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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera sleeps till late morning. Ria and Sanjay try to wake her up as Aman must be coming to take her out for breakfast. Meera hurriedly wakes up and starts brushing. Aman enters and panicks if she did not get ready yet. His friends enter next and taunt her. She asks them if they wake up everyday well dressed like Varun Dhawan. They laugh. Aman says they are already late for breakfast.

Aman’s friends go out and sit keeping their legs on sofa. Sona requests him to keep his legs down. They insult him. Kapil takes Sona’s side. Aman joins his friends and bullies Sona. Kapil confronts them. Abhishek enters and asks Aman’s friends to keep their legs down. Meera coemes and evaluating situation asks Sona if he did not clean sofa yet as someone

vomited on it yesterday night. Friends keep their legs down. Meera leaves with Aman and friends.

Madhu scoldss Radhika for being too sensuous in front of Abhishek. Radhika says in her family, they behave with would be husband same way.. She says she has to behave like Pant family if she has to marry Abhishek. Ramraj sits and enjoys tea. Madhu scolds him if Abhishek gets out of this house, they will be on road, so they have to hold him by marrying him to Radhika.

A guest orders Abhishek to get her cookies from next shop. Meera reaches restaurant with Aman and his friends. Aman orders sandwitches and says Meera that they will shift to Delhi after marriag. Abhishek enters and Meera smiles. Aman gets angry. Meera asks what sandwitch is this. Aman scolds her to eat silently. She bites and starts choking and coughing. Abhishek forgets his key on reception desk and returns. He sees Meera choking and asks what did she eat. Aman says sandwitch. Abhishek checks sandwitch and says it has peanut butter in it. He gives Meera’s antiallergic tablet from her bag and asks where is injection. She says at hotel room. He lifts her and runs out. Aman shouts how dare he is to lift his fiance. He asks him to stop arguing and inform Ria first over phone to get injection ready. He gets Meera in Aman’s car and rushes to home stay and asks Ria to get injection. He gets injection. Abhishek says he will give it. Ria says they should go to doc. He says he gives injection to daadi daily and gives injection to Meera’s arm.

Aman comes with his friends. Ria asks Meera why did she eat peanuts. She says Aman gavee her sandwitch. Aman says peanut butter sandwitch is that hotel’s speciality and he did not know they added peanut butter. Abhishek scolds that he should have checked it, did not he see what happeend to Meera last time. Aman shouts how dare he is to speak to him and asks to get out now. Ria also asks Abhishek to get out.

Radhika serves paranthas to Daadi and asks to give her shagun. Daadi asks why. Madhu says Radhika cooked today, so she is asking shagun. Daadi gives shagun hesitantly. Abhishek enters. Madhu sees lipstick mark on his shiirt and asks how did he get it. He says it is Meera’s lipstick mark. Madhu signals daadi. Abhishek says Meera fell ill, so he had to carry her from hotel to home stay room, nothing else. He goes to change shirt. Madhu says Daadi even her elder son used to get lipstick marks like this. Ramraj comes down and asks Madhu what happened. She says Abhishek has Meera’s lipstick mark on his shirt. Ramraj signals they must have kissed. Drama continues..

Precap: Aman drags Meera forcefully and she resists. Abhishek stops Aman, says if girl says no, he should not force, raises hand to hit Aman. Pant family, Meera and Ria stand in a shock.

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  1. Abhishek and meera are made for each other.

    1. Yes vandhana u r right abi and Meera are made for each other

  2. Somebody shd tell Aman that Meera is neither his wife nor his servant nor mangetar. Abhi mangni hui nahin hai. Educated people dont behave their wives like this. How dare he behaves Meera like that. This shd be told by none other than Abhisek or Sanjay.

  3. I think Rhea also shd realise Aman’s character and think twicce be4 advising Meera. Is he really an IAS.

    1. I think Rhea is bit selfish till now and pushing Meera too far towards Aman just to save her marriage with Sanjay. Sanjay shd clarify her doubts. It is high time now for him to speak up if he is really a good person.

      1. Ramraj and Madhu chaci also selfish people

  4. Abhisek shd call police and get Aman arrested for harassing a guest in his homestay.

  5. Yes while Meera holding Abhishek’s hand and asked Abi not to leave at that moment abi was so happy

  6. Precap ??????

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