Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadi accepts Meera for Abhishek. Meera runs and hugs Abhishek happily. Abhishek’s siblings get happy and dance. Daadi and her team disappointedly watch standing aside. Babli gets her chunri and from balcony asks Meera’s mom to dorn it on her bahu. Mom emotionally dorns chunri on Meera. Abhishek corrrects it . Prahlad watches silently from a distance.

Radhika and her family walk out crying. All guests also walk out. Ramraj yells that he planned to take gifts from all guests and repay decorators and pandit. Pandit asks him to give money. He yells he will not as marriage did not happen. Pandit fights. Prahlad silently watches it and asks Ramraj to pay pandit. Ramraj yells at him to back off as he is not part of family. Prahlad fumes. Babli asks

pandit to find a muhurath for Meera and Abhishek’s marriage. He says muhurath is after 1 month or afer 2 hours. All youngsters dance that marriae is afte 2 hours. Meera says Abhishek that their marriage is most short time fixed marriage in the world. Ramraj and his team fume. Prahlad sees water leakage at pant house and asks his wife if she wants to get her daughter marriage in this kind of poor house.

Ramraj continues his jokergiri and orders Balraj to call all guests back and collect gift from everyone. His and Balraj’s jokergiri continues. Meera’s family goes back to their room and get busy ordering bridal dress for Meera. Rhea calls Sanjay and asks him to bring her bridal dress, she will tell how Meera’s marriage is fixed later. Mom also calls her designer and asks to send lehanga soon.

Dolly pampers Abhishek and says that she is happy that he is marrying the girl he loves. She takes out her wedding sari for Meera. Rohan comes and says surprise…..Meera comes wearing bridal lehanga choli and asks if she is looking nice, it is Rhea’s dress, she was worried that she does not have bridal dress for her marriage. Babli says she is looking pretty and says she selected her first when she came in as guest and everyone got he confused as Radhika. Meera says she remembers her performing aarti and says she will go and get ready now. Babli smiles. Meera notices Babli hiding sari and leaves..

Abhishek gathers his siblings and in SRK’s style says they have 30 min, says Prahlad wanted destination wedding for Meera in Japan, so if they cannot go to Japan, they will create Japan here…Siblings excitedly say yes….

Precap: Meera slips on grahapravesh red water and it splashes on Madhu and Daadi. Daadi yells that she cannot handle herself, how will she handle family.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I love this serial very much so. For. All. the characters r real. . We can see in our life .. This serial is natural .I Will miss abi ,Maeera and cousns so cute.. love u dear

  2. I thnk BBKD for fin on last thursday whn amma n daddy dear agreed rest now its just filling the gaps but todays highlight was bubbli passing on the chunari to jaya for meera .the way thy showed she sending that tub with chunari n meera n abhis expressions so genuine n rest of family except chillar party were havg long faces as thy cant find happiness n abhi being happy how selfish

  3. God showers us with blessings but we fail to take them that what rest of the pants r doing.thy dont realise meera s a blessing but will soon.

  4. Quirky serial but realistic portrayal of how two different social classes meet and interact. Salute to the concept developers and scriptwriters for producing a very engaging and rational dialogue among the characters. Compared to the other two Sony serials, this is way, way interesting and down to earth.

    Will fans of the show be seeing the Delhi wedding/reception too? Why not?

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