Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mona gets her school results and happily touches all elder’s feet. She stops when Yograj’s turn come. Abhishek touches Yograj’s feet and demonstrates. Mona happily touches Yograj’s feet next. Abhishek says though he cannot forgive Yograj, he has to become an example for his siblings. Abhishek’s siblings ask him for a party and he says no.

Aman comes to Panth guest house with Sanjay and asks him why did not he inform that Meera has failed even her degree. Meera comes down and meets Aman in lawn. Aman’s friends come there and ask him why did he deny coming for a badminton match and ask him to introduce them to bhabhi/Meera. Meera asks their names and ask if they have girlfriends. They nod yes. She says they must be knowing how demanding girlfriends are and she stopped Aman from going to a match, says Aman he can go now. Aman takes her aside and says he does not know whether to say sorry or thank you. She says a thank you is better. He thanks and hugs her. She hesitates to recriprocate. Abhishek enters and gets disheartered seeing them hugging. Aman leaves.

Abhishek comes out and asks Sanjay to give some advance to arrange is marrage settings. Sanjay says howmuch ever he asks. Abhishek thanks him and says he will repay property tax with his advance. Sanjay leaves with Aman. Abhishek then starts conversing with Meera. His siblings come and start playing with Meera. Meera then finally wishes birthday to Abhishek and ask if he was waiting for it. He smiles and says yes, small happiness matters to him. Meera asks for a birthday party and he flatly says no.

Meera meets Abhishek’s siblings and says if they help her they can get a party from Abhishek. They all agree and shakes hands with her.

Precap: Meera prays god to let Madhu give her kitchen today. Kapil says only Abhishek can convince Madhu. Meera consoles Avni and asks Abhi to convince Madhu to give her kitchen for some time.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. It was a simplr yet cute episode loved mobas commentry azaadi wala ashirwaad,her mimicking abhi tears one too gud n once again to set a gud e.g in front of his juniors he bows down for his family n for a smile n his mothers face.

    1. Liked ramus pat n abhis back was like i understand ur feelings but u hav to do it for family.

  2. Liked the way sanju giving bk to aman sayg he was full too fida n meeras fb profile n all of a sudden thinkg abt her not being grad actually the more people remind him she s grad fail the more he will start rethinking of his this relation.gud n u sanju u r indirectly helping abhi?

    1. I think Sanjay has got some link with Abhi or may be he is also a small town guy from middle class and became IAS. He has still not forgot his roots. I think he is approving Abhi for Meera already indirectly.

    2. Aman rooted i m doubtful…

      1. Not Aman, Sanjay

      2. Sorry my mistke.aman s sanjays cousin as he keeps callinv him bhai.sanjay s a gud soul he knows meera better than rhea i think..

      3. Yep sanjay s a good soul….he s amans cousin n elder to him as aman keeps calling him bhai…

  3. Meera at her teasing best knowingly wishing abhi late actually also liked abhis restlessness n getting some fb gyan from sons.
    PJ ur smile oh to die for ?

    1. That was funny. She was checking what by doing so? Or she does nit believe in small things. She wants to big things.

  4. Ohh meeras function also n homestay abhi ko toh wholesale may guests mil rahe hain ek par ek free type.?
    Lots of games n politics ,madness galore coming r way peeps
    ……bring it on BBKD.

    1. Is there no other guests at Homestay? o be practical, that also shd be shown. I think Meera is enabloing her function at homestay for Abhi’s cause only so that he can pay back his taxes. I dont know why r u so inclined towards Ramraj. He is the main culprit in the house.

    2. Other guests keep cmg n gog but meera seems to b permament at homestay.

      1. Like U & Me in BBKD

      2. V tru v r only perm visitors n this page ?

      3. Dont know why people r not here n go n see all crap serials hav so many followers.

    3. Abhis main fear n his life s that he has been abandoned by his dad when he was just may be 13 r 14 quite young n at that time ramu was the one who must hav been there for him though useless he did not abandon him…r leave his family for selfish reasons.sometimes being there for family matters most than abandoning ur own family.

    4. He mite b same old mean shrewd ramu tomorow but today he deserves some brownie points

    5. V tru v r only perm visitors n this page ?

  5. This serial always brings smile to my face..very real!!! Love meera and abishek..

  6. Tu s so slow it does not want visitors comments i think bye.Tu

  7. Meera is very honest to all. To her parents, to Aman, even if she does not like him and to Abhisek and his family. She has not fallen in love though. The boys fall in love so early becoz they are not matured enough. Always girls are more matured than boys.

  8. Tu why old comments r not uploaded yet

  9. Meera is doing one best thing what others could not do. He is uniting all siblings and making them to work. Is not this great considering the reputation of Pants.

    1. Hmm v well said.

      1. R u watching ERSK the new soap n sony i m watching it n weeknds its okk the couple is gud aryan n saanchi

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