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Badho Bahu 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bua’s lover comes to Ahlawat House dressed as an accountant. He greets Bharpayi and asks for Chotto Bua. Chotto ji’s husband has sent me as she keeps a track of accounts. Bharpayi takes him inside.

Pragya is cooking. Lattu brings something that Vardaan has given to him. Jamuna ji looks at it and then looks at Pragya. She smiles seeing boxes of food in his bag. Good boy. Go inside and don’t let your mother come outside for some time. He nods and goes to implement the plan.

Jamuna ji sends Pragya to freshen up. You seem tired. I will wrap it up. Pragya goes.

Chotto Bua is with her lover in her room. Pinki clocks a photo of them sharing a hug and smiles. Bua is having an affair with her accountant also? Amazing! She hides hearing someone else’s footsteps. Komal is murmuring

to herself. She stops hearing voices coming from Bua’s room and looks on from outside. She also spots them hugging. Bua is having an affair with her accountant who comes to meet her daily? Fufa ji takes such good care of her but she is busy with someone else. Lucky comes there just then. I was going out. I wanted to ask Bua if she needs something. She thinks to divert him or he might see Bua with her lover. She cribs about his shirt. He tells her its fine but she pulls him by his shirt which gets torn in the process. Chotto Bua goes out of her room hearing the commotion. Lucky stares angrily at Komal. Are you happy now? He removes his shirt and throws it on the floor. Iron it now! Komal is relieved that he dint see Bua’s lover. Chotto Bua asks Komal to make Sattu Parathe and feed Lucky first if she is done. Komal heads to the kitchen.

Jamuna ji tastes the food. It is tasteless. No problem though. Vardaan has sent enough food. I will send it to everyone’s home. She makes the poori’s and then arranges plates for everyone.

Bharpayi collides with Som Singh. She stares at him angrily and even scolds him. Cant you see that I am coming? He replies that she is small like mice so he couldn’t see. He teases her. I got scared. You are small like mice but you talk like a tigress! She tells him not to talk rubbish. I will have to wipe the floor now. Someone calls out to Bharpayi. She leaves the floor wet and scurries off.

Komal thinks to catch Bua’s lover. I will ask her how much water to add in the flour. She stops in her tracks seeing Lucky coming downstairs. He looks like a hero. Lucky notices her and the wet cloth on the floor. He warns her to look down but she keeps staring at him. She slips on it and the plate of Sattu falls over him. Chotto hears the noise. Did Badho do something again? I don’t think you (her lover) should stay here anymore. She rushes outside and is shocked to see Lucky covered in flour. He shouts at Komal. I just got ready and see what you did to me. You tore my shirt and now this! She replies that she dint do it intentionally. He shouts at her. You don’t listen to me anyways. You always do whatever you have to. This is why I said no to Bua ji that u wont do anything with you. Clean the floor now. He heads to his room in a huff. Chotto bua thinks I wanted to bring them together but things just got out of hand here. It is easier uniting sun and moon than bringing these two closer.

Pragya serves food to her family. Payal notices the plate full of spices intact. She dint use them even. I would have cooked food myself if I had known it. We will be insulted this way. Payal gets call from Vimla ji. Jamuna ji puts the call on speaker. Vimla ji compliments the food. Be careful of Pragya. She is your match. The call ends. Jamuna ji tells Payal that Pragya has magic in her hands. You should have had this magic though. Payal tastes the food and loves it. Vardaan too appreciates Pragya. Pragya smiles but Payal gets upset.

Komal thinks Lucky ji was right. I shouldn’t be trusted as I always mess up everything. Maybe a better guy is needed for her wedding. She notices Bua’s lover coming out of her room and confronts him. You backstabbed Fufa ji. You must be ashamed! Bua’s lover replies that he only loves Chotto. Love is not a crime. Komal says do you know how much Fufa ji loves Bua ji. He even gets Sattu especially for Bua ji from Banaras as it cannot be found in Haryana. I beg you not to come back ever again. He tries saying something but she asks him to leave. Fufa ji loves Bua since last 15 years and they are about to remarry. Leave quietly or I will tell everyone.

Komal next confronts Chotto Bua on her affair but Bua clearly tells her off. Understand your limits. You have no right to speak in my personal matters. I cannot take it if someone interferes in my personal matters. She thinks to play with Komal’s mind as she is really innocent. My story might bring her and Lucky’s story on track. What are you thinking? Komal says I cannot pacify my husband and you have! Bua understands what she is saying. Heights, weight don’t matter in love. Komal asks her why she and Lucky are still so far then. Bua says you don’t act like a lady. Pinki is so beautiful but beauty fades with time. How you look after your husband can really make him fall for you. I will teach you how to act like a girl. Komal gets happy. Really? Chotto Bua agrees. All boys will fall for you then. Komal shakes her head. I don’t want anyone except Lucky ji to look at me. Bua prays to God that Lucky understands Komal’s worth and loves her.

At night, Lucky returns to his room. Komal keeps a sorry note for him on the table beside the glass and tells him it is for him. I have troubled you enough today. She folds her hands once and then leaves the room. Lucky reads her note.

Precap: Komal tells Bharpayi to pack Pragya’s things and send them to her to Bakriawal. Bharpayi asks her why she is still thinking so much about Pragya. Komal says I just want her to be happy in this new phase of her life and I will do whatever I can to make it happen. Lucky hears it. He later tells everyone that he has agreed to manage Bua’s wedding preps with Badho. Ahlawat Family is surprised.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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