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Badho Bahu 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal and Shankar wait outside. They ask Raghubir ji what doctor said. He tells them there is nothing to worry. Doc is still checking Bhabhi. I will bring medicines in the meantime. Shankar offers to go but Raghubir ji says I have to buy my medicines too. You stay with Komal. Komal tells Shankar she wants to speak to him on something important.

Lucky is in Jamuna ji’s house. Badho brought her entire family in our home because of this codntiion of the house. Ma already dint like her. Now Payal Bhabhi created a rift between Pinki and Bhai. Kareena points out that it will take time if only 2 people do the work. Lucky decides to help so Badho is out of his home at any cost. He starts painting the house.

Komal suggests her brother to spend more time with his family especially Lattu. He is

asleep by the time you are back. You travel so far for your work. How much will Vardaan handle? He too has to study. Shankar agrees. But I have to work to run a family. She nods. You are so nice. You can get any job. We can run the house with you leaving the house and taking time to give interviews. Leave your job and take a house in Sirsa. I am saying this for our family only. Someone told me it is important for a family to be independent. I hope I dint say anything wrong? Raghubir ji agrees with her. When a family becomes independent, it means they have faced every moment with courage. They are left with no fear or shortcomings then. Raghubir ji and Komal go inside. Shankar is in thoughts.

Kareena sees new luxurious items coming to Jamuna ji’s home. aren’t you spending too much on this family? He says I don’t mind spending my everything to throw them out. Just wait! Kareena says we will be free from Badho once this Shanti puja is done. Let’s make preps as pundit ji will come anytime.

Doc tells family that Jamuna ji has ligament fracture. You must take bed rest. Where do you stay? Komal shares that they live in Bakriawal. Doc advises them not to travel so far in this condition. It isn’t good for your health.

Pundit ji comes to Badho’s home. Lucky requests him to do Shanti puja in this house so whosoever stays here wont feel like leaving it ever.

Payal is crying. Jamuna ji and Komal ask her what happened. Payal holds Raghubir ji’s feet. I made a really big mistake today. Please forgive me first. They say so. Payal shares that she got Lattu admitted in Sirsa’s English Medium School today.

Pundit ji does puja. He explains that the puja is done now. Everyone can live here peacefully now. Lucky thanks him. Kareena asks Lucky what’s next. Lucky talks to bring everyone back in the home. Theyw ill go mad seeing so many things here. Badho’s greed will also be full. Kareena speaks of leaving Badho here too. She is just a burden anyways.

Raghubir ji says it isn’t wrong. Payal points out that only those living in Sirsa can take admission in the school. I gave your home address as his address. I accept making a very big mistake as I dint ask anyone but I am a mother after all. Every mother wants good for her son. I want my son to study in English Medium School and speak English. Komal reasons that kids should grow up to be a nice human being. English does not qualify you for anything. Payal says it is outdated thought. You will understand when you will become a mother yourself. Raghubir ji talks in her favour whereas Jamuna ji reprimands Payal for taking a decision without consulting anyone. We will be heading back home in a day or two. What will we do then? Payal nods. How will we manage then? Komal reminds her mother of what doc had said. We will have to visit in a few days on a regular basis. Now Lattu’s school is in Sirsa too. Shankar joins them. He tells Komal he has decided to leave his job shocking them all. Payal speaks of the expenses. How can you even think of this? Shankar says I have thought well and have made allowances. Payal asks him why he dint consult her before taking such decision. I just got Lattu admitted in English Medium School. He is taken aback. Who did you ask before doing that? She agrees to explain later. Komal suggests discussing it at home later. We cannot go anywhere for a few days anyways.

Malti ji and Kamla ji are making lunch. Komal and everyone come home. She tells them of what doc said. I have to tell you something else too. Kamla ji wonders what she is up to now. Komal asks about Lucky and heads to their room to bring him but collides with Kareena instead. Komal helps Kareena stand. She tries to tell Lucky but he says what I am going to say is more important. He keeps the luggage bags before everyone and asks Badho’s family to hurry up. We must leave right away. I made Bharpayi do all preps and did everything on my own. Komal tries telling him again but he pays no heed to her. Lucky tells Jamuna ji that you might feel awkward but now everything is set at your home. I fixed everything myself. I bought all new things and even the Shanti puja is done now. Komal says what’s the need of all that. Lucky says that is also my family. I want them to be happy too. Malti ji and Kamla ji appreciates him. Payal cannot contain her happiness. Lucky asks Komal’s family to come. We are getting late. Let’s go. He picks up the bags but Komal ends up telling him that her family will now be living in Sirsa only. This was what I wanted to tell everyone. Lattu got admitted in English Medium School here. Plus, Ma too will have to stay here for a few days because of her injury. Bhaiya left his job. Kamla ji does not like the last news. Payal agrees with her. He left his job without asking elders (meaning herself). Raghubir ji tells her not to worry. I have hired him as an Accountant. I was looking for someone trustworthy for that position anyways when he said he has left his job. I couldn’t have found a better person than him for the job. Komal nods. It will be better for everyone to stay in Sirsa as Lattu has to go to school too. Payal hides a smile.

Precap: Komal shows the special quilt to Lucky which she has made from his favourite t-shirts. He gets upset and tells her to keep it. At night, he keeps shoving it away whereas she keeps covering him with it. In the end, he finally covers himself with it. Komal smiles sweetly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kareena has made thiz serial soo boring.. please remove this scene of kareena..otherwise TRP will going to decrease..Her entery in show has Bring thz show at low level.. before her entry..this show was a very Nice show n was one of my fav. but now. i dont like to watch it

    1. VERY TRUE

  2. Kareena has made thiz serial soo boring.. please remove this scene of kareena..otherwise TRP will going to decrease..Her entery in show has Bring thz show at low level.. before her entry..this show was a very Nice show n was one of my fav. but now. i dont like to watch it

  3. Hi Everyone,

    I could not agree with you all more…so true!! Kareena’s character has ruined the show, with her nasty and malicious stirring. Please end her track asap! Thank -you.

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