Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhishek and Meera walk towards Daadi to take her blessings. Siblings start commentary one by one. Abhishek and Meera touch daadi’s feet and she blesses them with frowning face. Abhishek then tells Ramraj and Madhu he will not go without taking their blessings. Ramraj coomes forward and blesses them. They both then walk to Babli and take her blessing. Babli takes them to her room. Abhishek asks Babli if she liked her Abhishek’s dulhania. Babli nods yes and gives jewlry boxes to Meera and asks her to go and rest now.

Meera and Abhishek go to their room. Abhishek sits on chir. Meera slips and sits on his lap. She asks him to kiss her. He says he is getting nervous. She says even she is. When they are about to kiss, siblings enter. They get nervous

and Abhishek says Meera slipped and fell on him. Monica laughs that earlier Radhika’s pallu used to fal in front of Abhishek and now whole Meera fell on him. They all laugh. Sona says they came here to decorate room for suhagraat. Mona brings Domino’s pizza. Meera says it is her favorite. They all enjoy pizza. Kapil says Daadi’s room light is on. Abhishek says he will meet amma and come back. He goes to amma’s room and Amma asks why did not he sleep yet. He says even she has not slept and asks her not to worry, she will see the same routine tomorrow also and no changes. Abhsihek’s siblings enjoy pizza and all try to leave. Meera ask them to stay back till Abhishek comes as she may fall asleep any time. Mona, Avni, and Rohan stay back.

Abhishek comes back and sees Meera, Avni, Mona and Rohan sound asleep. He sleeps on floor, wakes up in the early morning as usual and takes tea to Daadi’s room. Daadi opens her eyes and sees Abhishek holding tea for her as usual. She smiles and asks if Meera woke up. He says yes. She asks him to get some snacks as guests are coming

Abhishek goes back and tries to wake up Meera. Meera asks him to get tea. He wakes up Mona and asks her to get tea for Meera and leaves to get snacks from market. Meera does not wake up at all. Babli comes and wakes her up. She wakes up and starts execising and says she has to get rid of sleep somehow.

Guests flow in and ask Daadi to call new bahu. Avni and Anita get Meera ready in a sari and she comes down sleepy wearing pallu. She sits on sofa for muh dikhayi ritual and her mouth waters seeing snacks. She falls asleep. An old lady lifts pallu and sees Meera sound asleep. She creates a scene. Daadi fumes seeing Meera alseep under pallu.

Precap: Abhishek tells Daadi that he knows she was against his marriage and would find silly mistakes, if she wants him to apologize or do something else.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thx for the update.. y ths daadi acting as villain

  2. Lovely show

  3. They r not doing justice… seems we watching fast frwd…..itz sad….:(

  4. The dialogue between the characters are tense. Daadi is the chief protagonist supported by madhu…great tag team to stymie the newly weds. cleverly the scriptwriters has developed abishek’s character to show his tentativeness to be protective of his new wife or just accept the scoldings of the senior family members against his wife. Hope abishek will really become the raja of the house. He needs to stand up to daadi who is selfish deep down inside.

    So much more can be explored in this serial. Scriptwriters and producer work harder and get the serial extended…

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