Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadi comes to Babli’s room and asks if she is angry on her and disapproves her decision. Babli says she does not want to talk about it and asks her to go to temple now. Daadi says she took this decision so that her son should not leave her. Babli says like Yograj left twice. Daadi asks if she knew. Babli says he called and told he is going on an important work and wants her to believe. Daadi says she is going, everyone misunderstand her. Babli hears Daadi falling from stairs. She rushes out and sees Daadi unconscious on floor. She then calls Abhishek over phone, but he does not pick call. She then calls Meera and says daadi got a heart attack.

Meera rushes in and makes Daadi sleep on sofa. She tries to revive her heart beat, calls doc and says daadi has got heart

attack, so he should rush in here. Doc says he cannot as there is traffic jam all over city. She warns that her papa is in home ministry and will cancel his license. He gets afraid and asks her to give medicine and CPR till he comes. Meera gives CPR and tries to revive daadi’s heart beat. She asks Babli to call Abhishek and inform.

Babli calls Abhishek and informs that Daadi got heart attack. Abhishek informs Ramraj and says they need to rush home. Ramraj says how will they, all road have traffic jam. Abhishek says they have to. He calls Meera and tells daadi got heart attack. Meera says she is with Daadi and trying to revive her. Whole family reaches home and surround Daadi. Madhu yells what is Meera doing here and asks her to leave. Ramraj also asks her to leave. Meera walks towards door. Doc comes calling Meera. He gives injection to Daadi and asks her to sit. He praises Meera that because of her timely action, Daadi is alive.

Meera tries to leave again. Whole family says no. Daadi holds her hand and asks if she will leave her daadi alone. Meera says why should she stay here, they all treat their bahu in such an ill manner. Babli descendings stairs without support and comes down. Whole family gets happy seeing her walking down without support. Meera says he knows Babli can walk without support, but nobody tried, so she did this drama. Meera’s parents enter. Daadi hugs Meera and says she got her daughter back and tells Babli that she was right, they all got bade bhaiya’s dulhania. Meera says it is time for selfie and takes selfie with whole family/serial cast.

Serial ends with a positive note with Daadi and whole family accepting Meeera as bade bhaiya ki dulhaniya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Really! It ended so soon??


    It ended so soon?? Only in approx 6 -7 months???
    But i am confused if bade bhaiya ki dhulaniya ended or ek dhuje ke vaste???


      Or they have ended both shows


      Now I got it that both shows ended today but plz can anyone tell me why they ended both shows??

    3. Vaishnavi

      Bade bhaiya ki dulhaniya ended coz of low trps
      Ek duje ke vaaste ended because of ill health of main leads so they couldn’t shoot further and trps are not that great….


        Thnk you vaishnavi

  3. So long BBKD, you will be missed 🙁 🙁

  4. and the next episodes will coming soon or not……..

  5. plz reply me

  6. Whatever show we like, ends in a hurry. The sas-bahu types are liked most in India and runs for decades. Bullshit. Some shows shd be there for youngsters and off colour. Same is case in all channels.

    1. Sucha wonder how crap saas bahu serials run fr evr

  7. Y it ended soo was a nc 1

  8. Sad that both ended very soon coz of trp…. Any way we youngsters have many stuff to do at night than to watch like house wifes so probably saas bahu serials survived every time… like kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi… it survives and going on coz she got married and her saas doesn’t like her… Saas bahu problem is best for house wifes…. L

  9. But I loved bade bhaiya Ki dulhaniya. Will miss u Abhishek Mira n bacha party

  10. Very sad both my favourite serial got finished…..shravan suman n Abishek meera ll miss u…. they d acted superb n they looked very perfect together. Waiting dor 2 series

  11. Rohan chotrani

    Bada bhaiya ki dulhaniya ebded very soon why only because of low trp

    1. Rohan chotrani


  12. This was a gr8 show… relief from usual bakwas saas bahu dramas and stories of two leads who r married to show others but hav nok jhok n eyelocks m never ending saga of how “they r married yet live like two strangers who r madly attracted to eachother yet dont confess”. Bbkd had low trps either bcoz of poor publicity or coz most viewrs r dumb and want the same story in different titles . – rich rude guy whos nice within and an xtra sanskari actress whos misunderstood and abused…. the 2 of them ending up in fake marriage ( swaragini … tpk… edvk…. kumjum bhagya etc to name a few).
    Miss u bbkd. Xcellent performance by all actors- good luck

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