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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhishek comes to his room smiling reminiscing Meera. Radhika enters and starts her usual seduction. Abhishek asks her to stay away. She asks him to remove his clothes. He asks what she means. She says she means to change, she will clean room by then. Abhishek says no need, she can go out. Madhu enters and asks Abhishek if he is ignoring Radhika as she is a divorcee. He says he did not mean that, he just does not want to marry so soon. Madhu says he is so big that he is taking his own decisions and does not want to listen elders.

Aman fumes in front of his friends and tells them he will marry Meera for sure and will not let manager Abhishek near her. Ria scolds Meera that she irked Aman and if her engagement breaks, their papa will get angry. Meera sits sadly.

Ria asks her to cheer up and have soup. Both sisters enjoy.

Yograj takes Abhishek’s side. Madhu and Ramraj start yelling at him. Ramraj asks where was he for 10 years and did not realize his responsibilities then. Abhishek also hears their conversation. Abhishek walks out. Radhika starts shedding crocodile tears to gather Abishek’s attention. Abhishek stops. She says he should get her ticket as because of her, Ramraj had to listen so much. He says she is not responsible for anything. She continues her drama. Meera comes. Abhishek sees her and walks towards her. Radhika fumes. Meera asks Abhishek if he is having an affair with Radhika. He says she is Madhu’s friend’s daughter, that is it. She asks how did he get lipstick marks on his shirt. He asks if she does not remember anything. She says no and says don’t tell me it is her lipstick mark. He asks if she remembers what happened after she got allergic reaction. She says he dropped her to her room, that is it. He says it is her lipstick mark when he carried her till her room.

Aman comes drunk and asks Meera to come with him. She says she does not want to now. Aman’s friends mimick limping like Babli. Kapil and others see that and start fighting with them. Abhishek interferes and asks them to go. Aman comes and tries to hit Abhishek, but Abhishek holds him. Balraj comes and tries to hit Aman’s friends, but Abhishek calms even him. Aman then drags Meera. Abhishek stops him and says if girl does not want to go, he shoudl not force her. Aman reacts and Abhishek raises hand to hit him and then calms down. Family is shocked seeing him so angry.

Precap: Madhu asks Daadi to convince Abhishek to marry Radhika. Yograj speaks to someone over phone and says his reason of coming here will fulfill after Abhishek marries.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Latha

    Radhika u doesn’t suit to our Abhi please chale jao parishan math karo to our abhira

  2. Latha

    Being an IAS officer Aman how can u behave like this.

  3. Latha

    Till now Meera has not shown her love feelings for Abhi .

  4. Latha

    Today missing the song Dil ki basha

  5. Good

  6. How come abhishek can tolerate his family drama. Madhu always acts as she is abhishek mum..

  7. Doesn’t the actor who is doing the role of Aman look a little too old for the actress portraying Meera, he looks like a married man with two kids, even the two actors acting as his friends look much younger, maybe because his role isn’t important (definitely not marrying Meera), that is why they did not carefully choose the actor, the same goes for the actress who acting as Radhika but must say Aman is doing a very good job in making us the audience hate him.
    I personally think everyone in this drama is doing a great job, but TRP does not look too good, hope Sony Tv don’t pull the plug on it too soon, they are famous for that!

    1. Latha

      We can accept aman but Radhika looking too old and not at all good looking

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