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Badho Bahu 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahlawat family is sitting together in the hall. Raghubir ji tells Lucky that he received call from Chennai camp for him. The camp is going to start from tomorrow. They want you to come there asap. Lucky smiles in relief. Malti ji says how they can call him so suddenly. We dint make any preps. Raghubir ji says he has to go. Your son is called Iron Man of Haryana. Don’t you want him to gain fame in entire country? I have made preps for him to go. Malti ji is concerned as to how her son will stay away from there. Raghubir ji reasons that everyone goes. Even Dara Singh went. He has become professional now. Don’t lose heart. Komal too gets sad. Raghubir ji asks her what happened to her. She lies that she is fine. He says we can send you also then. Eveyrone gets confused while Lucky is taken

aback. Raghubir ji smiles. She doesn’t have to learn wrestling. Why will she go to Chennai? Kamla ji asks him to explain. Raghubir ji says it’s been more than a month since these couples got married. There is a ritual called Pag Phera. Girls must go to their homes. Rana asks him if he is really important. Kamla ji nods. She explains the ritual to him. Ahlawat ji adds that both DIL’s will go in their home and tell how much love they get from us. This way they shouldn’t worry that the girls are unhappy in our house. Rana asks his mother how long will Pinki ji go for. His mother scolds him. Can you not stay away from her for 2-3 days? Rana replies that he dint know which is why he asked. Raghubir ji tells him to leave Lucky to Delhi. Ahlawat ji also agrees to drop the DIL’s off to their homes. Lucky excuses himself so he can pack his bags. Komal is in tears.

Jamuna ji rubs oil on her feet. She calls out for Payal. Please massage my feet. I will feel better this way. Payal tells her not to make such excuses. I have lost my mind already. You have created problem for me already. Jamuna ji asks her if she is drugged. Is this the way to talk to me? Payal complains to her for complaining in Ahlawat House. Why don’t you understand that that girl is the DIL of that home now? We don’t have that much right on her now. Jamuna ji reasons that she dint say anything wrong. I only asked Raghubir Bhai ji to send Komal to her home for some days. You also went for a month’s time. Payal says my case was different. It isn’t same with Komal. If she comes now then she will get away from that home and family for forever. Jamuna ji says Lucky does not want to get rid of Komal. Payal insists she is a well-wisher for Komal. You don’t understand this. Payal gives up as Jamuna ji fails to understand her logics.

Komal offers to pack Lucky’s bags but he holds her hand too tightly. He warns her not to touch his clothes. I have told you many times already. She says I was only helping you. He tells her to let it be. I don’t need your help or you in my life. She takes his name. He tells her not to take his name. I hate you like no one would have hated anyone else in his life. How do I tell you how much I hate your face? She tries speaking again but he does not let her. I am fed up hearing your voice and rubbish. You have only given me and my family pain since you have come in the house. No one except Babu ji likes you. Don’t know what magic you have cast on you. Everyone else just hates you! You have made my mother so helpless. I don’t want such people in my life who hurt my mother so much! I am only wasting my energy. You saw everyone taunting / mocking you. I don’t mind you getting insulted but I cannot see my mother going through anything because of you. You have been ignoring everything and doing everything as per your own wish. I told you not to marry me but you only wanted your happiness. You have ruined my life. I hate you! I don’t wish to spend another minute with you. He notices the photo frame on the table which has their wedding photo. She can see the anger on his face. Lucky says you have kept it so you can remind me every second how you ruined my life. You think I don’t understand? I understand your every move you used to trick me (butter incident, perfume incident and that nighty one). Do you realise what our family had to face if CM Sir had seen you? Nothing matters to you anyways. You were, are and can never be in my life. This marriage happened against my wish. You never were, are not, and will never be my wife! He breaks the photo frame on the floor. I don’t want you in my life. Don’t know why and how you came in my life. I simply hate you!

Komal cries as she collects the broken pieces of glass. He tells her to stop shedding crocodile tears. You wouldn’t be here if you were so nice. You aren’t going to change. Thank God that I am going from this house. I wanted to throw you out. for the first time, I am happy to leave this house. She agrees with him. I don’t deserve to be the DIL of this house. I lost as a DIL, as a friend and as a wife. My Mahadev knows everything. He knows everything. Whatever I did, I did for your family, this house and you. I never did anything for myself. I made butter as you like it. I used perfume to lessen the distance between us. I only wanted to make place for myself. He says this double-faced behaviour of yours is only making me hate you more. I don’t want to spend another minute with you. It is so suffocating. He throws things angrily and walks out of the room. Komal cries her heart out as his words echo in her head again and again.

Lucky is in car. He is disturbed thinking about people’s taunts today. Don’t know what I did in last birth that I got stuck with this fattie. She wont let me breathe in peace! I am hungry. This is bothering me as well He notices the lunchbox in the backseat of car and gets glad. He wonders who kept this here. It must be Badho. He keeps the box back without eating.

Sad song plays as Komal looks at the photo. She touches her ring sadly.

Precap: Komal tells Lucky she understands her position in his life very well now. This time when I will leave for my mother’s home, I won’t come back ever again in your house. Lucky and Komal go in their directions. Komal looks at Lucky as his car moves whereas he only looks back at his family and home.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Really so heartbreaking episode when I seeing lucky scolding komal Tears running out my eyes. Poor komal. He broke her heart So much.

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