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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ramraj goes to kitchen and starts pampering Madhu. She asks what he needs. He says he needs her jewelry. She asks why. He says Balraj did not pay 3 years property tax, so he has to pay. She says Balraj is always busy with Rekha, she will confront him. He says he already scolded him a lot. Balraj comes and takes pakoras. Madhu says they will take money from Meera. They both go to Meera’s room and says Aman broke wall and Abhishek is so innocent that he does not want to accept money, who will clear losses now. Meera gives them money envelope. Ramraj gets very happy. They both walk out trying to hiding enveolope. Kapil sees them with envelope.

Mona gets rubber lizar and tells her siblings they will teach a lesson to Meera for troubling bade bhaiya/Abhishek.

They keep lizard outside Meeera’s door, but Avni gets afraid seeing lizard and shouts. Meera comes from outside and says they should try to stop foreign delegates. Kapil says it is a dead issue. Meera says until they don’t try, how can he say that. Rohan convinces Kapil for bade bhaiya’s sake. Meera tells them plan. Babli calls Meera and says she is with her with whatever she does and asks what her mother would have done in this situation to wish her best of luck. Meera says she would have kissed her. Babli asks her to look at balcony and gives her flying kiss.

Meera discusses plan with Abhishek’s siblings. She silently goes into Stephanie’s room and steals her bag again and hides. Stephanie comes out of washroom and sees her bag mising and all her clothes on bed. Anita enters and starts crying. Stephanie asks what happened. Anita says she does not know why her marriage is not happening, it is her childhood dream tomarry and keeps Stephanie busy. Meera smirks hiding near door. Others decorate home stay hurriedly before Abhishek comes home. Abhishek calls home repeatedly and does not get answer, so he reaches home to see his siblings decorating home stay. He sees Meera guiding them from her room’s window. Foreign delegates come. All siblings greet them garland and traditional drinks wearing traditional caps and take them in. Abhsihek stands silently and watches and sees Meera again in her room window and gets impressed by her idea.

Precap: Abhishek’s siblings dance and entertain foreign delegates. Sohan tells Abhishek it was nto his idea. Abhishek says he knows it is Meera’s idea.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. At least even abshiek is impressed with meera.
    He will soon love her.

  2. Total madness .loved the way meera decorated the house no show off using what s available for decorating the house thus not hurting abhi n his famly’s self respect.

    1. She is quite sensible and fit for Panths.

  3. He has already started to feel for Meera I think so is Meera. But when it reforms to Love is a matter of time. It will be interesting to watch,

    1. develops not reforms.

  4. Sound quality seems to b a issue with Sony channel i guess i tried the new serial 1st episode same their too quality was bad.

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