as I wont be there to do so. Call me whenever you will miss me. I will come to pick you up. She tells him to freshen up. He goes. Pinki prays she gets away from this lover soon.

Next morning, Komal is in house temple. I wont stay with him always now but you should always be with him. Protect him. She holds the photo of Bhole Nath close to her heart. Komal comes to her room and notices Lucky’s bed. She looks at the photo. Go to Chennai with Lucky ji please. She keeps the photo in Lucky’s bag. She holds his glove close. Their marriage flashes before her eyes. Lucky enters in the room just when she turns. They both look at each other. She leaves from there without saying anything to him.

Komal gives aarti to all elders of the house. Kamla ji happily gives aarti to Pinki and Rana. Raghubir ji asks about Lucky. Komal says he must be coming. Kamla ji asks her to get her stuff. Komal goes to bring her bag. Teji touches everyone’s feet thereby impressing Kamla ji again. Lucky comes there. Raghubir ji asks him if he has packed everything. Lucky nods. Komal also joins them. Lucky avoids looking at her. Malti ji is about to do Lucky’s aarti when Kamla ji reminds her about Komal. Let her do it. Malti ji tries to say something but Kamla ji suggests her to let her DIL work. You should relax now. She asks Komal to step forward. Malti ji gives the aarti thaal to Komal against her wish. Lucky is not looking at her. Kamla ji points out to him that Komal is standing there to do his aarti. Get it done. Everyone has to leave. Lucky complies. Malti ji looks on unhappily / sadly as Komal does Lucky’s aarti.

Kamla ji asks Pragya to do aarti of her bhabhi’s. Pragya does as told. Komal smiles for everyone’s sake. Pinki and Komal seek everyone’s blessings. Malti ji cannot stop her tears (thinking about her son going away from her). He tells her not to be sad. I am not going away for forever. it is just a matter of 6 months. I will be back before you will even miss me. Don’t worry. She caresses his face. Pinki thinks it is fine if mother is crying. Why everyone else is crying? I am the only one who isn’t crying. I should fake some tears so no one thinks of me to be heartless. She sheds fake tears surprising Kamla ji. Pinki lies to her that she has come really close to her in some days. I cannot stop crying thinking about the time I will have to spend away from you. I will miss you. Kamla ji easily falls in her words. It is just a matter of some days. Call me if you miss me too much. I will send Rana to bring you home. Pinki tells her not to trouble Rana. I wil come myself. Ahlawat ji remarks that they seem to be more like mother and daughter. Raghubir ji seconds him. Let’s hurry now. Lucky tells his mother to take care. I will be back soon. She too tells him to take care.

Do Pal plays in the background. Everyone heads towards the door. Komal stops in her tracks remembering her wedding. She looks at the house sadly. Every happy memory flashes before her eyes again. Tears continue to stream down her cheeks. Lucky and Komal go in different directions. Komal looks at Lucky as his car moves. He only glances in her direction.

Precap: Vardaan asks Pragya to give her introduction too. She fumbles. Teji gives her introduction to Vardaan. Komal tells Madhuri (her cow) she has come here to share what’s in her heart. I am not going back in that house ever again. You remember this ring? I will remove it now!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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