Badho Bahu 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Komal says yes to wrestling!

Badho Bahu 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky asks Komal if she will wrestle or not. She asks him if he really means it. He denies. I am not giving permission this time. I want you to wrestle from the bottom of my heart. She gets hesitant thinking of how Malti ji was earlier against the idea. Lucky waits for her answer. Komal tells him she cannot say yes right away. She walks up to Malti ji. Lucky ji want me to practise wrestling. You can tell me if you have any objection to it. I don’t want to hurt you. Raghubir ji looks at his wife. Malti ji says it is good that you asked me Badho. You dint step into Akhada till now but when you do it this time, I will do your aarti myself. Lucky and his family smile whereas everyone else is shocked. Komal is touched. Kailash ji appreciates Lucky on his idea. He tells Komal to focus on wrestling.

We are with you. Komal tells Lucky she will also wrestle.

Pragya and Payal also do Karvachauth puja in Bakriaval. Pragya looks at the moon through the sieve. The moment she looks at Vardaan, Jatta aka Teji also steps in her view. Payal is surprised to see him. Jatta thanks them. Our shooting is complete now because of all of you especially Pragya. He gives the balance amount. Pragya passes out. Teji holds her. He sprinkles water on her face while Vardaan feeds her water. She gains conscious.

Lucky asks his Guru ji aka father if he will allow Komal in the Akhada once again and train her. Raghubir ji readily agrees. Lucky confirms if she can start from tomorrow. Raghubir ji says not from tomorrow. I too had to make an announcement but I forgot. Some international competitions were held in Ambala recently. They want to see some local championships so I invited them over. There will be some championships here in our Akhada. We will also give them medal from our end. Once it is over, I will train Badho myself. Lucky and Komal nod. Komal says it is such a proud moment for us. I will make all the preps. Lucky also wants to make preps for Badho’s new journey as a wrestler. Malti ji tells them to get into action then. They all smile. Kamla ji stares at them.

Raghubir ji comes to speak to his brother. Lucky and I allowed Komal to wrestle before everyone today. Do you have any objection to it? Kailash ji says I am the Sarpanch of the village but I have never intervened in your decisions related to the Akhada. I don’t mind it if you want Komal to wrestle. Make your own decisions. Raghubir ji says your words mean a lot to me. Kailash ji is sure he will always think through before doing or deciding upon anything. Let’s make preps to welcome the guests. Raghubir ji nods.

Malti ji is happy with Lucky’s decision. I will light a diya so Badho’s new journey is successful. She is in house temple when Kamla ji joins her. I am very upset with you. Don’t you remember how much Badho got us insulted last time? You agreed yet again? It has really upset me. I know Badho saved your life but respect is more important than life. What’s the point of living without respect? Malti ji smiles. I understood but you are forgetting one thing. One day, it was you who told me women are recognized by their husband’s name in the society. Komal’s husband made this decision. Why should I intervene? My son has taken this decision. As a mother, I must support him. Am I wrong? You can say if I am wrong. Last time, Komal’s husband wasn’t supporting her. What could she have done? This time both her husband and Guru ji are supporting her completely. Why shouldn’t I then? I am sure Komal will make us all proud this time. Kamla ji looks at her in shock. She makes faces and mimics Malti ji when she goes from there.

Lucky asks Komal to sit. He has also brought food for her knowing she kept the fast. He sits down next to her and feeds her. Forgive me. I have misbehaved with you intentionally or unintentionally. I fell in Rana Bhai’s words. He told me it was you who told him about my shoulder wound and he even blamed you for why I lost. I believed him for a moment. I doubted you. I am really sorry for my stupidity. Please forgive me. She tells him not to fold hands before him. How can I be upset with you? He says I don’t know why or how I forgot you always wanted me to win. You even wanted to stop the championship as it could create a rift between the family! I doubted your pure intentions. I have learnt something from you today. We must trust someone completely or we must not trust at all. I trust you completely. Please forgive me. She tells him he is going through a rough patch right now. Anyone can think of such things. It is perfectly alright. Trust me. I am not at all angry with you.

Raghubir ji personally visits Jamuna ji to give her the good news of Badho resuming wrestling. He speaks to his late friend’s photo about the dream that they saw together once. We dreamt of seeing our kids practising together in the same Akhada. It is going to come true. He also tells Jamuna ji that Lucky was the one to ask Komal to resume wrestling. Plus, Malti has also given her nod to it. Jamuna ji gets happy. Those kids don’t even know what all you and my husband had dreamt of but I am sure they will fulfil your dreams. Raghubir ji is anxious to resume Lucky’s training once he recovers from his wound. Jamuna ji too prays that he recovers soon. Both the kids will practise together then.

With Lucky feeding Komal with his own hands, Komal is all shy and on cloud nine. Komal also feeds him. They both think of what happened today and smile at each other. Komal says I cannot believe it. It all seems like a beautiful dream. Lucky says it isn’t a dream but reality. Komal is waiting for the day he will finally recover. We will all practise together. Like you guys have an Iron Man Championship, do women also have one? Lucky says there is none so far but you can play on National and International level if you become a champ. She smiles shyly. What are you saying? I am an ordinary girl. I am happy playing in my village. I am happy with whatever I have got.

Precap: Komal does aarti of all the international wrestlers who come to Ahlawat House. The wrestlers are easily defeating everyone. Lucky is irked to hear a guy praising one International Wrestler in particular (Japanese Guy Iyoko). He challenges the wrestler for a match. Komal gets worried.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Summer

    Hi Pooja, hope you are well. Thanks for super update! Looking forward to tonight’s episode.

    1. Pooja

      Hi Summer.. yes, just recovering. Not keeping well since sometime now and had something to do on Monday so had to miss it. How are you?
      Thank you for your kind words. The update would be uploaded soon 🙂

      1. Summer

        Hi Pooja, lovely to hear from you 🙂
        I’m not too bad thanks. I’m sorry to hear that you have been unwell. I did wonder as usually you are very good with your updates. Hope you manage to get some quality rest and look after yourself. Take lots of care and many thanks in advance for the latest update. 🙂

      2. Pooja

        Hey, same here dear.
        I am better now, thank you 🙂 Actually the serial that I do before Badho Bahu is airing late these days so I have to watch Badho Bahu online and it gets late 😐

      3. Summer

        Hi Pooja, glad to hear you are better now. Take it easy. 🙂


    Back to wrestling finally… Finally malti support komal and she gave perfect taunt and reply to kamla…
    But i am hating pragya drama.. she fasted for teji, saw teji face and was feeded by vardhan.. pragya should either chose teji or vardhan… Poor vardhan for bearing pragya

  3. Summer

    Good episode! Nice to see Malti ji put Kamla back in place. I do wonder if Malti has started to realise and see through Kamla manipulating ways?

    Nice to see Malti supporting Komal, now that Komal have been given the blessing to resume wrestling again. No doubt Kamla will think of trouble to cause a rift as usual. I do wonder though, will Kamla put pressure on Pinki to wrestle in hope that her DIL will attain the fame and status for her? I can see that once Pinki returns, she will start messing with Komal and perhaps try and play mind games with her, but Komal has woken up and seen her true colours.
    I think Lucky will win the challenge and as a result, attention will be on Rana. Questions will be raised and Rana may face peer pressure to compete with one of the wrestlers and keep his name and reputation intact after all; he did win (cough-cheat) the title of iron man.
    Pinki will most likely seek opportunity and play mind games with Rana, taking advantage of his insecurities and as always instigate bad advice and leave Kamla feeling frustrated and spitting feathers!
    It will not be a smooth ride for Komal when she resumes wrestling, Rana, Pinki and Kamla will certainly put obstacles in their path all in the name of being ‘number one’.
    Writers, still awaiting eagerly for that episode to come;the leak of kamla video footage tampering with election boxes! 🙂

  4. Fantastic reply from Malta ji.. she only needed a ? to see her dil is a ?! ?
    I hope we see more of her supporting Komal.
    As for the Pragya story it’s not enjoyable to watch! Jamuna ji is such a wonderful mil and Vardaan is too. Payal is not too bad although without her drama and detective work story lines will be boring.
    I CAN ? Teji through the turban and glasses ? please disguise him properly !

    1. Summer

      Hi Sara,
      I know exactly what you mean. I find it laughable how can she not recognise him, voice too. Especially the moment when Pragya stares on her phone talking to Teji how can she not see the resemblance? Their ideal of love must be on a different level of concept. You see, i don’t think Pragya actually knows what ‘love’ is…i think she is more infatuated with Teji and have confused the two emotions. However, as the story-line progress, I can see Pragya developing feelings for Vardaan and start realising his worth. Until then, she has nothing to compare with and does not understand love. Her mother’s upbringing have not really taught her what love is as with everything, Kamla has a motive and it is all self-serving.
      Teji is creepy, shallow, disloyal and gluttonous for fame. I felt bad for Vardaan when Pragya saw Teji standing behind Vardaan. I’m waiting for Teji luck to run out and he be exposed before everyone. Pinki will find herself in a tight spot too when she learns who is Jatta Singh.

  5. I can not stand Pragya and I hate her with Vardaan. He deserves much better. Pragya is like the rest of her family, mother, brother and her father unlike his brother. I will be glad when that family is revealed for the cheats they are. She belongs with Teji he fits in just like his cousin Pinki with her family.

    1. Summer

      Hi Helen,
      I thought Vaardan would have made a nice pair with Bharpayi, she showed affection for him, feeding him samosa insistently ( cute scene) but instead circumstances made Vardaan with Pragya. I don’t think Pragya is bad at heart, she has been misguided and her mother have not instilled good values. Only taught her how to be selfish and manipulative. I believe Jaumuna ji will instill and teach her values of relationship and the simple things in life can make you happy. I am hoping we will see the best of Pragya to shine through. I think her mother brings the worst out of her. Rinki is not a good influence either, but Payal is behind that as she wanted to rid Pragya.
      Maybe when she learns the truth about Jatta/Teji, her eyes will open and will see Vaardan in a different perspective?

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