Badho Bahu 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ahlawat House’s courtyard becomes the new Akhada for Badho!

Badho Bahu 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghubir ji accepts that guy’s decision. Malti ji calls him to ask him if he found any Akhada where Badho can practise. Raghubir ji declines. I spoke to every Akhada that is in the radius of 20 kms from our house but no one agreed. They end the call. Komal requests Raghubir ji not to try anymore. I cannot see you and Lucky ji getting more insulted. He refuses to give up till he speaks to every single Akhada possible. Lucky seconds him. Raghubir ji adds that Komal is Mahender’s daughter and mine too. I wont let his dream and strength go weak at any cost. Don’t give up!

Payal comes in Kamla ji’s room. I am sure you must be tired as you work so hard all day. I thought to take care of you. I need your permission to call Lattu here atleast for today. I miss my son. It will be great if

some of his friends can come over too. Kamla ji allows her. Clean the house well first. She massages Kamla ji’s leg so as to please her.

Payal tries telling Lattu to stop but he and his friends continue pillow fighting. Raghubir ji, Lucky and Komal return home looking dejected. Malti ji cheers them not to lose hope. Lattu and his friends are happily fighting with each other. Komal meets all of them. Malti ji asks Raghubir ji and Lucky to freshen up but they tell her they ate outside. Lattu’s friends ask Komal to wrestle with them. She denies. Payal asks Lattu to ask Komal to teach her some tricks. Komal gives in when Lattu and his friends insist. She teaches them a few tricks. Payal goes from there. Kamla ji asks her what all this commotion is. Payal says I was coming to you only. Kids are shouting and not listening to me at all. Please manage them. Kamla ji goes.

The kids cheer. Kamla ji questions them as to why they are shouting. You have made by house Akhada. You are fighting with kids on a mattress! Raghubir ji, Lucky and Komal smile getting an idea! Komal thanks her Tai ji. I now understand why they call you Sarpanchni. She gives a tight hug to Kamla ji. You gave us a very smart suggestion. Lucky nods. we are also on the same page. Komal again thanks Kamla ji who is completely puzzled. What did I do? Komal says you gave us the pefect idea for wrestling practise. Kamla ji is taken aback. Komal adds that she will fight inside the house only. You just said that I made this courtyard an Akhada. I thought to fight right here then. Malti ji and Lucky also support her. Lucky thanks Kamla ji. Pinki is shocked. How can Badho practise here? She has been told against it right? Kamla ji nods. Sarpanch ji said that himself. No one can go against him. How can you all even think of challenging his decision this way? Komal says you just gave us the perfect solution and now you are saying this? Kamla ji says I was only telling the kids to calm down. You understood my words differently. A ban has been put on your wrestling practise. No one can go against Sarpanch ji. Kailash ji joins them. Kamla ji asks her husband if he can see how his decision is being challenged here. He tells her to calm down. I dint put a ban on Komal’s wrestling. I only said she cannot practise in Ahlawat Akhada. I did not even once mention that she cannot wrestle at all. You are smart. People will say bad things if they will see her practising in the Akhada outside. I wont mind it though if she practises here in the courtyard. He gives permission to Komal shocking / angering his wife. Raghubir ji says you are right. We have to been to every Akhada but no one allowed Komal to practise there. They are in open after all but no one can beat this idea! Lucky turns to his Tai ji. I know you care about what people say but you also don’t want Badho not to stop her practise. It would happen that way only. I only want you to give permission to Badho. Kamla ji looks on helplessly.

Payal shows a photo to Raghubir ji. It is of Raghubir ji and Mahender ji. Raghubir ji asks her from where she found this old photo. She shares that she found it in Kamla Ma ji’s room. It is of the time when the Akhada was being built and you and Babu ji used to practise right here in the courtyard. Malti ji and Payal ask Kamla ji if she has no problem with Badho practising inside the house. Kamla ji reluctantly says yes for it. Everyone smiles. Payal seeks Raghubir ji’s permission to put this inspirational photo on the wall in front of them. Raghubir ji and Kailash ji nod. Payal puts the photo there. Malti ji calls Nisha to resume Badho’s training from tomorrow.

Raghubir ji talks to his friend’s photo. Thanks to you, we found a solution to the problem we couldn’t overcome. I will start Komal’s training right before your eyes in this courtyard!

Bharpayi brings milk for Vardaan. They exchange awkward glances recalling their old conversations. She turns to leave when he stops her. We were very good friends once. Don’t know what mistake I committed which made you go away from me. I never thought of even doing something that would hurt you. I apologize to you if I have hurt you intentionally or unintentionally.

Pinki joins her MIL in her room. This time all your planning failed. She covers up noticing her MIL’s stare. It was really bad though. Kamla ji blames Payal for it. She is messing up with all my plans by staying in my house! I will see her later. Pinki says how we will stop Badho from practising from tomorrow. Kamla ji does not want Nisha to step her foot inside the house. It is your responsibility now. You sent the wrong photo last time. It should not happen this time or I will send your photo to Sultan Bhai next time. Even Rana wont be able to find you then! Pinki assures her she will not mess up this time. Kamla ji says I will see how Badho will practise when

Precap: Komal is jogging with Rana and others. Sangram Singh tells Komal she cannot practise when she was told against it by Sarpanch ji himself! Komal tells him to stop. Sarpanch ji only said that I cannot practise in Ahlawat Akhada. There is no ban on me to practise anywhere else. Raghubir ji tells Komal to go inside and see the preps that Payal has made for her. Raghubir ji declines. Malti ji says I called Nisha and she promised to come but her phone is not reachable now. Pinki is proud of having tackled Nisha well this time.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thanks Pooja for ur update
    But now it is going harder to believe that the conspiracy n malfunctioning of Kamla, Pinki n Rana, Teji, for making Kailash to win Serpanch election, Rams to become Iron man, Creating differences between Malti n Badho( although they r eventually unsuccessful) are yet to reveal, Sarpach Kailash who is projected as a neutral man give judges without hearing Komal’s point which actually creat more hurdles in the path of Komal.. all these examples by now simply reflects the point that evil is winning.. i don’t know how many more episodes one will see to have a glance of revealing all the conspiracy n making audience feel that even truth can win easily

    1. An official welcome of u here
      I know you are commenting here from 3 days but no one welcome u here as no one who belongs to this page from much time was present here and the people present were busy so
      Welcome to this page and keep commenting I want to say something but it will be too long so what I have said is enogh
      Most important points of reply
      A truth about me my replies can’t be short although I try to do this

      1. Thank u so much .. I m really happy to b part of this group I wish u all a very happy n cheerful life.. actually I have been watching this serial since long simply because of the contain n rhe kind of issue it raises but smhw I started fading up.. I really m agree with ur point that I should notntk thing so seriously n just watch it the way we can watch indian serial..

    2. Sorry for the suggestion but
      Don’t think much about the serial and it’s a typical indian serial so anything can happen anytime don’t give stress to mind just watch sometimes in life u have such situations u can’t control so at that times u should stay calm and let things to happen I m getting too serious or out of track so it’s enough for now

    3. Pooja

      Anytime Rajesh.. and welcome to the group 🙂

      1. Thank u so much Pooja … ???


    I think payal is more smart and intelligent than komal and her family.. she knows how to provide ideas to komal and make kamla lose.. ??????

    1. Hi ooshi and summer..
    How are you both??

    2 i was too busy so I stopped writing comments, in any show..

    3. Sorry for late reply

    1. We r fine what about you no need of sorry we understand u must be busy so u don’t reply Summer again disappeared he will be busy Take care ? and be happy ?

  3. Summer I know you will be busy waiting for you to be free and come back till then take care ? yourself and others around u and most important be happy ?

    1. Summer

      Hi Shraddha and Ooshi,

      Sorry, yes, snatching moments to catch up. Hope you both are well. I have been busy lately, haven’t had time to watch episodes; however, i have recorded them, so will indulge at the weekend in one big sitting lol. I can fast forward Pinki’s typical eyeroll and Kamla’s mean squints and nose wriggle when things don’t go her way lol.
      I’ve just been reading updates when i can. Anyway, look after yourself and take care.
      P.s Hi Rajesh, we all come here to either express our delight ( not much of that happening at the moment) or frustration at the direction of the storyline taking. More of the latter at the moment! 🙂

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