Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania Review: Impressive love story with a homely touch

Sony’s new show Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania brings a family drama which is very realistic and would connect to almost every joint family. The show brings a story of a 14-member Pant family, with various different characters. Abhishek left his studies to manage the household duties. He is the sole bread earner of the house, and takes responsibility of everyone. Abhishek is worried for his ailing mother. His mother is upset as Abhishek left living his own life and dipped in managing responsibilities.


Actor Priyanshu Jora of Tu Mera Hero fame, is playing the lead Abhishek in this show. The concept revolves around all the family members willing to find a perfect bride for Abhishek, whom they call Bade Bhaiya with love. Abhishek is very homely and down to earth, with no desires and social life of his own. He has become mature at a tender age, seeing the necessity of his early growing. Meera’s character played by Namita Dubey is of a carefree and lively spirit girl. Abhishek and Meera fall in love. Meera gets a big task of winning Abhishek’s family. How she fulfills everyone’s expectations forms the rest of the story.

Main Characters:

Abhishek’s Family:
The family consists of fourteen members, and Abhishek happily does all his duties. Abhishek is the only one who wakes up early and sleeps late, just to be dutiful towards his family. The eldest member Dadi feels pity on Abhishek for taking so much responsibilities on his young shoulder. Abhishek’s father left to attain spiritual peace, whereas his mother is overweight and less mobile. Abhishek takes care of his mother and every family member. He loves them equally, and also teaches importance of money to his siblings. His family is his utmost priority. He could not complete his engineering to look after his family. The family knows all the sacrifices Abhishek made for their well being and financial stability. They all love him and can’t see him upset. The family wants perfect girl for Abhishek, and have their set of conditions preset.



Abhishek is a hardworking, obedient, energetic and very responsible guy. He does not have much friends and is always caring towards his family. Abhishek is very witty and charming. He manages any situation by his intellect. He has taken the house duties on his shoulders since young age. Abhishek does not regret to lose his precious teenage years. He is the only earning person in the family and takes care of everyone’s needs. Abhishek is filled with all the good qualities a girl would like to have in a perfect husband. Abhishek believes he will get a lovely girl. He has no time for his personal life and love.

Meera is lively, sweet and non ambitious girl. She full of enthusiasm, but only to gain happiness. Meera has least interest in her studies and career. She is bad in studies and does not want to make any full fledged career. She comes from a family where everyone is well educated and settled. Meera wants to make her own path and discover happiness. On her journey, she meets Abhishek and falls in love with her. Meera lacks in qualities, but has good effective values. Meera’s high charm and carefree nature makes her special.


Priyanshu Jora as Abhishek Pant
Namita Dubey as Meera Raizada
Ushma Rathod as Abhishek’s mother
Inderjeet Sagoo as Aman
Ritu Seth as Madhu
Rishi Dev as Kapil Pant
Naveen Pandita as Sanjay
Saloni Daini as Mona Pant
Yash Acharya as Rohan
Indraneel Bhattacharya as Prahlad Raizada

Story So Far:

badebhiay8The introduction of Pant Family is done. The family comprises of 14 members, who are very distinct. The one thing common between them is their love for Abhishek. Abhishek is the one who manages all the responsibilities of elders and siblings. He has turned mature at a young age and left behind all his desires for being the ideal son of Pant family. Everyone try to get an alliance fixed for Abhishek. Dadi is worried as they lost eleven alliances till now. She shows her grand home to a pandit, and asks him to fix Abhishek’s marriage with a good valued hardworking girl.

badebhay7Abhishek is famous and is called Bade Bhaiya by everyone because of his responsible and caring nature. Abhishek is then introduced. He is seen helping the people. He then goes to pick his sister from school. Abhishek’s ancestral haveli and his family holds importance for him. Abhishek does much work all day and then takes care of his ailing mother at home. His mother blesses him to get a good wife soon. Abhishek is seen managing the duties and earning money for his family by much hard work, and without any complaints. He is an ideal son and brother. Everyone bless Abhishek to get a hardworking and good natured girl, who would match upto Abhishek.

badebh7Meera’s introduction is done then. She is shown a complete opposite of Abhishek. Abhishek talks about putting cell in an alarm clock, and wakes up without the alarm, early morning. Meera keeps multiple alarm clocks and still sleeps sound asleep. Meera’s result comes and she gets sad that she scored just 32%. Her dad asks her to do anything stable, and even her opening a PCO is fine for him, if she can’t work in any NGO or study any course. Meera decides to get married to avoid the career pressure. She thinks of staying happy the either way.

badebhu2Abhishek gets the next alliance and all the family members make a mess of the talks. The family questions silly things to the girl Priya. Though Priya answers right, they have their own default answers set. Priya and her family find Pant family much different than expected. Priya’s dad asks Abhishek to leave his family, if he wants to marry Priya. Abhishek rejects the proposal. Abhishek gets sad and all the family members try to cheer him up. Abhishek plays mouth organ and makes his family happy.

badbehi7Meera lands in Devpur along with her elder sister Ria and her boyfriend Sanjay. Meera refuses to stay in any five star hotel and asks Sanjay to arrange a guest house instead. Sanjay books Abhishek’s guest house for her stay. Abhishek’s mother asks him to pray to Hanuman ji for getting a good bride. Meera lectures a driver on handling a marriage. Abhishek goes to temple and prays for a good bride, while Meera reaches the same temple. Meera sees Abhishek forgetting the Prasad and runs to give him. Abhishek leaves from temple, and Meera asks pandit about him. She gets to know he stays at Pant Bhavan, and thinks to return it herself as she is heading there. Pant family gets mistaken and assume Meera to be Meenakshi. Meera lands in Pant Bhavan.

Our Take:

bade827Abhishek and Meera’s characters are sketched well. Both are different, and yet very similar by heart. One is hardworking and responsible, and other knows to lighten other’s stress. The story is very relatable, where joint families face problems of finding an idealistic daughter in law. Abhishek’s character has good wittiness and charm. Meera’s carefree nature and rich look is portrayed nicely by Namita. Priyanshu shines in his earthy performance. The actor proves to be a talent punch and speaks a lot by silence. The dialogues look simple, and could have been witty.

badebh23Concept wise, the show is very predictable. The difference here is characterizations. Abhishek sharing a special bond with every family member makes the story loved by viewers. The numerous characters would make the show look chaotic initially. But, every character is necessary as per the plot. Abhishek handles every situation with his calm and composed nature brilliantly. Priyanshu and his character of Bade Bhaiya Abhishek are the USP of the show.


bade7It is a good clean family entertaining show. One may just get to see proper characterizations, practicality and modern take on blossoming relationships. A good and different attempt by Sony channel to get realistic family drama, than idealistic one. The show would become more entertaining when Abhishek and Meera’s true love story begins. Let’s hope the show does not deviate from its original concept.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5

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  1. Nadia

    Loved the story….its amazing…..nd mond blowing


    As promos were shown; show is not to my expectations. I did not like even a single episode till now.

    1. Luvleen

      Really shradda?! It’s at least so natural n realistic…not like the serials that are on now.


        I know that but i am not satisfied with it as something is missing or may be i will start liking aftersome rime.

  3. Amazing story priyanshu n namita r gud as abhishek n.meera loving the madness in ths pant family..

  4. Varsha

    I like this as I want a joint family but sure not like this, I am fed of my parents love as they dont spend time with me and both are busy with their works. I am just like meera, want to enjoy my life but I will sure pursue my career as CA soon

  5. Luvleen

    I loooove this show and my husband is finally happy to watch an Indian serial with me! Finally! ???

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