Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera thinks how to help Pant family rebuild wall. She says Anita she will give her goggles ifshe tells what is happening. Anita tries goggles says tomorrow foreign delegates will come, but seeing broken compound wall Stephanie does not want them to stay at Pant bhavan. She falls asleep wearing goggles. Meera thinks she has to tackle Stephanie now.

Abhishek goes to Babli’s room, keeps his head on her lap and cries. Daadi comes. Abhishek says she would have called him down, why did she come up. Daadi says human has to come to god and says when his daadiji died, his father Yuvraj took responsibility of whole house, he left and then Shobraj took responsibility, even he left, now responsibility is on him, tough he is younger. Abhishek says he understood, he will

apologize both uncles. He leaves. Babli asks till when his son will have to bear all this. Daadi says their sins will not leave them so easily.

Abhishek goes out and thinks of rebuilding wall alone. He gets materials out and sees cement missing. Ramraj comes from outside inebriated and with wobbly gait. Abhishek asks where is cement. Ramraj says Sona needed money for books, so he sold cement at half rate. He says he forgot evening’s issue and even he should and walks away. Abhishek feels very sad and cries in rain. Meera sees his helplessness and feels guilty.

In the morning, Meera wakes up Anita and says shehas to wake up all her siblings. Anita acts as still sleepy. Meera says if she helps, her marriage will happen this year. Anita asks why not this month. Meera says she has to give some time for her family. She then goes out and peeps into Stephanie’s room. Stephanie packs her bag and goes to washroom. Meera enters, throws all clothes out and steals her back and keeps it under receptionist table.

Abhishek brings breakfast for Meera. Meera says she can pay for rebuilding wall and even speak to Stephanie and her clients. Abhishek says no need, he has arranged Stephanie and delegate’s stay in different hotel. Stephanie comes and says her bag is missing. Meera silently sleps bag inside receptionist table. Abhishek says Stephanie car will pick delegates and will bring them here. Stephanie asks him to drop them to hotel directly. Meera takes breakfast to her room and thinks she willl Abhishek at any cost and thinks her next move will start now.

Precap: Meera with Abhishek’s siblings tries to stop Stephanie from leaving Pant home stay. Anita makes drama in front of Stephanie.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Looks like Meera has already become one of the Pants.

  2. If only that panth family started to work together

    1. Tru n meera has already started uniting the young brigade..

  3. Anekta me ekta is the line for Pant family. May God bless Meera to sustain such a family. But she will becoz of her jolly, calm and carefree nature. In such a big fmly this is also neede to calm down the tensions.

    1. Infact i will say gud luck to pant family thy will get a bahu equally capable of doubling the madness n family.

      1. And thy will love her to core ..i m sure
        As she wil give them dose of their own medicine.

  4. I am feeling bad for poor Abhi. Bechara, besahara, dard ka mara, dhoondat hai love ka sahara. Meera please uska udhaar karo, bantadhar nahin.

    1. Worried abt abhi though…bechara he wil b dumbstruck after marrying meera. ?

  5. Kalpana

    How long they gonna illtreat Abhi for his dad’s mistakes? Bechara, pehle sent hi itna Kuch sambaal raha hai… These idiots don’t understand that their ego only will bring them down, not Meera

    1. Meera wil make pant family understand abhis imp. As she made raamraaj admit his mistake.

  6. Yet to watch ths episode commenting on basis of TU.

  7. Why so less comments here ths s an amazing seriAl

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