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Badho Bahu 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal turns towards Lucky who is still lost in his own world. She puts garland in his neck. Lucky too follows suit unhappily. Malti ji is teary eyed. Kamla ji taunts her to enjoy. Everyone claps for the couples. Pundit ji asks brides and grooms to sit for other rituals. Komal, Lucky, Pinki and Rana sit down. Rana and Pinki are too fast in doing puja. Pundit ji tells them to wait a little for him to complete mantras. Ladies tease the couple. Pundit ji should increase the speed of chanting mantras as Rana is too eager. Everyone smiles. Lucky holds his hand mid-air and gets lost in thoughts. Pundit ji asks him to do aahuti. Komal holds his hand and makes him do it. Kamla ji thinks that this wedding should happen soon. I will light diyas in the house and celebrate. Ahlawat ji praises Komal and Lucky’s

pair. They are made for each other. She stares at him so he goes quiet. Payal does gathbandhan of Lucky and Komal. Rinki does gathbandhan of Pinki and Rana. Pundit ji shares that a girl comes to another house for her entire life leaving her parents behind. They take 7 vows during the wedding. Pundit ji makes them take vows. Rana is too eager to accept it which leaves everyone smiling whereas Lucky takes his time to reply. Malti ji can see that Lucky is getting restless with every passing minute. Hope he does not do anything rash. He (Raghubir ji) wont react nicely in that case. The bride and groom continue to take vows.

A few ladies suggest Rana and Lucky to think before saying yes. They will make you dance on their tunes. Kamla ji happily says they are tigers. They would not let it happen. Lucky gets upset hearing one of the vows (you wont make anyone else a part of your love). He holds his fist behind his back. Komal waits for his yes. Will you promise me this? He ends up promising her. She adds that she also promises to not let any problem come on him or to never let her disappoint him. pundit ji asks the brides and grooms to take pheras around holy fire. Grooms walk ahead their brides for the first three rounds. Everyone showers flower petals on them. brides step in front next. Komal imagines her Babu ji standing there and blessing her. She smiles. Both couples complete pheras. Rana and Lucky put vermilion in the hairline of their respective brides. Lucky thinks of Marjorie while doing so. He gets lost for a minute. Komal observes it. Raghubir ji signals Lucky to put vermilion. He obliges. Jamuna ji wipes a tear from the croner of her eyes.

Precap: Bride and grooms are taking blessings from the elders. Malti ji blesses her son but she holds her hand mid air when Komal seeks her blessings. Raghubir ji notices it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I don’t find anything wrong in crying of lucky . he is a boy it does not mean he must write on his forehead that” mard ko dard nhi hota”. he also had feelings. arre uska pyar us se door ja chuka hai aur ab wo ro bhi nhi sakta . prince is a very good actor.

    exited to see lucky aur komal together as a husband and wife .

  2. Love this scene so much. Thanks for recap

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